31 thoughts on “JACKET EXPOSURE PAN IG

  1. Body auto shop you big like kings Plaza wid yuh ugly stay bad mouth…After you come pon live a bad up yuh self and a bully people and a throw wud pon people you run guh call police because the girl identified youre child real father?? bitch you should be grateful the girl saved you time n the system money to do a DNA cause thats all u do is live pon the system big ole f**kist like you wid yuh big shit leg dem..Beat up yuh chest bout you fight own battle and run guh call police?? BITCH YOU A COWARD, YOU A INFORMER 3 STORY HOUSE GYAL..WID YUH TRANSFORMER SPACE TEETH DEM..YUH SAD N HUNGRY LIKE….

  2. That’s is the man’s son unu tooo evil! Same nose and lips!!! Gyol good tho cuz wata risk she tek fi mek him plant seed in she?! Ugly f**k!

  3. Gal pickney bad eeh den a really this ugly man unu a kill up unu self fa really bye go have sense
    Him look like someone for unu to fight over in modern time ….go get some ambition

  4. You know babyfada you know babyfada…i givein birth to life……gal still a give man jacket in these day it 2018 not 1970 kmt

  5. Did snoop say it’s his baby I don’t know ‍♀️ how female sleep wid him true the drugs money nuff or wah an how the shape bad Indian gyal nah mad yet I’m sure if it’s his son he’s gonna love that lil boy an take care of him but snoop ugly still but the gyal dem nuh care true him money and the gyal ah follow him pon ig to

    1. 2:58 where the gyal shape bad yuh is a hater that’s snoop son we are good friends and he said yes

  6. Dem gyal yah braveeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! I wouldn’t f**k him to Save My own life to Rass. Yikesssss

  7. Them f**k man fi things and them have paper so f**kin sad go get a job that all and ricky cant love u and breed nxt gal see him in the brx al the time with gal

  8. Lol she been know Ricky never want her and well give the man jacket smh see her one time nail tech come out and talk truth

  9. Lol who seh she cute ppl stop she is very ugly with out makeup and filter i need ro pull up back the video with she and the a cuss one time no makeup u all would run like when gunman deh downtown

  10. @7:19 girl bye if snoop did own that lil boy trust me the whole ah Bronx would know an yes the Indian gyal shape bad I’m no hater bout you an snoop ah good frien him an every body ah good frien

  11. @5:14pm only god can come and tell me that snoop Indian eat you food and give you the dashes to wash !!!!!!!!!! Dwcrl

  12. THATS RICKY CHILD NOT SNOOP LAST YEAR YALL COME WITH THAT BULLSHIT AND IT NEVER WORK NOW UNU COME BACK WITH IT BODYGOOD AND SNOOP LEFT BEFORE RICKY UNU CA FRAME DI GYAL UNU GO SUCK UNU MADA AND LEAVE GYAL AND HER BABY THE BIG STAY BAD NAIL TECH WEH EVERYBBODY A LAUGH AT ON 165 look who she gone pic up the shirt dirty bless her our face boy weh walk behind man she cyalis tru bodygood dome har and tell her bout her dirty self but bodygood fi lick out nasty face wAh tru she work inna di big forhead gyal shop weh eva gwan like she smadddy unu come betta than that and tek di gyal son outta argument nadine where’s your child inna yuh throat lol

  13. mi did feh pon do live and do gyal dun her dem gyal deh pussy nuh av value long time she a f**kiest & nuh av ntn, but met Who is di AFRICAN?

  14. A who much pickney deh Bwoy deh av doe,caah 4rm weh me kno a 2 a Breed now dwrl ,BODY NUH GUD DO DI DNA & DONE ALL DIS & PROVE DI PUBLIC RITE, DNA DNA DNA !!!!!

  15. Jacket she well give the man old big fat king size bitch
    I always rather Nadine over she anyways only did talk to her because I buy cream from her

  16. Ny dancehall mattress Bodygood r wateva u cll u self u seh u go fight mi cousin nadine but bitch it look like u drink madpuss pis fight witch nadine where an wen bitch but just memba mi tell u any weh mi see u a mi an u go fight ole build a bear body bitch u knw who dis is bitch so just b ready

  17. Nadine chat bodygood chat! Mi up there a do mi hair an hear dem a muster ppl so idk y the big fuss two a dem was big fren wen sit an laugh at everybody so nadine never have no right to post the girl bby that wrong an the hottest thing nadine don’t have bby fi she post smh I don’t care mi just a tlk the truth this never call fah cause unuh fren

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