With the days winding down until a verdict is announced in the Vybz Kartel murder trial, fans and supporters of the embattled deejay are eagerly awaiting to hear what his fate will be.

Several artistes and selectors have also weighed in on whether they believe the self- proclaimed ‘World Boss’ will be freed, based on the evidence submitted during the trial.

RVSSIAN (Producer): “Yes, I think he will be freed. If it goes by justice, then we can see where the evidence presented was weak and was tampered with.”

DANIELLE, aka DI (Artiste): “At the end of the day, Kartel is one of the greatest entertainers that Jamaica has ever seen and probably will ever see. It’s left up to the judge, the jurors and to God. My prayers are with him right now and I hope that everything works out.”

KIPRICH (Artiste): “Yea, I think dem a go free him. I heard that a whole heap a tampering gwaan wid di evidence and from dem ting deh happen, the jurors need to take those things into consideration.”

DENYQUE (Artiste): “Yes, I think Vybz Kartel will be freed because the evidence appeared to be tampered with.”

FANTAN MOJAH (Artiste:) “Dem fi give Vybz Kartel a chance. Him fi come a road. The system set up to break the ghetto yutes. Nuff trap set up out deh fi the yutes. Mi caan say whether him a go free or not, but I would like to see him freed.”

GAZA SLIM (Artiste): “He will most definitely be freed. It’s not what man says, it’s what God says.”

BOOM BOOM (Selector): “At the end of the day, they have some strong evidence against him but they also tampered with the evidence. Mi a wish fi him get freed and do road because mi nah wish bad fi nobody.”

PATRICK from TWIN OF TWINS (Artiste): “This case is very unpredictable. Based on what I have seen and heard and based on the justice system in Jamaica, the case is very unpredictable.”

D’ANGEL (Artiste): “Usually, I am not one to cast judgement because a man is innocent until proven guilty. Vybz Kartel and I did a hit song together, he is my co-worker so I’m wishing him all the best and hoping for the best in this situation.”

MR LEXX (Artiste): “I haven’t been following up on the trial everyday, but my prayers are with him and I hope he prevails.”

GAGE (Artiste): “I think he will be freed. From the court point of view, dem nuh find the body yet. Whole heap a ups and downs inna the case plus the corruption of the police force, so mi feel like him a go free.”

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  1. if gaza slim nah deh pon de list a wuda change mi bloodclaat name gal a yuh seh defend de hood tuh de last strawn a hair pon yuh pus-c..none a dem but she a speak how dem really feel bitches plz…..not even a rip to lizard mi nah luk enuh

    1. a wen dem a go prosecute di gyal weh tell di lie ….if man nuh kill man weh dem a tell lie fah seh man a rob him kip oman ……an all if lizard nuh dead …him coulda really go look fi rob gaza slim …weh nuh have nutten

      1. lizard woulda really no ave no ambition fi rob gaza slim, so she mek a big mistake wen she go station go tell police deh anancy story deh.

        imagine ppl a tek cornmeal a stone dog an not even dat di likkle gal cyaah give har body weh a wave like flag wen wind blow.

  2. @Daniell clearly you do not know what you are talking about..kartel will and can never be the greatest entertainer that ever came in to dancehall.. when kartel dead he will never be as big as bob marley. Peter tosh and some of the living reaggae dancehall artiste. You are the ones that make kartel feel nvincible because ya’ll get up and cutter hose stupid wordsout of ya’ll mouth thats why he acts that way towards ya’ll

    1. guh read again it sah “Kartel is one of the greatest entertainers that Jamaica has ever seen” stop hating on facts guh look inna yuh mirror !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Lol kartel cannot even preformed good on stage. Which great entertainer? He is not even on the list of being one of not even 2 greatest lol

        1. @anonymous 5:39 :thanks2 Kartel cyann even walk close to Baby Wayne, much less Moses aka Beenie man…kmt!!!

    2. No pay none a dem nu mind. Onlge one answer properly is de twin. De rest of them are IRRELEVANT as entertainers. De reporter fi F*&Ck off cause look pon de “artist” dem it use fi do a non frigging story? DWL

  3. i never thought i would say this but d angel geve the best answer..all the others r just cowards and really hoping that he goes to prison but dont wanna come out and say it kmft…f**king hypocrites….i hope he rots

    1. It seems as if these entertainers do not want to show their individuality and express their true feelings whether for a guilty or non-guilty verdict. It seems as if they are appealing to the massive (audience) so they can get a forward and look good in the eyes of Kartel and his fans. SMDH.


  5. All di one angel she….bout him an har have hit song, suh him fi free base upon dat? Bwoy all she ungle pretty till shi open har mouth, cuz every time shi talk mi question di looks a swearrrr

    1. :ngakak

      i was asking myself da same fu-cking question.

      i’m still waiting on the “jamaican artists” to give their views dwrcl

      hi met
      wats up metters

      1. but my girl ….Danielle ??? dem crus … mek a comment like dat wen u have man like BERES HAMMOND …BOB MARLEY ….PETER TOSH…..DESMOND DEKKER …..SIZZLA…BEENIE..BOUNTY …..AND THE LIST GOES ON……..SHI MUSSI TINK KARTEL A GO BUSS AR PON A SONG WEN HIM TOUCH ROAD

        1. u a talk bout sponge bob danielle?

          iron ballon danielle?

          danielle still a call harself artist?

          artist of wat? how not to wear bodysuits and clothes altogedda?

