1. dwl! Shamiele is a damn fool Nino diss yuh fi JAV and you really go back? after the beating and everything from tifanny ??? Shamiele what is your life about likkle gal U fool nuh fk and Is Javanna dis the bwoy and them stop link .. so Javanna actually did shamiele a favor .. She was just using nino to get spot light I saw this coming though cuz shamiele weak fi Nino but Nino weak fi Jav lmfao lets see how long it lasts

  2. ohhh yuh never see smoke widdout fire no wonder the gyal Aneka run gone fren back Crome ain’t it the truth a bway these girls are one big passa passa

  3. Nino neva have dry shit to give homeless Javana so she gone sell her pussy to the highest bidder. Theres nothing abt Nino, only Instagram hype. Kmt! Shane is another Instagram attention seeker. Nothing to see her folks.

    Now the big story going thru the grapevine is that Javana got her ass beaten by her latest conquest babymother. I heard the Gyal and her friends gang her and buss her ass!!!! That’s the story I want the tea on. Not lame ass Nino n Sham.

  4. Shamiel like how u get back u man u a go stop f**k Triz from Konsequence Money Team , so how u a go get the car weh u swear blind Triz haffi buy u. Weh u a go do wid u rest a man dem weh finance u cause we know well Nino has nothing to give you

  5. 10 john crow mi ago jump out mi window. But I always wondered where or who supported these girls bcuz she nuh work nowhere

  6. Ohhhhh ok is what working and school do them young girls here tho jesus.with all these diseases y would u put your self at risk ladies it’s not worth it.

  7. Bwoy when you check the ratio all these dancehall people f**king each other. So no Mrs Sigh! This weh a run Nadesha K.M.T Head hot from weh day and got her posting all these things throw words on IG cause Nadesha did swear she at the top when har man a f**k every hot gal in a dancehall and poor she have to a work fi him hard fi get a dollar and the man a spend pon other pussy hard. but met u need Fi run Fi him file the Konsequence Boss him. Ms Sigh! Go and look a job little girl and stop sell pussy!

  8. Mi wash hear bout Havana beating weh mention up top, ah wonda if dem beat some pride, shame and principle inna har undaneath ah bwoii, dem yah gal yah intend fi wuk pan dem back, nothing bout themselves

  9. @dancehall hero u a confuse me cause when gal a run gal head dem a get money and attention . How Shamiel credit people IPhone 6 from January and can’t pay fah till dem done her pon ig and she a get mining . How she still a wear Anieka clothes and how her gal Sash Trendsetter a bawl say she tired a her a beg her $50us . U tell me now cause me confused

  10. The time shamiele a deh back with chino nino tino bino she guh pay jigga him money pick a struggle shamiele.


  11. This bitch javana can’t fine a man yet fi put r some weh fi live omg! Jav yuh need fi guh buy a new pussy cause da one deh weh yuh have FLATLINE aka DEAD. Met what a young girl can wear her pussy pon her forehead. Jav yuh really need a father in your life. A just wah day de people dem fling yuh pon pinky wall fi man? U are a sad case

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