So I was on instagram and came across a post by the fashionenira chick and apparently she and the hair stylist ‘fren’ kadie nuh deal nor the michaelalanna girl. A wah really gwan?

The overnight besties/friendship sumting nuh work bra!




  1. This isnt new with kadie. She chat alll her frenz/customers A javana she can chat. She seh everything people seh about jav is true, she chat heeeevverbodyyyy, she no partial she is one of the most mixup person me evva buck inna mi life

  2. Not sorry for Fashionenira or whatever she name. All she do is walk and throw word pan people like she better dan dem. What goes around comes around …

  3. Nothing new. This happens in every beauty parlor, near and far. From Church Ave to Flatbush. From Utica Ave to Bed-Sty and the streets in between.

  4. It look like she took it down and write one long epistle bout she gullible and should have contacted the girl directly instead of posting lol

  5. Mek fashionera are weh she wan name move har bbc she nuh keep fren feh long she always chat tuh with har long mouth bitch move yuh rass and gweh everybody chat ppl who f**k is u feh anybody chat a puddon she a big up now but puddon better be careful of that bitch

  6. Kadie chat everybody under the sun and she start par wid pickney and she a big woman everybody know Kadie Whoring and chat everybody she f**k out the big man den now she a f**k the lil boy dem all Daniel Bailey she start f**k

  7. Thats why I dont go to Kadie, I dont go to popular hairdressers, mek dem chat me when me nuh know dem. Dats all dem good fah. One time a girl who regualry went to Kadie never had the money to do her hair but really needed to do it, so she ask Kadie to pay her at a next time and Kadie agreed. Somebody call her an tell her seh Kadie a chat har seh she a hot gyal an cya pay fi her hairstyle, she seh she pay har fast and doe badda go back. She is not a good person, whole heap a mix up she cause, she run thru all a di shop dem up a Park Plaza cuz she get kick outta all a dem jus tru har mix up dutty self.
    Fashioniera nuh fi a chat neither unless she learn how fi treat fi har customer sem cuz she is a pig.
    Some a dem really mek hype get to dem big head, u woulda swear a Rihanna kmt.

  8. Oh please, edel used to chat Bristol Bella (who is a real bitch by the way with the nastiest fake humble attitude ever. I never see a gal weh feel like she’s a nice person when she’s in actuality very snobbish and rude), anywho, Edel and the next one with the cheap jewelry and tacky clothes, Kadian or whatever she name weh the whole a dem used to share shop, chat Bristol gone to bed. All in front of customers them a talk say bella hair cheap and low quality. So what goes around comes around and yes Edel Kadie chat u fi true, she just make up a story cause she love the freeness and endorsement.

  9. I use to go to Kadie she very pretentious and act like she real .. If u have money she gravitate towards u and use u … Very mixup and lie she love chat say. People ugly and she no cute

  10. I went to Jamaica to get my hair done and that was the worst service ever. Very unprofessional and yes she chat everybody even her own assistant. Yes kadie yuh a talk about body real… bitch please you are soo fake. Even down to yuh color

  11. If u man is an in the the streets man him ago tell u not to do your hair there because she mix up to be honest nobody really likes Kadie just the younger generation who don’t know her .. She did her body like 3 times and she love chat Yanique the curvy diva … She needs to do her face because all that makeup cannot hide your gremlin features she needs to be more professional that’s why she forever changing assistance and she always referring to Martina’s the nail girl say the girl son ugly and is man start her business ( badmind)I must say she can do hair but she need to fix up her attitude .. The first time I went there about four different people warned me about her so me keep me ass quiet and watch and observe until me couldn’t take the foolishness me stop go

  12. Who kadie nuh chat no born yet down to her own baby father , Chris Gayle and Ali relationship problems she use Ali to be around the cricketers fi f**k them off fi a little change she use to f**k jermaine blackwood n the little boy f**k her n duck her from that she nuh stop trouble the boy girlfriend…. even Michaela n Jason she never stop till convince Michaela Fi give Jason bun ,Michaela think Kadi true to her she don’t realize something must be wrong why everybody a cut off. Fash do the samething to so she nuh better

