KINGSTON, Jamaica — The Corporate Communications Unit (CCU) on Wednesday issued an advisory to the public, specifically those conducting business in the downtown Kingston area, that on Thursday, March 27, between 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, several road closures will be instituted.

Adijah ‘Vybz Kartel‘ Palmer and his co-accused are expected to be sentenced for murder tomorrow in the Supreme Court downtown Kingston .

King Street will be closed to vehicular traffic between Harbour Street and South Parade. The police say this means motorists travelling from South Parade, Tower Street, Harbour Street, and Barry Street will not be able to turn onto King Street. However, the police say merchants and business operators will be allowed limited access to this area.

Church Street will be closed to vehicular traffic between South Parade and Tower Street. No traffic will be allowed to turn onto Church Street from Barry Street, and only court officials and police vehicles will be able to access Church Street from the direction of South Parade or Tower Street, the advisory said.

The police also said that motorists travelling along Harbour Street intending to use King Street to access the Parade area, will instead go onto Orange Street or continue straight along Harbour Street, then left onto Duke Street, then left on to East Queen Street, to access the Parade area. Additionally, motorists travelling from South Parade intending to use King Street will instead travel onwards to East Parade, then onto East Queen Street, then onto East Street.

“Generally speaking, motorists travelling from west of the island intending to use King Street to access Parade will instead use Orange Street, while motorists travelling from the east of the island intending to access Parade will do so via East Queen Street,” the advisory said. “Other motorists going elsewhere will use East Street.”

The police also cautioned that the hours of closure may vary.


  1. Good evening met …..it nuh look good…………….well it has never but ahmm…..what is the minimum sentence for murder ?

      1. ok cawse mi did a wander if that would be a different trial and if dem woulda ad it …..but whatever dem add jus nuh good cause fi him style a music a just right about now ……

  2. metty boo n real good evening

    It nuh look good , I’m worried for the innocent people who may get caught up in the fracas.

        1. HELLOOOOO EYE CANDAY……den met if dem a fling threat like rock stone weh dem feel like ??????????????? dem haffi undastan seh ppl a go need protection given dat di bwoy is akilla nobody nuh know weh him wi do

  3. Wat a prekkeh inna Kingston city tomorrow doe eeh ?? Not trying to start any trouble here, but mi happy say dat de gaza fans dem will get to see dem gaza god one more time, before him blow dem a kiss, and say goodbye . A who sing da song dey again, the Manhattans ?

  4. Kartel batty pose to ah goh ‘twep twep’ yahnow
    $hit pail gudda full an ah run ovah……. mi kina stawt feel sorry feem, butttttt

    Gud nite one and all

  5. Like de saying goes “Don’t start no shit, won’t be no shit”.

    Gazamittes! cannisters dem full a high grade peppa, rubba pellets/bean bags plenty, asp dem solid and orders are in place and international LAW is in favor of the actions of the GOVERNMENT and the CITIZENS at risk. GO CHAW ONU IRON FI A MORNING….LOLOL.

  6. Fifty mi seh…….fifty years unda u nasty bloodclaat dutty kartel…….straight batty to yuh thing till yuh ole n sibble like orange…..shi fowl……law n order di police n soul ja dem sey tomorrow….gaza fans unno come otta town wid dif f***kery n see….dem boy a wait pan unno nastiness….bout worl boss……HELL PAN EARTH FI YUH PUSSY….

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