**Now that the court documents are out showing that the 14 year old was truly raped and bleeding and the Qatar rapist had confessed to two different police officers that he actually had consensual sex with the minor what next for the Jamaican leader who embrace this child convicted molester like a hero.

Fact: The Child Molester Was A Friend Of His Victim’s Family!

Fact: He As A Trusted Family Friend, Was Asked To “Baby-sit” The Child, Because Her Mother, Was Called Upon Suddenly, To Work.

Fact: The Mother Upon Returning Home, Found Her Fourteen Year Old Daughter ‘Acting-Up’ and Upon Enquiring, Found Her Daughter Had Been Molested By “Uncle So-and So”

Fact:Mother Made A Report, To The Authorities.

Fact: Victim Was Examined And Medical Evidence Produced To Verify Her Claim Of Molestation!

Fact: The Child-Molester Was Convicted By The Courts And His Appeal Denied and Conviction Upheld.

Is It That They Wanted The Jamaican Government To Intervene To Seek Clemency For A Convicted-Child-Molester?

Just Why, Are These Politicians So Determined To Despoil Their Offices In Defence Of This convicted-Child-Molester?

Why Aren’t They, Raising Cane About The 3000 Other ‘Innocent’ Jamaicans In Jails, Overseas, Or Is It That They Only Defend Convicted Child-Molesters?

And Is this Paul Stephens guy from Tivoli? Is related to an MP ?

*************The sender sent the above. I am so disgusted I dont know where to begin. The pilot and the person who helped him to come out of prison was on Nationwide Radio last week. They claimed to have forgotten the transcript which would have showed they have no evidence against him…According to him and the woman. At no time did he ever admit that he confessed, him even claimed the little girl’s mother called him and told him she didnt know why her daughter was doing this! I guess he never thought the transcript would hit the streets! He admitted to sleeping with her according to the documents, medical tests proved the little girl had sex but her hymen was still intact…My question is this;- after knowing that he was guilty of having sex with a minor, why carry on the disgusting parade aimed putting the government in a bad light …claiming that they did not help him when he knows he was guilty????????












  1. the opposition will do anything for attention. How a man nearly 40 going to seh is defense is a 16 year old come on to him and it was consensual sex?

    From me hear seh it consensual me seh him shoulda stay 10 years.

    Bartlett and holiness too gullible.

  2. The Jamaican Government left a Jamaican citizen in jail, AJ Nicholson hung up the phone on him and he was beaten and stabbed in jail. Even if he were the worse possible person in the world, your country should ensure you get a fair trial and make sure you are not subjected to cruel and unusual punishment. If this man is guilty, he should be in jail, but his country should also ensure he has adequate representation.

    Clearly this document is a leak from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, trying to spin their lack of support. This is not the first time a citizen of Jamaica has been deserted by their Government. I am willing to bet that if he was a comrade , one of the PNP celebrity lawyers would be on TV defending this man and Sista P would greet him with the biggest kiss.

    1. What was unfair about his trial? All ina Jamaican prison stabbing a gwaan…The documents showed there was adequate investigation and this man going around painting a picture of innocence him fi go jail

      1. I think he is guilty. I also think Buju Banton, Jah Cure, OJ Simpson and Kern Spencer were all guilty. People are always ready to jump to the defence of others without knowing the facts. Just because they like them or know them or think they are talented or belong to the same camp/party.

        1. So if u think him guilty then what is the issue?

          Take jlp and pnp out of this. The big man seh him have sex wid an underage girl and we a support him nastiness.

          Fair trial? A mother leave you with her little daughter and you have sex with her?

          Then you want government help you? That’s why Jamaica cant better cause an adult can’t even be responsible and watch over a young girl him affi have sex wid her and a talk bout consensual.kmt

  3. Suh AJ Nicholson knew why he was ignoring him. I doan read it yet cause I deh yah pon di plantation, but I will try guh through it when I get a moment.

  4. His position, despite the evidence is that the sex was consensual, regardless, he should have never engaged in intercourse with the child. He has a very clear cut case of anti social personality disorder as he still continues to maintain that he “committed no crime” despite everything that indicates the contrary. The fact that he cannot even see within himself that he committed a crime of ethical and even moral misconduct speaks volumes as to his level of disregard for common decency. He was entrusted with the care of a minor child, and violated that trust in the worse way.

    I wonder how many other minors he’s been seduced by, and how many more are in his future… that was likely not his first, and won’t be his last dalliance of that sort.

  5. Dis frigga knew exactly what he was doing. Can bet seh him jackoff inna di bathroom or somewhere else fi nuh hab nuh evidence. Iwill even guh as far as to say a bet seh you is not the first time him doing it,his moves was vry calculated, but him get ketch this time. Dutty nasty wukliss skum of the earth….Dem shouldah did leff him deh fi rot in hell..dutty no good drancrow wah can’t pass people gal pickney and leff dem in peach. Di mother must feel like crap, not to mention the poor likkle girl wah look up to him as uncle…and still yet this wretch nuh si nuttn wrang wid wah him do? skum I tell u, and di wuss kind.

  6. Shouldn’t the victim’s name and D.O.B be redacted? Also sensitive medical information about the appellant? I think he is guilty as hell and shameless too.

  7. Di nastiness need fi get stoned wid 10 dozen Heineken bakkle. How consensual sex fi tek place between ah tuff back man and a 14 year old child :marah Dis bwoy is ah pervert and ah threat tuh society. Prison too good fi him…dem fi cut off weh ah bother him. As tuh di crablouse dem weh ah entertain him….dem fi memba seh karma is ah Bit$h!!!!

  8. Fact: The Mother Upon Returning Home, Found Her Fourteen Year Old Daughter ‘Acting-Up’ and Upon Enquiring, Found Her Daughter Had Been Molested By “Uncle So-and So”

    Could anyone point me to the age of the victim at the time the incident took place. I keep reading that the victim was 16 at the time, now I reading here that she was in fact 14 back in 2008(?). What is the victim’s DOB?

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