On a serious note, pls ask this overgrown mascot @ms. kingdom to humble herself..She nuh reach nuh wey yet and all she do is twang and diss up har followers…If she dress 1/2 naked pon social media, wat she expect. She nuh av anything bout har…Now Kevin a give har bun and is like she going nuts. Poor child.


  1. Everybadi knw sey JADA is a likkle whore and she dont want Kevin, Kevin bruk…Kevin can’t help Jada. She need fi go relax and go back a sch.

  2. This obese heffa comes across as extra retarded to me. I know most men in Jamaica have no standards and will phuck anything that moves, so I guess that’s why this chick seems extra gassed and full,of herself. She’s a young girl and has weight issues like she has the metabolism of a middle aged woman… Lol

  3. I would relish the opportunity Fi defend yuh Jada but I won’t because a same suh yuh did a Frigg Frigg round Shensea!!Seet deh now yuh get your very own stalker who nah stop f$$k round yuh n send yuh een pon Pinkwall :siul :hoax2 :kts:

  4. She fava Sean Kingston! :cystg on a serious note tho! Why di whole a dem gyal yah twang suh???? Whyyyy?? Dem wanna be Americans sooo bad! Damn twanging isn’t English bitches! Jada she fi guh sidung cuz its the Jamaican Instagram jingy flies weh a falah r batty mek shi feel she reach thy kingdom! Me a man and mi wudn want DAT deh rass body deh! Kmt!!!

      1. Salt hole! Put in the “if” be a corrections officer for once! I wouldn’t want your life though, that’s for certain! Damn dunce bat obviously I missed out the if better yet I ddnt had to put IF! :ngakak :ngakak

  5. Mi think she born a usa tge way she a twang, she cocky fi smaddy whey dont even start the race, she too overgrown like baby elephsnt, if she is 18 imagine when her metabolism slow down and she reach 25 she a go be huge. As u see har u see lumber yard pon di damm ediot, she need fi go back a school, wen men see her a soso f uck and se x dem see. Every man a go f uck n run she looks bad off course. She need to go back to school, the music industry fat people nuh do well, u see how beyonce dem lib a gym n eat right.

  6. Jada yuh nuh respect yuh self how the hell the man a respect you. From me see how yuh carry yuh self me know that boy was just using you for sex alone because no righted man nah allow them woman fi carry themself like you little girl. Start acting like a lady, start dressing like a lady and then maybe you’ll get the man of your dreams. But girl you know these young boys can’t tame suh relax and stop kill up yuh damn self.

  7. Why do people always make another person’s weight bother them? Being fat is not a crime nor does it equate to being ugly because all weh a gwaan unuh man still woulda wheel him cock under the girl.

  8. Agree with anyone she is way too fat and her head is really small I know a few bitches like that lmao dem have slim face and big body
    What a deception big n full a cellulite an varicose veins girl GOOD BYE

  9. Lol issa fluffy… das why mi couldn’t see di whole a har :ngakak she look lessyish doh.

  10. Jada “whore” is just a likkle wanna be..She seems very sad..She’s not humble at all and she needs to learn how to speak properly..She’s an annoying kid…Get a life dumb ass bitch….U think jumping from man to man is the way to go? I don’t wanna see you at age 25…Yuck!

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