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J’can bisexual denied asylum in UK
Court says sexual orientation claim ‘dishonest’
Wednesday, July 02, 2014
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A Jamaican bisexual who yesterday lost his asylum battle in a British court is now facing deportation.
According to the Advocate.com, the 32-year-old Jamaican, Orashia Edwards, lost his lengthy legal battle with the United Kingdom’s Home Office when he was denied asylum on the basis of his sexuality. The court concluded that Edwards was “dishonest” about his sexuality, apparently not believing that he is bisexual.
Edwards and his family fear that he will face persecution upon the return to his homeland because of his sexual orientation, the report said.
The Advocate.com report said that although the court did not release any official documentation about why it found his sexual orientation “dishonest”, Edwards does have a newborn daughter in Leeds, where he has reportedly been residing for the past 14 years.
Outside of the courtroom, the scene was tearful as family and friends expressed outrage at the decision.
“What they are doing is they are sending my son to die, and I will never forgive them for that,” Edwards’ mother told ITV.com. “I will never forgive this government for that,” the report quoted her.
Leeds for Change — an organisation that campaigns on behalf of LGBT asylum-seekers — staged protests earlier this year, started an online petition which garnered nearly 1,000 signatures, hoping to interrupt his deportation, and successfully got a flight cancelled that was meant to deport Edwards last January. The activist group is looking to obtain a similar outcome for the British Airways flight scheduled to deport Edwards today, asking followers to call, tweet, and e-mail the airline and ask that it cancel his flight, said the Advocate.com report.


  1. Serve him rite, how u fi claim Asylum n then g get 1 year old child, well u telling di people dem u still in love wid di pums. Betta u did sey u a strait gaaaaaayyyyy

    1. Everyone knows that claiming to be gay is biggest immigration loophole and everyone and their brother is jumping through it to get permanent stay. I think they are finally catching on that most of these cases are fraudulent.

  2. I want to sign the petition! Fi tell dem Send him right back ah him yard mek him tell di rest wey dey ah JA ah plan asylum sey it nah rerk!

  3. dwllll dis story funny yah fuk a bet him did take da ppl dem fi idiot sen him right back a yard damn fool

  4. But ah weh him mumma ah talk bout she wi neva forgive di government ef har bwoy dead wen him ketch a yard. Mother dear mi hab one question fi yuh please ma’am….yuh forgive yuhself yet fi name di bwoy Orashia??? Ah gyal yuh did guh fah an get bwoy mek yuh name him suh??? Di judge shoulda ketch yuh an dip yuh tuh just fi dat!!! The time yuh a gi interview yuh woulda file fi yuh bwoy years ago…dyam waste!!!

      1. Evening Metsy n metters
        A lot of ppl don’t grasp the seriousness of the naming if their children mi sorry fi dem smh meck dis sometime battyman n him ppl dem go siddung a one thing me notice battyman a yawd n abroad love attention n have nuff time pon dem hands kmdt

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