15 thoughts on “JAH CURE SPEAKS

  1. the man sound stupid ….so the weed really make the fool dem move from stupidity to semi normal …a where him come from i am trying to place his accent ….

  2. Lying likkle small buddy Shrimp,a whore dung di place n u nuh have no dick. Frail and fragile extra light weight bwoy
    Mash mout nuffi wear braces it ongle going to mek ur mouth more mash

  3. So it was you in the video? why you feel the need to come explain yuhself sir? tek yuh L and call it a day! it better yuh never say nothing you sound dumb AF.

  4. Dutty dreadlocks boi a fool yuh a try tek we fa. Not because the video didn’t show when u get the hit don’t mean u wasn’t knocked out. Cause u was out cold on the floor.Someone had to pick u up. Yuh an yuh one bag a waste wild man entourage. Whether it was over a woman or not…u get KNOCKED out. Any1 who can fight know that.

  5. U need fi get u weight up nigger, all dem ital stew and no solid fi build u up. Even if u nuh eat meat u affi supplement u minerals and vitamins nutten name protein lol according to Dr. Sebi (rip) and stop nyam dem hybrid food deh weh naah help u. Mi Rasta brethren slim like u but as strong as me and me a over six feet and nearly 3 bills heavy so u cant tell mi bout ital.

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