Dear Met,Metter and Peepers,

There is a TV AD being run by the Office of the Children Advocate dealing with the rights of the child‎.I took a late lunch to avoid the crowd in the lunch room but just my luck that two ladies came in for coffee just at the moment I was researching the rights of the child. I gave out a “But see ya” when I stumbled across a very interesting right,so same time Miss A and Mrs.B ask me a wha??

I told them bet unno never know that a child have a right to a Dignified name,it is even illegal to give a child a name that will cause mockery and hurt!Mrs.B quizzically ask so how this lady inna mi scheme get away with naming her pickney suh?She related that this Indian couple years ago had a little girl and had to go somewhere to do business when the baby was to be registered at RGD. They however left the baby with their helper to carry her there. Anywayz the helper reach a RGD but when she reach the registration clerk Desk is that time she realize them nuh give her the details as to what to name the baby.

Homegirl call the Indian mommy and ask what she must name the lil girl.I swear Met a suh mi get it so a so me a tell it as to what happen next. The mommy sey “ITPINPONHAR”.U very well and know that a really that the helper tell the clerk sey the baby name…ITPINPONHAR.Mi tell Mrs.B a lie she a tell and she went in her cell and show me a pic of the lil girl and sey up to this day the little girl name suh,no Deed poll no do yet and becuase them was Indian the rgd clerk just work with it.The Baby’s name was pinned on the lower back of her clothing.

Miss A chimed in and told us abt going school with a girl name Alonie Pusey and them use to tease her and call her A lonely p**sy! I remember my teacher Ms.Robotham and how we use to call her Rubber bottom.Seriously though it’s the law plzz be sensitive and careful the type of names we give our kids cuz it can seriously blight their future. Imagine you have a job application for Jane and Loquiesha or Shanaenae all equally qualified…we know who getting hired though smh!

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  1. The new CEO was saying people apply to name baby chlamydia and placenta . People on social media were saying she must concentrate on getting names right & leave the ppl. So worse yet to come

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