0 thoughts on “ITS RAINING

  1. Bruh…. Ms Mavis down the block is looking for her church hat
    Please return it!!!
    Every ting dem ting a fashion .. Looking like a flaming fool

  2. Caca fawt smaddy ready fe tek communion it is r deh yah dash likkle holy water pon him quick fe wash off d crosses!!!!:)

  3. GM Met.
    I swear these undercover gay men(friggin fools)in the dance hall is taking their dressing way too far now. tell me how on God’s earth I will stand next to someone looking like this and acknowledge him as my man……….no way Jose.

  4. Him just need fi replace the outfit wid a white bikini now and him a tek life….Mi nuh wrong dem, dem nah hide them sexuality and them inner Shanaynay nuh more….outta di closet straight!
    Big woman ting *Kartel voice*

  5. It is about time Him come out the closet, I am soo tired of all these DL men in the dancehall. Dude you are is a Faggot.

  6. Is this man really wearing a women church hat or a hat you can wear out on the beach on a hot sunny day. Can someone tell me if they are now making these types of hats for men as well???? I can’t bother wow he standing there like he is really high fashion and cute, your friends should of told you no dawg not the hat, let’s stay undercover shall we. Or his women should of said dear not my hat, lol….

      1. Met u know that wid u title, dis tune come up innah mi head..It’s raining, his body is calling, it’s in need of a G-string… :siul :siul

  7. :nerd, I was so caught up in the sombrero a did not even see di sass round di waist..bwoi mi haffi suh start tie mines to di left, right or at di back, caz mi nuh suppose to deh deh compete with this young sah. :mewek2 :mewek2

  8. ThiefTin gyal ah Bronx sell poor Ants man di hat for hs dance and tell him sey ah di latest Cowbwaay lick inna white, all give him the sash for free chuu him is ah raygeelah customer :travel

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