9 thoughts on “IT SERIOUS A BRONX!!!

  1. it seems that auto body/auto center was a front, question is whats behind owing 2.5 mil, wasnt merchandise sold, did it got lost, stolen or confiscated by authorities? I want to say I feel sorry for this guy but he should know what he was getting into, its sweet and dandy including to money until somebody try to screw the cartel.

  2. So is he being held hostage or what? His crying sound fake as fuck, what him hope to achieve from this video? Why not out the people who beat him up? So if he dies the police know who to look for because him clearly state is not Nakia hurt time somebody send yuh go collect 2.5 million worth a drugs yuh take it and disappear.. fucking idiot

  3. I have a dumb question. Why he has a broken leg and his pants is underneath the bandage? Sense or no sense? All di stuttering sounds fake.. ah wat kinda stage play is dis???

  4. Dis look too fake yow. Di crying fake, di wrap pan him leg fake and di pistol whipped head fake with that fake blood lol wow. Nooooo! come again hey. Di bigger question is why and who or what made him do this Or forced him to do this and for what reason. It big doe still but not a leg bruk or pistol whip.

  5. Mi affi laugh ☺ him fava idiot with his fake ass crying ….Nakia where the 2.5 million deh l soon check u roun a legacy auto need a money

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