    1. Is true because When I was there all she talks about is chris gayle and his wife Ali or whatever her name is I’m not sure .. She love the little boy dem for true .. All her on and off man Chris in England was her friend man and she take him behind her back and then the poor girl because she no hoggish leave the man from I hear the take friend man part I say I know she teribble and love money then I started to hear a lot of things she always use to question question me when I went there but me answer under style because the way how she awful I know as me step out the door she ago start on me and me no grow under cow so me no know how to trace and gwan like her so me stop go

  13. O and the Micheala girl I’m not surprised she gave her man bun from uwi days she sneaking and bad and can’t tame .. She just start par wid mumma Thot now so kadi is gonna turn her into her mini me uno forgot that her last boyfriend the guy who does the videos I forgot what his name is him par wid creep chromatic did ketch her wid man inna the apartment after the boy use to take care of her

  14. All dem girl ya wa gwan like dem nice example: Micheala sell pussy under the quiet. All dem do is hitch up at Ribbiz on Sunday nights and look off the big man dem ! Smh , think the only reason why Fashionenira nuh join dem is because nobody want her wid her long mout and stay bad body. What a Gyal can filter her picture dem ! When you see her in person she look totally different ! And stay baaaaad. Yuck.

  15. His name is ruption the guys is so cute and nice no sah I know her from she live in ochi the mechella one or whatever the name she bad and whoring man. Isn’t she with some running guy now man them bad. But fashionaire can’t stop selling those rainbow 5 dallar slippers in her store no sah she turning the store into downtown Kingston

  16. some a dem bitch ya just a focus on kadie alone nd some a dem back biter
    .all a unuh woman do the same thing to. So unuh nuh play innocent. Unuh stink nuh rats.

  17. me seh me deh kadie shop a wash me hair nd hear unuh nuff time so unuh did stay. miss wong miss wong Unuh fi stop it enuh. unuh go kadie all the while go do unuh hair and unuh really deh pon the page a try slaughter kadie mhmm..unuh nuh fi dweet its too obvious nd then again me a read the story and dem na mek sense. u put up say she go Ribit go look man nuh unuh nd kadie use to go Ribbiz. kadie never use to go Ribbiz with Mikaela she use to go Ribit with unuh. Then u a say Mikaela u nuh see everybody drop kadie and when u check a kadie drop unuh. and everybody knw say kadie only have one fren the same fren unuh call Ali. You stepper u miserable cause the China man nuh want u him want Anika so u stress out nd sad. All the one whe deh with the battyman she worst miserable than u, even the one whe deh with the entertainer her life miserable. all a unuh bloodcloth miserable but a nuh dat unuh vex bout….heh heh!!! Pop story gi me guess a wa gwan now like say the all a unuh group up the Sunday a Wet Sunday unuh plan and architrate it.

  18. Not sorry for Fashionenira she get what she deserve, she does the same thing though. These people just love the hype, they change besties more than them change them draws, them act one that more important than people. Waiting for her to fall out with Stacy the crayfish girl, and she have no shame! From Kitt open store over there, everyday she hitch up up deh smfh. These people need a real life not the fake internet one.

  19. @monster77777 please come again, kadie body is no where near real… her breast is soooo fake and so is her butt along with bleaching. Guess u know what is altered body. It’s okay its the new millennium everyone it most hyper have dem body done

  20. The guy you lot mention in England was never with any of kadie’s friends and yes he was with her for awhile and helped her a lot. The first time she went to China he sent her. The first apartment she lived in he paid the rent then she moved back in with her baby father when heard he sent he more money to get a second apartment.she even lived at his apartments for while until her f**d up.he even helped her with her two kids private school fees. She was even driving his Jaguar. He moved her from park plaza.and yes she does chat Chris Gayle and His wife business in the shop, how else would people know Chris Gayle Girlfriend was sleeping with one of the chefs at triple century! And it’s true she chats everybody and does gravite towards you more if she feels she can get a dollar! And bwoy does she envy Martina all she does is chat about Martina and what Martina man does and doesn’t do for her! I’m not sure if she’s a whole or not but I do know for a fact that she sleep with someone told him she had an infection and that she got it from him.when he went and got checked he was totally clean. He told her that he got tested and was clean so she must have gotten it from her other man! I wonder if Jermaine Blackwell or Daniel Bailey has any STDS. He boobs are fake but her button is real. Kadie’s far too hype for her own good. She’s good at doing hair but she attracts nothing but drama and problems both in her private and business life. The only reason why she and Chris Gayle baby mother are still friends is because she spends Chris galye money pun kadie like it’s her woman even Chris had to ask if they’re lesbians!

