Good day met
Just saw a post about Jaykrome on the wall and was like he don’t have no daughter because he’s f***g my friend and told her he only got two sons. Went on Instagram and saw this pic she’s a beautiful little girl. Not sure who the mother is tho because him wild like fruitless tree. But if that b**ch is f***g British bling she’s nasty as f**k because that’s your baby daddy best friend. Well he told my friend British stop talk to him over f**ky. When I ask British him seh Jaytee r Jaykrome whenever that p**y calling himself is a bad minded dirty heart boy suh mi cut that off not sure what went down with them. Just last week british post a pic with both of them still so I don’t know ooooooo.
Baby mother number two who ever u are if u really follow Inna puchie foot step I hope British wife u up. Because puchie a dose wife fi life and dem nah left


  1. Nobody cares about none ambitious dose and non progressive puchi. Sender you are a clown and you not making sense.why did you post the man 3 children. Why u don’t let your friend deal with her own problems or is a f..k you a look from jay krome and a seek attention. If Jay krome did value you are your friend he would have told her about his daughter. Uno lame ass bitches needs to stay into uno lane. All uno a try uno cannot mash up jaykrome and him baby mother and she is a nice respectful girl. Suh uno hood rats get the f…k out of people business. My advice to you is to tell yuh friend her time as expired. Leave jaykrome and him 3 beautiful children and him fiancee. Unno, guh look a life. And how dirty dose and puchi get into this convo. Jaykrome don’t want puchi anymore,and dose is a big looser all dose do is walk and f**k and suck out the the gal them pu..y in a dance hall and chat puchi with them how she is lazy , she don’t take good care of her children ,she nasty and him nuh want her. Dose have puchi looking like a fool in public and puchi tink she happening.girl bye with your silly convo.big up mi boss jaykrome. I love your music .

  2. Girl bye which part a Jaykrome baby respectful not who don’t f**k that bitch don’t want no f**k off her she party every night and she have such a young baby girl thw whole a bronx know she a hoe. Jaykrome post puchi fi mothers day did her post thay other bitch no because she dint f***g count.Puchi don’t want Jaykrome him call and beg her how much time to take him back but she run that. Puchie working her good good can job making her money, Jaykrome music them lame nuh bloodclaath all that waste video wid f**k out China rose kit lame as f**k

  3. Wait wait wait im confuse, isnt this guy gay as fuk? Hes da 1 that took trips with Dougie Platinum an was in hotel rooms an shit with da nigga. Puchi left him because she found out he was f**in another dude an promised not 2 let party world know abt it. This shit got a bitch fukked up in da head bcause now he has 3 kids so i guess hes bi then, can some1 pls 2 let me know wats goin on here

  4. Home girl he’s not bi nor gay the amount a gyal this nigga f**k don’t stop here. He left puchie because she f**k dose and dose was his best friend. Yes he got a daughter now nobody don’t know who the new baby mother is so they making up stroies true the man stop party low the rass man alone

  5. Smh sad people I saw this pic last week on his page and I know the baby girl and her mother just didn’t know he was the father until he post the pic, the girl don’t party she don’t talk to people and she live in queens not Bronx she young but not as young as 19. Believe me she ain’t f***g no british. Nobody in dancehall don’t even know they girl who making up all these lies kmt. I don’t know why this girl mix up herself with Jaykrome tho poor thing ehh man. Him use to up and down with dougie fi real taking trips and thing so we know him touch. Poor girl don’t go no where and talk to nobdy so she wouldn’t even know her baby daddy touch batty smh leave the kids and the girl alone sender kmt

  6. Jaykrome don’t care about puchi ,he doesn’t want puchi either so why everytime jaykrome name mention uno call puchi name. Jaykrome been move on with him life.u all still living in the past because jaykrome don’t have puchi on is mind. So puchi nasty ,whoring ,low life friends need to stop messing with jaykrome. Puchi ain’t working no where so is who uno a try fool. And dose is a nobody him cannot wLk in jaykrome shoes.dose is more of a batty man because him love woman things. And him beggie, beggie and always don’t want to pay to come into people dance and love drink out man liquor a dance. Dose don’t have shit he don’t have is own place a puchi house him kotch and she always putting him out went she hear sey him have other woman. Dose don’t even own a little car for himself and act like him a boss Inna him fake ass clothes and belt them. Jaykrome have a job ,him own apt with him daughter mother him have 2 cars and him ever clean and him have ambtion.dose look like the ginger bread man .jaykrome a galist him nuh f..k man.and so what if him and dougie go on a business trip if it was a secret he would hide it. Uno bad mind set a people. Jaykrome keep doing you and your family you said family first and I respect you my youth. Mi love how you a try .big up. I’m happy that you are proud of your 3 children.tell the haters to go suck an egg.

  7. A yuh mouth jaykrome touch with him Dick and piss pon yuh .@fix up yuh story sender plz. Uno too bright leave jaykrome alone most people have batty ma.n friend that nuh mean sey yuh must gay. Nuff a uno mother a sadamite..a yuh father touch yuh breda batty bitch. Shit up hole gal. Come off a jaykrome name and go suck a p…y.jaykrome is a good youth so she got a good baby father for her daughter end of story. Gina look a life whore. A jaykrome yuh want a f..k off a that’s why u mad.

  8. Hahahahahaha seeing this story since yesterday and mi cyah stop laugh. When people don’t know your business they make up story. Jaykrome god bless these 3 kids god bless. Badmind cyah hold dem down to try tho

  9. Good morning Met I’m asking you kindly to remove my kids pic off this site with this fake ass story. I’m the mother of that little girl and I’m not pleased with my child nor her brothers pic being post with this new type of make believe bullshit on this site. So I’m asking you to kindly remove it plz and thanks. And for the waste gyal weh Jay f**k out and run so you made up this fake story to look a hype girl take several seats plz I won’t even step down to your level cuz I’m a QUEEN

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