Meet jaspa new girl. Him and the baby mother come jamaica for easter and is pure war cause every minute him hide gone with TT. Kerrian next time you come jamaica no bother come a port maria cause you stay bad. TT nearly mad her dung ya. But one thing though fi a Rasta man why you love the bleach out gal them so.






  1. not one out the bunch look like something fi wife up ….her knee dem look like them borrowed , foot dem look like dem stolen , complexion borrowed ……you know what let me stop ….let me be nice ………dem ugly nuh rass….a suh port maria girl dem crawnny !

  2. Lol… met say shorty. But met shorty no so ugly.
    Kerry come here deh you never look good easter fi chu so how you miss ballers roll out.

  3. @Anonymous you too lie. which part a jaspa wife r ex wife look better than his baby mother and tt? I am friend with jaspa on fb and him post a pic last week for his son graduation and she stay bad know wonder the man left her, fi a young girl she stay bad me nah lie and I am not a fan of the baby mother.

  4. @ anonymous which partthe wife r ex wife look better than the baby mother r tt? I am friends with jaspa on fb and just the other day he post a pic withat her and for a young girl she look f**g bad. I don’t blame the man fi leave her. Woman must keep up the appearance and she nuh look good at all.she look old enough to be jaspa mother.

  5. @sandsidelinky you blind. Kerry, tt or jada dont make half much less one but out a the half jada gone wid quarter. Tt and di baby mother bleach out and maga and shape real bad. Jada nice darkskin and no shape too bad. Met you have the babymother and wife pic post it deh fi bias sandside. Me ago look fi it post it as it reply.

  6. This girl name jadalee from Port maria housing scheme need a life . A she a jaspa wife and everytime unuh si jaspa name up ya a she put it up. Di man left r and gone and she can’t get ova it. MI know di two a dem good good and I swear di man do good by her and she f**k up mek di man left . Memba shi seh di man married fi green card . Dat a lie . How a man married fi green card and u and him deh from unuh a pickny before unuh left jamaica.mi know everything. Di man use to tek care a dat gal from shi a go school , him tek r out a r parents house and buy house wid r. Breed r two time . Shi jump and put up Dannette name seh jaspa and r deh , she don’t even know Dannette and jaspa link from jamaica . WA she need fi do is go get a life and go lose some weight . It bun r everytI’m she see the man him look good . She same one use to talk seh she nuh buy clothes is r man jaspa tek care a r . Jaspa a good youth mi can tell anybody dat . Look at r she look bad like , all shi do is deh pan Internet a f**k wid people , look pan r fb page a pure head shot , r house dutty from wa mi hear . MI hear seh shi tek r mother and treat r bad but yet shi have time fi f**k wid people , not even r pickny dem shi tek care a . Shi just wa keep dem fi tax return. Si shi run wid this now seh jaspa and tt deh . M know di people dem and dem a fren from youth days long before jaspa even know jadalee. Shi have a problem and need to get ova it . Di man gone go look a man and left the people dem alone .

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