Met dis is whoring Kharen aka Sharlene from Castleton in St.Mary she deh with a disease stricken coolie bwoy wa drive truck from St.Mary Ryan wa f***k anyting pon two foot.Di same bwoy wa a walk and talk seh har pu**y need bearings cuz him tyad a her but she nah lef. She leave har daughter Peyton fi guh tek f**k n shak up wid di bwoy n him mother n father wa nuh stop complain bout har, cuz a she mash up di bwoy n him woman wa him did have before, even har babyfada Kemmy a farin angry at the fact that she neglect the child fi man and f**k and dancehall hype . Her family dem tyad of keeping her child n say she need to take responsibility n lef di waste bwoy cuz a him mek she rob up n tief off di bar money she was working at fi maintain party hype n mind di Coolie bwoy n help him buy visa. It doesn’t look good she needs to go home n take care of her child and lef dance n cocky til she sort out her life. she nuh reach 27 yet and every man a st.mary run thru har. Clean up yuh Act !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

0 thoughts on “ITS COMING FROM ST. MARY

  1. Sound like she and somebody have beef but true story, shows how small Jamaica is, I actually smashed this girl over Castleton gardens one night after they had some netball competition over the school, but I don’t see the big fuss.
    I tried getting her a job she wasn’t interested she prefer man mind her

  2. @seetitdeh a common assault all dis bitch duh go a dance inna video light n tek ppl man. St. Mary ppl know bout har its no beef she really leave up di child n nuh waa work!!!! Dem young gal ya nuh fi run guh breed n den jump ova dem pickney like goat kid. All her fam n di babyfada a farrin a seh is as a mother she fi play her role. Nuhbody caah dun dancehall nuh matter how hard dem try n is a lil girl she have at dat

  3. Yes to rass ah true she f***k like dog she and har whole next one name Lasco weh do bare scammin and a Gwan like she a hype gyal.lasco have Aids she did deh wid one man from castleton weh dead from it. Dem call dem self trendsetters but I dnt kno which trend dem a set Cuz dem wear each other clothes dem gal deh a waste gal a bare ppl a plan fi beat dem cuz dem love go around and f**k wit ppl n none a dem cnt defend dem bloodclaat self

  4. Hahahaha Dem fi buss har bumbo di coolie bwoy girl wa she mash up him di chick… mi hear she did go fi shell har down n she hide this gal a ole done promote whore. She n di big black gal wa guh a cayman n gwan like a USA she deh help dem one a nodda whore n di big black gal deh wid a Indian bwoy to

  5. A bare small island dem go n a gwan like a USA. Di whole a dem a bait den full a chat n den backative weak nuh f**k.all di big sour one weh name Tasha she big and stink nuh bloodclaat. and da nasty battyboy weh name Gq.lasco run him head no hear Sehh she start use him fi collect di scammin money

  6. Dat same batty bwoy wa eva pose up inna picture n pon poster wid dem. Dem day a come ole waste dem long run short ketch cuz anuh likkle ppl afta dem claaat

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