Metsy mi say mi see Sharna luxury pon Jamaica Ave n to how mi feel bad fi har water full up mi eye dem, it was too close fi comfort so mi no teck no pic but mi want to ask Sharna y after she pay all that money fi put di 50lbs a silicone inna har battam n di 30lbs inna har breast dem n di 10lbs of chopped liver inna har lip dem y she a walk round inna di construction XXL overhaul dem.
Sharna wat the fack is wrong wit ur face did it fall asleep in shit no sahhhhhh, spend all a u money do body n now u fava chicken whey get slap wid dishcloth mi shame fi u Jah know star.


  1. So then what happen to the likkle 2 sweater Benz she used to stear and the fifty cent money or her rich husband Mohammed up top?

      1. Mi say the both of dem look like dem have the ting whey no hab no cure smh u caaaa teck no picho cause di hat deh pon di nose bridge plus di darkas then the big ole clothes dem with the timberlands a wonder if she a work pon a construction site n we no know
        It sad though cause dem mash up dem self bad can u imagine a pay good good money fi fuxx up dem body smh

    1. That Benz was a 1992 prototype n the belly dun drap out pon the highway longgggggggggggggggggg time but a whey she did get this old time longtime big man from?????????????????? Teck till dem teck shit

  2. bwoy yuh suda snap de pic..har mouth so heavy it a drop awf her face nd de foot dem mighty fine a suh kerry gud way start luk damn fools dem

  3. Why would someone do that to themself I smfh for all who ah inject them body wit poison me see some ah walk around lop sided that just look deformed

  4. Cheap Plastic surgery and water down injections ….. If you want to look like those housewives and celebrities on tv that get their body dun ….then holla at their plastic surgeon….nothing cheap posses good quality. All her head look deform smh….lowe di body weh ya born wid

  5. Financial aid money help duh up har body tuh.
    Shi looks disgusting and the man look like him sick very sick tuh. A dat yuh call donkey face.
    The one Amex Shawna she is the same ting. Dem nuh know when fi stop wid the plastic surgery. I wonder what kind of plastic surgeon dem guh, causen sey mi know people that duh up dem body and if yuh neva know, yuh wudden be able fi tell, very natural. Mi sorry fi dem when it tek a toll pan dem

  6. And Yankee Michelle she is right behind dem. Fi har lower body look like when yuh over load laudry bag. And nuh badda come chat bout badmind or jealous, causen sey ain’t nothing to be jealous of, mi very satified wid the likkle whey God gimme.

  7. i saw her one time in real life on said jamaica avenue

    and she looked horrible then

    this was 2 years ago

    horrible in the sense that she just look abnormal – an oddity

    why would someone want to deform their body like that

    there is no way she can wear regular clothes and look normal

    she will forever stand out

    sometimes me wonder what all these plastic surgery and batty injection people really a pre

  8. Is who mention Amex shanna lol formerly shana Classic the best scammer out there. Another one who is terrible is marvia classic she a di mumma of bad surgery

  9. u know I see her in real life ..and I just stood still looking like me lost :bingung she almost cuss me to clattttt it Is crazy how someone would realy do this to dem self no man

  10. If you ever see him before. She wasn’t bad looking enuh. She was a decent looking likkle girl many moons ago. Smh what low self esteem can do. When I saw her after surgery mi frighten and dat time she Neva look half as bad as she do now

  11. I seen one in rainbow the other day with the false baxide and bwoy mi feel sorry fi har ….I don’t know why they feel the need to deform their body and think it look good

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