  6. patrick from twins of twins give di best ansa to rass, mi a dead in yah from deh ansa deh.

    him a gwaan like him a seh sumting, but him trick dem by not really and truly saying nuttin at all lol, mi luv deh ansa deh :ngakak

    1. no sah PATRICK A REAL JOKER…but a lexx mek dem know seh nuh badda nah follow up di case …………..like I would really like to hear him twanging like really

  7. @Met somebody run in and say kartel free, me run go look at kartel twitter. When me go nuh midnight me buck up inna a talk bout free kartel as busta come a jamaica so all of a sudden spice a walk bout free. And how she have band a give away for free bout kartel is not guilty me no wrong lady saw fi run her.. waganist fame hungry and not reaching no way.. u see the red pants weh she have on dwl

  8. When you hear people use the phrase “at the end of the day” the usually believe something different from what they want to communicate. And all them “Artists” deh can’t mek one. Weh the grammy nominee artist deh? Weh di lifetime achievement artist deh? Weh di artist wid billboard hit deh? Sorry ER top-ten #1 no count

  9. Ah how Denyque even reach inna di mix ???
    Lol dem just a seh what sound good !
    & I agree where are the artists!!!????

    I would’ve loved to hear what bounty has to say lol

  10. Mek dem gwey, dem no see every chance Stephen and Junior Gong get dem big up Buju Banton all put up them house as security. Who know who is gaza-slim? Probably of u mention har name in a some parts of the world dem ask you if is a type a car name so. No name people can’t promote or defend you

  11. Big pussy Angel she a gwane like she can write a letter and send you up a Embassy wid it pon her letter head as refferal. Who know she? Denique a casualty inna di war so me wouldn’t even.look at she. DI season over just like the reggae boyz dem own.

  12. mi a wander from wah day pona crus note mi nuh sense shhort boss inna court a bear kartel family mi hear bout;…….dem get rid a smeagle ……???

  13. Shorty deh a St. Thomas a beat pot cover, unno no see how she fat from hum lockdown and you can even look pon har fi five seconds streight and.no get dizzy. Me woulda climb monkey if I was her

    1. :hammer Dis is a case fi a gorilla, monkey nav much weight fi dis. Plus iron back dem done de poor monkey.

        1. you tink so Real? If dem sentence him how Shorty ah go survived financially? Ah guess she ago find anada man fi pay di bill an feed di kids dem.

    2. Listen to me: uno leave St. Thomas out ah dis yah bangarang! A St.mary she deh. Please give St.Thomas a break okaaaaaaaaaaay! Yes I’m very defensive of the “forgotten” parish.


    1. Im wondering why dem a se formally danielle and she neva get a hit song yet wid dat name muchless fi follow it up by formally

  14. The Gleaner is a disgrace. Almost every answer say fi free him. I guess they threw away their journalistic integrity a long time ago. Pathetic.

    1. nope dem love draw fi God and nuh know when dem draw a more beating so she fi ansa yes..one more lash fi dem

        1. Rochelle jus a look a hype ….him nuh know weh fi seh cah mi sure kartel nuh si him from him reach a prison

  15. People in the music industry tends not to call out each other when one is in the spot light for something negative. They tend to work their way around the questions when asked, so I don’t expect anything from them. I don’t believe all these “performers” believed he’s innocent they’re just trying to save face.

  16. A one person mi kno who find Mr. Lexx relevant is him baby mama a yard because she doe have noting else fi do wid har time.

  17. You know I’m getting very upset with these people talking about evidence be in tempered with .they don’t have any proof of that . wasn’t proven same way you’re saying that they can’t prove that this man is dead . Sameway they can’t prove that the evidence was tampered with but we know for sure that the man is missing so if he’s not dead where is he? People need to stop talking out there A*s an look at the facts in the case . Sorry fi unuh when they come back with a guilty veridic that’s when you will see all the cowards come out an say yes man mi know him did guilty . As for that one hit wonder Di point of correction he’s a grate lyricist but not a grate entertainer because him can’t even walk inna Bennie man shoes much less bob Marley an all the other before him . Kmft may god judge unuh fi want a killer to walk free

    1. a true u a talk nuff a dem a wagonist…….when mi hear rhyno voice wah day mi realise seh kartel teef a part a rhyno sound ….him teef dem sound and den run dem

      1. And if Rhyno never smart and never go when kartel send come call him, kartel probably would an kill him too.

  18. Lol @ honeybee, no disrespect to u lovely parish tweety. But wherever she deh she a pray fi the gravel drop and she hear guilty. But on a serious note, I believe with all me heart say Kartel guilty but justice so f**k up a Jamaica u can’t never tell. If him walk free me don’t surprise and that shit is sad

  19. Every way Angel she go, she promote her papdown self. Lmao she no easy bout them do music together. Looks around cricket sound. Lmfao

  20. Fantan mojah are what he wants to name is the biggest dunce right dere.. why them must giv kartel a chance? It look like him belive say kartel did the murder lol. What a reply him give back eee lol

  21. Stinkin puxxy gaza slim shut di f…ck up cause kartel nuh beleive in a God, him rate him obeah man more dan God….spice weh always look like she neva bathe yet a gi weh band fi kartel?? No man it look like she was a side piece to…

  22. I cannot believe that people are so stupid, first of all they keep talking bout the police tampering with evidence, once the info is retrieved from the phone company it cannot be altered people fail to realize that a cell phone is just as dangerous as a gun, that’s what the police use and catch nuff of these idiots. For people to sit there and say that these wicked people should get off, its wrong. for Busta Rhymes to be out parading himself like an idiot. People someone lost his life carelessly over 2 guns, can we please not act stupid

    1. Trust mi dat only a fall pan deaf ears, come in like seh all if a dem mumma Kartel did kill dem would an still a seh free Kartel same way.

  23. One set of Bias fu,kers. What about the young man who lose is life.. Or is it that you people are scared that he would come after u. D’Angel what hit song u had wid Kartel cause I miss that one or is it that because am not a fan of u? I am soooooo glad he was found guilty. :cool

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