Pinkwall uno please tell Camele Ms Team Blvd say her house need fi tile ..she too much and love style up people and gwaan too much..Ms Lady fi think the spotlight a fi yu go easy …People was there before you and them flop … Left the hype fi people who a live inna style ..Fix up you teeth them and tile you house and find something to do with you live and left the hyness alone..


6 thoughts on “ITS ABOUT THE MAN DONT IT?

  1. Senda I’m looking an all now mi caan si a tile-less floor so wah u want mi fi seh….it seems like this lady a run u foot hott dats why u bring di lady ova yah , Gwaan go sort out Unuh koki arrangement an learn to live good.

  2. Yooo i hated doing them floors as a child esecially shinning it with coconut husk, wonder if she does that. #Classic

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