1. My girl me is a man, and all when mi a f**k a bitch mi talk all a that and more. Not saying Yuh man don’t want Yuh, but fi post saying “if him don’t tell you him no want you” ain’t true. A man is a man and we say anything during sex. You sound stupid

      1. YEP as wide and deep aa my swamp ting is, di way di likkle man gwan an talk tingz, yuh wuddda tink mi a touch fi di first and not tge trillion and first time. She sound frighten, like a di furst man fi tell her.

        1. Itsme, she ah eediat gal, bout man love yuh if him big up yuh pussyy…she fe gweh guh siddung one side…man love yuh when dem big up yuh bank account and upgrade yuh… don’t tell me yuh love mi cause man can seh anything…SHOW ME you love me *and I don’t mean with sex*..

  2. So hobbit your realationship is all about pussy looks & sex . What happen if one partner becomes disable ‘ child u are so vain & caught up in this material world. Here’s is your new name material girl dunce B…. Sell some of those bags they are so played out Versace bags are now in style .

  3. Seriously every time this chick opens her mouth she spews ignorance. You are one of those individuals that should be seen and not heard.

  4. If him affi convince himself dat everyday that mean something wrong. Mi rather my man tell me ,me beautiful. Unno too lame man, so you no want him tell you how intelligent and educated you are, wah a you pussy alone a you best quality? Smh

  5. Please leave Robbette alone, she is only letting us know she stolen a dictionary and can spell now. Yuh nuh seh she spell check all when she tipsy. All now no one no notice Robbette not only thief Apple outfit style but all the dictionary when Apple never use yet. Robbette stop wear what Apple wear it look cheap yuh use to dress better and classy, now you look fake and cheap.

  6. A muss yuh mouth him a talk bout cause a can’t yuh VaJJ…memba say yuh is a man and yuh have hormone problems so dung deh suh nah function 100%.
    Afternoon Met.

  7. Good Day Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others….
    so phuck’n high school kmdt nd oh wan more ting yuh pusc so gud dats him nah buss up nuh breeding juice in deh,how many months nung he been phuck’n u out agen?!?!?!?

  8. She sounds real now I haven’t slept with my ex in how many years & he keeps calling telling me how much he misses my nice fat tight cat & i’m not buying it. Men would say anything 2 get some cat believe me.

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