1. Bwoy all dem people weh a come and do intaview aftah intraview and still nuttn nahn gallan. Wah di hell is dis and is di same set a people dem, is dem a di only gay dung a jamdung?…mi did know few men wah gay way back wen people only suspect but nevah sure and dem gwan live dem life same way and no baddie neva trouble dem mi a talk innah di early 80’s now and u know seh dem times deh did diffrant from now caz dem neva was dis tolerant den…suh if dem behave demselves mi believe people wi leave dem alone.

      1. whey dem mek it seem like because dem a interview those gay men the police come up why? other people interview dem and police neva come

    1. Unu know summen…it’s becoming more n’ more suspect, tuh how dem jus ah pree pree Jamaica sun ana put wi pan the map like Tinan says, as the “only” homophobic island/country in the world…why dem nuh pack dem luggage and fly cross the 7 seas and try duh interview wid other other countries weh nuh tolerate the gay agenda/livity and see if dem nuh end up nyaam the camera wid bare gunshot backa it tuh…why them running down Jamajca suh hard fa bout dis gay agenda?..why dem nuh go ah place like Russia, India, Lebanon, Egypt, Ethiopia, Libya, Bangladesh, Pakistan, United Arab Nations, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Belize, Barbados, St. Kitts, and countless other places web nuh tolerate gays none at all?1?1?1?1?…place web 20 times worse and wicked dan Jamaica wid corporal punishment when it come on to them tingz ere eeh??…why dem ah ride pan Jamaica sun hard????…it ah start fe get really irritating now!! 😡

      1. Dat mi deh yah a wandah u know Yep, dem yah man a come from all bout like sumn innah summn..a wah dem agenda wid dis ting? look how much odah tings a galan dungdeh and yet is dis dem a ride b4 day,morning,noon,evenin & nite. Summn a gwann man,nevah si smoke widout fiyahand a nuff smoke 2. Is who know wah really a gwann? come talk up…talk up

  2. Dem ppl ya whey a go JA go film dem sumting here no have anything fi do?????? Look how poverty a do ppl dung there n a battyman load dem gone pick up I love how the police n the politician answer him kmft

  3. one ting mi know di whole a dem look possess and mi wah know y everybody a bypass di bwoy weh seh him a gangsta …and if him nuh seh him gay …….nobody nuh know ….a criminal dem point blank .

      1. mi deh ya now….mi did fly out…but u see how dem a get di possession from all sort a female musician …….demppl yah fi careful who dem a allow fi penetrate dem pickney brain

  4. Yuh know sey all of them ah some criminal fi true. Dat same Kloe did de pan all angles the other day, in disguise. Hood and all but now it clearly visible pan dis yah interview. Mi remember the voice and the piece ah twanging it gwaan Wid. Dem need fi put dem in a barrel and light dem ah fire. Damn set ah teef dem

  5. Fyah in a dih gully pon dem batty fish deh a dem same one gang and rape dih decent family married man str8 str8 man weh guh jogging 2 months ago…..dem fih ketch dem n shoot off dem shitty Buddy and let dem guh.soon a people young st8 son dem a guh rape a torch dem fih get dem nuh fih mix wid st8 people all dem mus a walk n pup pup n caah control dem batty round str8 people

  6. dem fi legosome big dutty aligator in di gully fi dem nasty battyman dem camera mon nuh friad dem rape and kill him off

  7. I swear, Jamaica is infested with some hateful set of wicked hearted people. These are human beings!!! It’s a shame that they have to live in that condition. To hear the pnp man claim, that if their parents fail them, it’s not the government’s problem was disheartening. The State should be an advocate for those who need their protection. Jamaica is going to hell in a hand basket, not because of the homosexual culture, but because we have forgotten how to be human. I pray that things will change…Jah know, my heart breaks for these young men.

    1. Jamaica wont change anytime soon . They only chance they have for a better life is to seek asylum overseas. They already have video documentation to help them in the application process.

    1. morning we knew long time this was his aim..said it here multiple times…he was going to bring the gays out next..not shocked I saw the video yesterday

  8. my prayers for that community and I am hoping that one day they can be free from persecutions. Some of the the most hypocritical people in my life are JA and the fear of homosexuls. I see them celebrated every damn day in in the dancehall, tight pant eye brow arching skirt wearing dancehall “celeb” and most are flat out GAY!

  9. A couple of the gully queens could trick alot of straight men thats why a man must not be thirsty and run in on every “girl” he see especially nowadays because alot of cross dressers look better than real females.
    Also at the start of the clip there was this gay gangster thuggy that look like him coulda par with Tommy Lee wow thats scary in the sense that as a woman you just have to hope and pray and that your man is straight because no matter how masculine or thuggy or gangster a man is he could secretly be bisexual….you cannot swear for no man nowadays

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