Dutty lick out batty gal paris aka lisa wh**e truck met dis gal f**k and lick out man and gal batty ask anybody a london dem kno bout har wah day yah she run go a iceland fi sell har pu**y den she go holland go s**k off 1 ((((((((Edited))))))))) fi £60 that’s how she mek fi har money dis gal all do —– with mitchie boo yes the dancehall diva icon (Not) she lock up and deh a prison now. She f**8k and lick out mark moschino — cause him come back come talk it richie indian at one point dis gal did a mad over richie indian nearly commit suicide everyday she call richie indian a ball living eye water fi him tek har back richie indian said him caan left him good good babymada and go f**k back a old f***kist dutyy crotches paris yuh nuh shame? She finally give up pon richie indian and run gone a st.lucia go tek 1 boy and come back talk bout she engage dwfl the same boy run har weh and say she live in fantasy land cause him couldn’t engage to a prostitute, nasty walking (((Edited)) victim gal paris big old 49 year old yuh nuh tiyaad fi sell yuh rotten p***y dung a soho a night time old l*** gal?? Yuh tek p***y like when nail a tek board house nasty gal everybody know you and clarendon versace gal a f***k yes we know your file it longggggg badddddd. Yuh run go f***k danny bless fren mickey dutty rotten p****y gal yuh walk with your p**y pon yuh big forehead you and bernard left donkey years ago and yuh run go pick him up back dutty LONDON whore. Bernard mi sorry fi yuh cause yuh go get some bun under your rass this f&&&kist have no p***y principle she book hotel fi do 3sum (I heard from good source) man DUN pon yuh nasty rass. She f**k and ***k ricky from tela viv, mark moschino, richie indian, blaxx, bernard, the white, dwayne, rohan, kirk, xman, the man from st.lucia, dave, skinny so too many to name

20 thoughts on “IT IS IN HENGLAND

  1. paris a 49????? if so, gal u luk good fi 49 no lie.

    but senda a weh paris do u?? r u candy? why u sound so heated fi di gal??

    candy mi hear seh u move on to ico black so if paris tek back bernard, whats di problem?

    senda u not telling us john public nothing new, everybody know paris is a whore and a freak, she naah hide it so whats the issue? plus bernard only dates whores and freaks, so weh di warning for? he knows what he is getting into, thats what he likes.

    1. Den Lundie mawning no him married to the woman whey go a di ppl dem cookout inna broad daylight inna next to no clothes???????? And there was a big uproar say dem marriage was just fi papers but a wah a gwaan here tho?????

      1. chuety a dat same gal name candy, di wife. but according to di streets, bernard and candy is no more cuz candy seh bernard bruck an needs money darling, so to di bin bernard went!!!

        but stop!!! mitchie boo one a jail again!!!! no star diss get serious now. every minute she and michelle go knock pon di queen big big prison gates :cd

  2. Fi a 49 year old prostitute she looks good. By the way senda dat is one long line a man yu name, How yu know so much? Are you her secretary? Did yu schedule all her sales appointments?

  3. Candy the world kno a u. Bernard freak u out like dog. Ano u kno want Bernard a him dont want u. Candy ico blacks dont want u, u a session gyal. Talk how u f**k Andy and then f**k and marry Bernard and they were best friends. So u no different at all.

  4. Nasty Paris once again u mek the pink walls dogshit walk and suck and lick out gal and man batty ole freak old Bernard want u cos a only whore him deh with. Germs ya f**k from yuh eye deh a yuh knee yuh suppose to full a disease

  5. So sadamite disease gal Paris you mek the pink walls once again with ur nasty self yuh walk and suck gal and man like dog yuh lick out the man dem batty that nah ole the man dem yes Bernard love whores that’s all him deh wid the man dem a hengland want a good beaten. She did kill off lickkle miss british ole wicked whoring gal

  6. Whoring lisa paris. Danny bless pass roun donkey. pass yu down to mikey to clarendom versace. She even have har own website sell pussy from essex an call her self escort.

  7. Everybody knows she’s an escort Candy, so tell us something new? Maybe you should sign up to help pay to fix up your body because it don’t look good and mi tired to see you walk round in dance half naked it sick mi stomach bad bad…Any it don’t matter how much time Paris takes back Bernard because it’s her baby daddy and men always run back to the one they LOVE.

  8. but sender y it a badda yuh suh, is it ur pussy? even if she tek 100 man dat nuh av nuttn fi duh wid yuh cause is fi r don’t hate sender and go look a life and stop worry bout paris

  9. Dwl no man a how di nasty dutty bitch a let one woman good good pussy a bad da her so much bitch yu just on the girl case so much even if she a sell pussy nothing nuh wrong with da a enought a unu a f**k a naw get nutten fi enu rotten stinking waste hole guy drop dead and stop f**king blend up the girl name she’s a quiet private person that don’t trouble anyone . Mi ave fi laugh 49 , then if she a 49 the her mother must be on to 70 plus cuz she’s not the first born!!! Nasty bitch who ever you are yu caan walk inna Lisa shoes yu Nuh see how she look gud Lisa babes if yu a sell ur p**y a your pussy a Nuh no gal hole yu barrow madddd dem with yu gud up gud hole!!

  10. Pretty Lisa is not worried about waste gal like you stop mad over who don’t want you. You a write up bout she a lick out gal pussy suh yu naw do the same bitch wooii

  11. Who nuh trouble people? Paris nuh stop walk n war gal ova Danny bless. Paris nuh private. Paris ah try her f**ken hardest fi buss, an all now can’t get nuh knowing. Paris a write comment herself an gwan like she have supporter. Paris stop gwan like anyone know u. U is so desperate to be known.

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