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  1. Dutty kandy hype a you send this in you can write a good sentence to save your f****** life yuh life sad Guh find a job bid 37 years old woman and yuh never work a day in yuh life yuh nuh inna Sashauna league kandy you a call people ugly slut monkey yuh bleach out and look like wet rat all yuh face look like ringworm a grow pon yuh forehead a wah do yuh suck cocky swallow sperm urine drinker go and brush out the sourfood under your false teeth bitch yuh have man nuh man nuh want a wicked evil f***a like you thank God fi America cause if a Ja yuh dead long when man nuh want yuh yuh call police and mek up lie pon dem or hold onto their green card and social sad girl kandy get a life before you try to talk about people nobody likes you

  2. Who is omar? The girl have her nice clean browming wid all him name tattoo pom her shoulder.

  3. This lil short gremlin looking gal always a talk shit bout ppl then har lil so call followers dem a egg har on mek she gwan she think the military a guh save har from a ass whooping somebody soon get har f××k har up big nose big mouth bitch man lookin f**ker

  4. Wait so what happen to STEVE??? The man who she tattoo him name the brown boy who stay in my peoples inbox and disown her. Shorty used to pay for Sam Gotti cocky and used to smile up with him babymadda she’s a very bare face ugly gal that’s why her own friend look good pretty face Alicia fantasy take away Sam from her she always a bus up Liberty on Alicia but like Sam love Alicia pussy the 2 a them still going strong and shorty still a mine Steve and buy other cocky

  5. Suh wait wah happen to Steve? Shawty how comes yuh deh pon fb a give relationship advice like yuh a goodie goodie and yuh man a hide yuh? Yuh can’t even post a picture wid di man lol. Yuh a talk bout who a tek f**k inna batty but di whole Brooklyn know sey Steve is a known freak. Mi fren tell me say Steve a di first man gi har batty wash and a beg har fi f**k har inna har ass. Stop fool the ppl dem bout mi man dis and mi man dat because that nigga don’t claim yuh.

  6. Shawty how comes yuh deh pon fb a give relationship advice like yuh a goodie goodie and yuh man a hide yuh? Yuh can’t even post a picture wid di man lol. Yuh a talk bout who a tek f*k inna batty but di whole Brooklyn know sey Steve is a known freak. Mi fren tell me say Steve a di first man gi har batty wash and a beg har fi f**k har inna har ass. Stop fool the ppl dem bout mi man dis and mi man dat because that nigga don’t claim yuh.

  7. Yakini a buss har secret dem. Neva she a gyal cah chat har so call fren dem. Poor shawty Steve nah pay yuh nuh mine yuh affi wait ova yakini until Steve tell yuh u can come over. Yuh life sad bad.

  8. Pretty face Alicia but u body crawny and reputation DUTTY. Sam dont want you him a hide and fuxx you. Bad to bad him never hide shorty. Alicia you have 2 kids and dont have none. You catch ride go fl BRT weekend and bring the little girl go lef pon you mom. Then u lef your son with lance after you ship out his daughter and him affi call the other man fi come fi him son. Worthless. Now you have to pay your don dad child support. Go sort out your life and be a mother to your kids soggy body gal

  9. yakini should be the last bitch on earth to chat her fren dem after da worst of da worst done pass tru har porridge dun out hole mnl a summertime now give u front a breeze tek off da tites n stockings show ur skin porridge body gal yakini

  10. A Nuff a dem tings yaw gwan but Mi naw lie…when Mi get Mi good good man and Mi sure Mi love him an nuh gal tek him, cause him cock get stiff fi unnu an Mi know him caah hide when him hawny like me…. Mi we throw Mi self inna di bus fi f__k yuh up cause yuh dis an embarrassment Mi behave like jancrow. Especially if Mi an him bill aready gal if fly pitch Mi nyam it all yuh yiy Mi bite out… straight protection to Mi yawd

  11. This woman kills me, I swear. Neva ‘ear no one talk up dI tings suh. Youze a maaddd Ooman enuh Latty….DWRCLLLLLLLLL!!!!

