The family of the chief prosecution witness(Lamar Chow) are now getting death threats and have had to move out of their homes… Reports are that the family does not know what to do. Portia please reclaim our nation. (Will update soon)

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  1. This is an opportunity for Jamaica gov’t to really show how serious they are about protecting witnesses and their families. There needs to be laws and penalties that will serve as a deterrent to put an end to these senseless and uncivil practices by those who are hell-bent on sabotaging the democratic process and the justice system.

    Parliament should immediately draft a law and penalty of minimum 30-50 yrs for anyone who threatens a witness or take steps to cause injury to a witness or their family members.

    Jamaica gov’t need to do this post haste, if Jamaica is to have a viable justice system. The primary reason why cases languish in the system is because witnesses are afraid of reprisal. They can put an end to that with the passing of zero tolerance laws with stiff deterring penalties.

  2. Happy sunday met loll dem better use the appeal money buy bread an sugar causen say a waste a time loll

  3. lan lawd and ace nuh have nutten betta fi do wid time than fi a fukk roun peepl.

    MET yuh know say from the case start a de fuss me a say nutten bout it. because that did done try from 2011 pon jmg. we did done know say dem did the crime. big up yuh status MET

  4. Shut the f**k up MET Portia tek back wah look how poor ppl have f**king hard a Jamaica cart man haffi a pay fi push cart fi mek a money and u a talk bout Portia tek back we all know u no like kartel already but fi u no have nothing fi f**king talk bout shut up man

    1. Since a u and u mumma and u puppa whey u nuh have gi mi my mouth u fi try shut it. Fatherless wingless jancrow u fi stop my mouth

    2. A only Kartel u know seh mi nuh like no father dead dog? a dat alone u know ??????? u shudda go shut up u father kakeyhole dat him neva spill out ina u mumma whey do di earth the biggest injustice and bring u come a dat u fi work pan see if u can reverse it

      1. Mi neva lef go a no where whey belong to u and go type whey mi type and u fatherless bloodclaat tek it up pan u head? No u cudden real ..God mek special provisions fi di fatherless but all like u whey father goodly still alive and neva own u no provision fi u..low mi this sunday..pick another day

        1. Scum below di earth that is what unno is. Mud below a condemned pair a shoes..shit sliding off a rusty zinc..dat is u

    3. All yuh fi tek yuh pills fi yuh nerves dem! Den if Portia suh poppyshow, shi fi gwaan betta and tek back the country, nuh true? Or is it that ongle Kartel fi lead, but the leader fi di whole nation nuffi duh so?
      Or is it that you are just pissed off that Met and most of her bloggers don’t like and have never like no part a Kartel and you just a look any reason fi a lick out pon Met?
      On another note…when yuh a do up people , I beg yuh construct the sentences with some form a punctuation. The anger in you is so obvious.

      1. dem a look a reason…but same how God show Kartel who a di real boss..He will show them..and I will hear of them

        1. Yes Met!!!!! Bout him ah world boss, him get to hype! God run Di world, god is the world boss, he controls everything. I actually like SOME, not all but some if his music & always refer to him as Kartel…..don’t know how he got people calling him world boss, crazy!

          1. tektek a di demon notice no one whey spiritually grounded to some extent dont get caught up ina kartel..its only some people

  5. Ur day soon come man one day one day ppl must know who u is so u can get a tap pon u shoulder for all the good work u been doing wat deh a dark must come ppl soon find out who is behind the keyboard

    1. That will not stop this flow nor God’s flow so keep on banking on that. You and whoever else are in for a VERY RUDE AWAKENING

      1. Dat a di whole a unno whole life fi walk and lef threat and try carry out..If and whoever else a good..Touch this annointed…mi nuh haffi ask and mi eye nuh hafi se mi know what will be so because mi neva ansa yet mi a ansa now so pass on the message

    2. If yu did tell katel dat u an met wouldnt be having this discussion now…….
      Bun mi fi oonu set a shithouse

        1. Nuh mussi u gi dem di evidence weh sen him gone a prison….. Di blood a Jesus against oonu an oonu “god”

  6. I woulda never bare witness to nutn a Jamaica and depend pan fi dem protection to rassclaat. From dem get wa dem want dem a lef u a road

    1. Guh siddung and find sinting duh! A yasso yuh come fi falla behind some loose cannon threat to Met? Yuh did too coward fi duh the dirty werk yuhself? People like yuh fi name SAVAGE and DAWG. Unno prevalence a get pon mi last NERVE!

  7. Any harm come unto di victim are di witness an him family dem fi jus fling on some more years pon kartel time.

  8. Kartel and most so call Ja.badman dem only have strength fi weak fence.You nu see him hear sey a di boy from waltam tief di gun dem ,but him fraid fi step to him.God forgive mi ,but until dem start kill back smaddy weh close ti him like him beloved family members dem. den him and him killers will understand wah fire with fire mean.

  9. Mongrel bad breed One voice, yes ah you mi a style ole dead, a wen yuh ago realize seh yuh is a non-factor waste of space an yuh CANNOT stop nuttn oba yasso. Yuh come yasso an si Pink Wall and yuh ah go lef it right yasso. Go worry bout di evil weh yuh a support an nuh worry bout nobody yasso. Go start bwoil di cornmeal from now fi carry go a Prison fi Kartel…

  10. Oonu tan deh deh, Mi juss ah kip mi peace till March 27, caw nutten less dan 50 will b gud enuff fi me Awoah!!!!!

    Muma SIMPLY, beg yuh line up di JMG rocket launcher deh fi mi please an tonks, cawse ef mi nuh cum pon JMG enny edda else day, I shall surely pitch pon yah on dat blessed day

    (MET as mi type ‘pitch pon JMG’ mi memba when mi ferse come pon di site how smaddy cuss mi an tell mi how mi pitch pon yah day in day out an yuh did give it to dem…… yuh memba? – dem time deh meeda use di nedda name lol

    Good nite one and all

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