Yes yes pink wall

Sum gyal claim seh dem a goodaz n dem a rotten nuh bc cum look how sum gyal live a Birmingham

Dem live wid madda Breda picni n u a tell mi seh not one ov dem can fumigate dis yah yard

Ppl a Birmingham eva wonda y she cyan tek a pic in a her yard yet well see di rubbish tip yah not even wata cudda drink yah suh cockroach dem tek ova

Dem chat every body a Birmingham but never know wen fi tell police bout dem paedophile BF she did know bout di likkle gyal dem n a hide it

Dem bleach out Breda a batty man n dem a try fi hide dat 2

Clean yuh dutty house u long belly jail bait yuh shoulda shame seh a suh yuh live wid kids

Ask her neting bout ppl business a Rd she can tell yuh but don’t know bout real house duties

Dunce bc Gyal dis

5 thoughts on “JEEZUE NO MAN

  1. That house needs demolished. It looks disgusting. However, lady is one of your friends buss huh secret. Careful who u invite in yuh place.

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