  12. Lol all I can do a laugh because baby monkey shorty always with somebody man,it’s sad because she will laugh and talk to you,be your bestie all your God mother for your child n still f**k your man while you in house too,shorty is nobody friend,shorty will sleep with her sister man suh trust n believe she would sleep with yours… she same one chat her business to everyone n when her business reach on jmg she wonder like wonder woman who tell her business… shawty is a sick girl need mental and emotional therapist,her mother and sister all dem tek man like man ago out a style..

  13. But latty if what ur protecting in your yard keep straying. A man must respect him yard first

  14. no man can be ” taken ” , they willingly go ……why di man dem a f*** har ???? you should ask that question sender.

    1. U asking why? Becuz she is a Low lying fruit.Minimal effort to pick her cherry.

      Yo Latty though!smile

  15. Shawty so call man have him gyal gyal dem all bout over Long Island. Him tell shawty nuh post nuh picture wid him, cause him nuh too inna di social media business but yet still him inna ppl inbox pon fb a look di gyal dem. Him a look mi fren and she ask him bout shawty, him sey yuh mad weh mi cudda a do wid shawty. Tell her say a must wah next Steve. Him nuh look three bad still plus him cocky big and him can nyam pussy good. A it a mad shawty. One night she deh pon live a talk bout can’t wait fi mi man call mi fi come over because as him call mi gone lef unnu. Di whole time mi fren over deh wid Steve a Laff afta shawty. She affi wait har turn dwfl. Shawty always a deh wid ppl man, full time somebody siddung inna fi har man face. Wooiiiieee!!! A gyal affi guh share har man.

  16. Goodie Shorty if u didn’t know let me tell u a ur own friend sent this in an even writting abt her self under it, the same tuff face Alisha weh u an her did a share man an di sharings gone wrong. Alisha told me she was goin to do this an yes bitch u know who this is, a true shorty a fool fool souldier meck u a duh diss but di same sickness weh Sam carry guh gi Martina meck shi affy stay home u soon get it to lmaooo woooooeeee a cyah Laff. MET STD A gi weh a farign nuff suh meck dem gwan

  17. Met yuh tink a joke. A true mi a nuh di type fi expose man mek mi nuh send in the video because him freaky and love wah yuh video tape him when him a eat it. Pink wall wudda mash up!!!

  18. lord god A long time me a wait for this one BABY GREMLIN.
    the baddest gremlin in the us army has now been exposed to the fullest. a can’t stop laugh at this baby EWOK face gal. now I know why her mouth is shaped like that.
    the famous sex expert don’t have a man for herself. you mean to tell me the long mouth dwarf don’t,t have a man for herself. you mean to tell me baby gremlin has to wait in line for matey clearance to get some buddy. me ago dead with laugh tonight. hotty hotty baby gremlin best friend tek her man, right under her nose and give sam gotti better wine. you mean to tell me is just all mouth. baby gremlin as fit as u be with all that training you cant even wine to hold a man, you stiff like sea side bucket. no sah me nah stop wright tonight.

  19. A f**ka yuh!! Is true she love people man fi true and love dash har confused pussy. And that’s a fact… I be seeing your messages

  20. If I laugh I dead ….shorty look like rass geico ah love chat bout ppl she need fi guh pay up her debts dem ah stop gwan like she ha money …..she ain’t shit ….not even a guh waste my time Pah dah dusty tumbleweed yah …..mumma geico u dun pay back d hotel yet weh u ketch the PPL hotel room curtain a fire bout u ah Sam ah have 3 some ….wwooooiieeeeeee

    1. Stop it (ina mi best British hoxxent)……A lieeeeee. 3 sum gone wrong an curtain catch fiyah. Kmaooooooooo. It was a rosemantic 3 sum dem did a do. If I laugh I here tonight. He he heeeee

