This chocolate was totally decadent.

A Jamaican national was busted at Kennedy Airport allegedly trying to smuggle cocaine inside cans of instant chocolate drink mix, authorities said.

Tova Levy, 35, was toting two bags when she stepped off a Caribbean Airlines flight from Kingston on Sunday.


Customs and Border Protection officers selected Levy for examination and became suspicious about four cans of Lasco brand chocolate mix she was bringing into the U.S..

Customs agents at Kennedy Airport sniffed out the suspicious powder.Customs agents at Kennedy Airport sniffed out the suspicious powder. (SPENCER PLATT/GETTY IMAGES)
An officer cut open one of the cans and found a white powdery substance which tested positive for the presence of cocaine, according to a complaint filed in Brooklyn Federal Court. Nearly two kilos in total were seized.

Levy, who admitted the carry-on bags belonged to her, was ordered held without bail.

Federal defender Mia Eisner-Grynberg declined to comment.

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  1. Mi nuh think she know wah she did a get inna, cause dung to di baby weh did ago get di milk inna England know say she did ago get ketch inna dem time yah wid those things…..

  2. Maybe someone asked her to bring dem saying ” oh mi luv the chocolate lasso inna Di tin” and if dem can collect it from smaddy else fi dem. Sorry for her because she dumb and dumb people deserve sympathy sometimes

  3. I would loveeeeee some strawberry Lasco right about now, haven;t drank it in yearssssss. Not hot though, cold!! or better yet, slushed (when you put it in the freezer for apprx 30minutes and starts transitioning from liquid to solid).

  4. The question is how many got through using this same method. Lot of cocaine come into Jamaica a very cheap cost and re-export. The people at the head of the food chain can more than afford to lose a few. The top men name never get call, since they are never know to the low level smugglers.

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