1. These things happen in all types of relationships. Just move on. This is the risk we take when emotions get involved

  2. Mi nah lie…mi woulda talk a who. Imagine that person woman right now a believe seh dem man str888. No sah 🙄

  3. A suh dem carry germs to dem woman. Anytime God get mad and start drop fire and brimstone in a Jamaica yuh si!!! Baptize and in a Church still a play up inna shit🙄

  4. Jesus Christ a bay bisexual man deh bout under cover…why him nuh tell the woman him know ppl out there will accept him….me can’t take the liad them.

  5. Most of the responders saying that “Most” Jamaican men are like this. Yuh see the reason why nuff a onnu woman ago dead lonely or with multiple kids with no man at onnu side? No respect for black Jamaican men ..that’s why onnu head caan stop split 6foot6.

    Take the time to learn about Jamaican men and you will get the right partner. Was yuh father a faggot onnu bombohole onnnu.

  6. Call out him name so that him woman know how dirty her body might be at this point. That’s why alot of women have infections that cannot heal

  7. Why you sad over a bisexual miss go doctor and mek sure you vagina nu shit up. What women do to keep a man is beyond me.

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