  21. God not sleeping u love buy out people BUSNEES too much now someone diss up you lol
    Me is one of your Facebook friend but I don’t like u in a real life

    1. All u is a groupie… you no like the girl but a watch her every move. Move u bloodclaat and go suck you mother

  22. Shorty is very very nuff and that’s why I can’t stand her. Mi watch a video the other day with her in a party and as she see the camera man coming, she grab her cup and start straighten up and start gwaan. She was way in the back standing on a platform like, close to the music. The camera man wasn’t even filming her. He was just doing a general sweep of the crowd an she fling har hands in the air and start gwaan extra jus fi di camera man see har an him still swing right over her. Too damn nuff. Ugly like with the f**g tongue sticking out. Eeewwww. Her friends on FB don’t genuinely like her. Dem a hypocrite cause dem same one come right over here come done har.

  23. Shawty shut down her 2 Facebook page. Lmfao. Yes baby monkey good from long time this coming shawty is broke ain’t got shit,she been throwing cocky paadna since forever way before shatta,she pay for Marcia Diva sister breast Kizzy because the man she was with back then tek shawty money an give kizzy to do har breast.Lol yes I can’t remember his damn name but shawty did also married at the time,she been cheating and taking man from she exit out of her mom womb,shawty will f**k a cab driver for ride home,she’s sick. All her Facebook friends who are commenting on her status them same one come over here a done har, I witnessed her so called friends a empty her like a wata bottle. Shawty you chat too much,if you was just doing all your fu***gs an nuh tell people nobody would know you been f**ng every man who call to you,who nuh f**k you a because they didn’t want to,because you refuse nothing call buddy….

    1. What a way you a watch fi see say not one but 2 page lock down. Stop watch out the gal ole. She ever borrow u puzzy yet fi f/$k.

  24. Me caa understand how unu no like somebody but still friend them on fb. Unu move a leave the girl. She come out a dance and a chill and unu still memba her. Nuff a unu man will start come home a night now before unu thank her.
    Big whoring alicia weh night me stand up next to u and the woman a class and place u why u never answer germs

  25. Yeah man about time somebody done har she too f**ng nuff with har man royal looking body everybody business she inna !!!!! She run gone delete har page dem bitch plz yuh nuh big bull smaddy step pon yuh corn lollll

  26. all me she was looking the other day just because me make a video about me ex girl
    Me will never sleep with that
    Me just want her money because everyone a get it

  27. baby gremlin wall has crumbled like the berlin wall. it is
    about time she know her place, and keep her big mouth closed.
    baby gremlin you can’t talk anymore.

  28. Yes someone finish her she’s too enough The other day when dirty Dwayne talking about is girl she take it over and her business is spoiling spoiling ha ha Ha get out of people business ugly girl run people tired of you jumping in Other people life and act like you’re life better than them
    You is the only one taking over Dwayne live video the other day someone finish you now me a one of your Facebook me never like you I just friend you to see your dirty life because Mi know one of Steve girlfriend we when school to get a oblique yeah ugly girl

    Is about time you stop take people man Get your own every man you want to clean up Nobody can never see Steve you don’t have any Picture with him and you ha ha Ha ugly gorilla girl

  29. God not sleeping you run go make video a dis up a girl the other day now someone get u back
    Stop talk about people life an yours is shit me just see say u delete your page because me a you fb friends
    Is about time someone put your life out on PINKWALL lol

  30. Someone get you lol
    This’s why you need to mind your own business the other day u talking up mad thing just because the boy make a video about is bitch
    baby gremlin we all know u a look him everytman u want to mind girl

  31. It funny how all these people who I NEVER expect to be like this actually are! Unno life sad bad #fixupmumma

  32. this BITCH is Plain,Unsightly,Grim,Unappealing, Hideous, Grotesque, Monstrous, unattractive do you want me to continue it’s not a good look dancehall mattress.

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