    1. After reading these comments i had to laugh especially the ones regarding the english youth, how can you listen to someone who lies and chats shit of course he never send her china and if that was the case why he never send her to England where him live with his wife and children. Him never once pay her rent or school fees or have her live in any apartment he may of have. Why would any man give her money if she is f**king her baby father and living with them.shes not that special come on now what man has really owned her and no tv was sent from England people stop be naive and listen to everything that people say cause of this english man done so much and shes only interested in man with money and what she can and cant get why are they not together.

  21. The guy from England wasn’t with any of kadie’s friends.he was with kadie for awhile, he sent her on her first trip to China, paid her kids private school fees, rented apartment for her on two separate occasion when he found out that she moved back in with her baby daddy Erroll! She was even driving his jaguar at one point.last thing I know he did for her was to ship down from England a 50 inch smart tv for her shop earlier this year. She chats everybody how else would people know that Chris Gayle babymother that he lives with was sleeping with a chef that worked at triple century, she talked that she carried them to courtliegh hotel and booked the room in her name on many occasions! Only your friends know your secrets! She envys Martina and constantly talks about Martina and her store in mobay and what Martina man is giving her! Maybe thats why she was sleeping with Daniel Bailey and Marlon Blackwood!I know for a fact she had an STD and wasn’t sure who she got it from because the man she told she got it from told her he was clean so she must have gotten it from someone else. Daniel Bailey and Marlon Blackwood need to get tested. Anyday Chris Gayle baby mother finds out that her secrets that she told kadie are no longer secrets there will be more drama at shortwood Rd and on Instagram.

  22. Kadie is bisexual and has slept with a few girls javana is one of them and corey todd wife from Taboo is another,but nuthing nuh wrong with that! Who knows maybe she’s even sleeping with Chris Gayle baby mother on the downlow so she can get a the digicel freebies

  23. Me nuh lie she shouldn’t say Martina son Ugly! The girl Pickney name nuh business inna kadie mouth. Kadie a gwan like she perfect and she not sure a who a Di father fi har last son. She need to go check harself a slipe pen road and stop chat people and them Pickney!

  24. So what if she’s sleeping wid man as well as woman? She won’t be the first and definitely won’t be the last but she’s either greedy or confused or maybe both but since she’s playing for both teams she need to look after har pussy so when she catch a disease she know whether is dick or pussy she catch it from.

  25. KADIE,Edel and Mikelena are all Ribbiz mattresses aka the f**k and collect crew. This is old news.Kadie don’t know who har pickney fadda is, is old news, Kadie chat everybody including har man dem and woman dem that she f***g is old news,Kadie envying and bashing the nails girl Martina is old news.Kadie constantly chatting Chris Gayle and him baby madda business is also old news. Only thing new here is that she’s f***g the runner yute and is f**g the cricketer bwoy as well. Bitches will be Bitches. All them a walk up and down a f**k and collect and f**k fi fun dem still stress weh month end come. The funny thing is people see these Bitches on Instagram and think that them a sumbady ….dem sad like a baby funeral

  26. A same way she use to hate pan the nails girl marsha just like how she hate pan Martina. That girl is nothing but badmind red-eye and envious of anyone she thinks is doing good for themselves. All she do is talk bout what the girl them man do fi dem, like the girl them can work hard and build them business. She did have the English yute that use to help har but look like that help never enough so she go f**k a cricketer and now a runner she soon f**k a footballer next. Unnuh tell the footballers fi use condom if dem no wann catch nothing cause it look like a bare back alone she f**k

  27. Kadie mixup mouth and dutty attitude will always be har downfall,she caan be no real friend to no one, if she say Chris Gayle woman is a har only friend how come she inna har shop a talk bout how the woman a f**k the chef way work inna the restaurant! All that woman a ediat too fi tell chatty mouth Kadie har deep dark secrets

  28. A nuh the first me hear that story deh bout Chris Gayle woman Natasha f***g off her staff man and woman that work for her. And a never kadie shop me hear that, me hear from people that use to work deh. Especially when she drink har hennesy it nuh easy pan the staff dem in deh triple century when she use to manage it.

  29. Kadie,fashion whatever her name is and bitchcalena all need to put in a ***ng barrel a roll of the side of one hill all a dem a zero f**g people and waste gals…the 3 a dem put together don’t make one

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