This is exclusive Met. Jahcure was confronted by woman’s husband he’s accused of sleeping with, right after his show in the Bahamas. A fight ensued and Jah Cure appeared to be unconscious on the ground on the floor of the hotel. It happened this morning


  1. I am sure Jah Cure, never hold her at gun point and hold her hostage. Him probably never even know she married. She willingly enter that hotel, knowing she has a husband. Hubby was dealing with the wrong person, the wife has issues with her legs, the ability not to keep them closed for men who are not her husband.

  2. Dis c-rus mon…anuh luck him nuh hab Met..dem fi leave people woman alone and stick to dem own..a wanda wah exwife a seh..smh

  3. How do we know for sure its Jah Cure?? I want to make sure it’s really him before I start roll on the ground! Man like him deserve every single knock out them can get…old woman beater

  4. but met , a big artiste like jah cure no have proper security team ? a so the man could a stab/shot,him kill him, dem artise yah need fi invest ina dem self more ,cut the bag a waste man whey deh roung dem, at no point should that man get so close to jah cure .

  5. There are professionals for that purpose. Order a real escort and keep it moving. When you always looking for free this is what happens.

  6. Him love talk bout him have a passion fi fashion him betta guh get some passion fi a self defense class dat knock out was wayyy too easy loll

  7. Facts, the white woman was a guest of Jah Cure’s close friend, she was attacked by two men and his friend defended her, Jah Cure joined in to help his friend……no wives, nothing to do with Jah Cure….

  8. I hear somebody in the last part saying ” i tried to stop it, ive been trying to stop it” prob the green shirt one. Cuz i dont think HE was trying to fight, look like he was trying to part it, an Jah Cure still a chuck him.

  9. Archiebela, every time I comment you ready fi nyaam mi up. Free country wrong or right me have the right to comment. Acting like you a first officer fi JMG police, please to low me yah, like how mi vibes no right. Kmt

  10. dis is not funny
    big big international artist like dis with little security
    dis is some serious ting, de man cudda ded
    risky life

  11. Dem love sling them (typical Jamaican Man) cocky into any and everybody. That’s why theres no real growth with dem Jamaican artist. @ Max exactly!!!

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