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This is the order of the day to Ms F*cky F*cky married woman:

Let me start off by saying that I had made a comment on your so-called friend’s page the a few days ago and you came at me. That is the friend I heard from people that you talk a lot of shit about day in and day out. I could have responded to you, but choose not to embarrass the shit out of you for the world to see, so I decided to inbox you. I knew of you through my brother, people around and 2 days ago my ex, and I have seen you at parties. I wasn’t sure where you were coming from with your comment and then I realized that you were all talk. Lemme break it down to you in case you forgot. The thing with you is that you think people don’t know about your extra extra marital affairs. But I know enough. Remember one of the dudes (yes one of because you f*cked many) you were f*cking over highway 6? Well he is my brother, yes he sure is 100%blood. And check this one out, remember the dude that you begged to suck his d*ck and f*cked him so that he can pay for Botox for your drooping face, well he is my ex that I was with for 6 years, surprise surpise. I didn’t know he messed with you until I told him about your FB comment on Wednesday. You wrote on your wall saying shit like how you love your fam and blah blah, but if you love your family so much, why do you f*ck and suck so many men outside of your marriage? You even went as low (no disrespect ) as to f*ck the old dirty man, before and during your marriage. Does your friend know that you are f*cking her man too? You love to run your mouth, but the proofs are definitely in the pictures. It is your p*ssy but to sleep with all those men during your marriage shows you have not one ounce of p*ssy principle. I had to let you know who the f*ck you are because you seem to forget. You are a married woman with no shame. A married woman should only open her legs to and for her husband, point blank period, and end of story. If you didn’t come at me on FB you wouldn’t hear from me and I wouldn’t have found out that my ex f*cked you. Now let’s get this shit popping. This was also in-boxed to you via fb. I’m waiting on your response so that I can have G Money inbox you the proofs.


  1. Helloooooooooooo…….mi hearing bayyy echoes…..Dat mean say mi here allll by miself. Hellooooo…weh di peanut man or ooman deh fi come shell….Shani from mi read bout “love my family post pan FB” mi start get some ideas….Mi sooon come back. Go faas. Dwlllll. Satdey nuh good againnnnnnnn……Dwl. Morning world.

  2. Dwl@mamcita, yes di dance dead! Nobody nuh reach yah yet, lol, mi nuh go pon mi FB yet fi investigate outta laziness, lol, so mi ah gwaan read JMG post dem till somebody connect di dots dem, lol

    1. Eating mi good up good up Chick Fila chicken sandwich a pree di ting tuh wid Cita, Brooklyn n’ London…afternoon Metty, ladies :peluk

  3. Good morniggggg Met, faithful bloggers, peepers! Beating me kumina drums this morning to wake up the community :kr . Come people come with the shellings

  4. hayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy good morning good morning good morninggggggg metty mettyers is weh a gwaan on enn yassooo ooooooooo :beer: :table:

  5. Lol, ALL NOW nobody nuh wake & put 2 & 2 together yet??????? Mek mi go finish mi laundry yah, lol, by di time mi done dem MUSS wake up! DWL

  6. Hmmm the only place I knw there is a highway 6 is where eveything is BIG….so I kind of have an idea of who this may be.

  7. I am completely clueless, so. I will wait for my welll-informed peepers, to shed some light……..still waitin, patiently! :hammer

  8. Houston Texas I wonder if it have anything to do with that small hood man…remember that passa and di gal sey she bawl like hyena!

  9. :shutup: :shutup: :shutup: :shutup: ladadee laladaaaah
    Good (night) Mettyyyyyy. Yuh memba whey mi and yuh chat bout whey day??? Yes Metttyyy. Is a Guyanese dem trouble on FB and dem sey is a gal whey nuh ramp wid pple. Dem sey shi serve 6 years fi put some very serious damage under a man while she was on probation for assault. Mettyyy don’t say a werdddd mumma and wi nah call nuh name oooooooo :shutup:
    Mettyyy me and my babies will be going on a well needed vacation Monday morning but mi wi try peep while away.

  10. Yes you miss big big big married woman. That is sumtg whey shi do all the time when somebody comment on her gal page. The 2 a dem a rub front suh shi get jealous and shi nuh stop chat bout her friend behind her back. Shi love chat bout family dis and dat fi true and she nuh stop bow and salute outta road wid both man and woman, young, old and in between fi things and Botox den guh home to her family. All the botox whey shi a bow and salute fah, di face still lumpy lumpy. Shi love fake cuss out pple on her page for attention. Shi always a write bout dutty gal dis and dat and neva mention anybody name. Nuh body nuh like her and dem fraid of her mouth. Shi love chat pple business while fi her own spoil.

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