The prosecutor in the Vybz Kartel murder trial, has asked jurors to consider why co-accused murderer ‘Shawn Storm’ did not explain the reason he took Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams to Havendale, St Andrew on August 16, 2011.


Williams is alleged to have been killed on that same day over two missing guns at a house that belonged to Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer.

Evidence has been given in the trial that Shawn Storm, (given name Shawn Campbell) transported ‘Lizard’ to the house to account for the missing guns.

This morning, the lead prosecutor, Jeremy Taylor, asked jurors to examine Shawn Storm’s unsworn statement that ‘Lizard’ followed him to Havendale.

Taylor highlighted that Campbell did not give the reason why Lizard had followed him.

The prosecutor said he regarded as a serious omission, the failure to provide the reason.

However, he said it is for the jurors to assign a weight on it.

According to Taylor, ‘Shawn Storm’ was not obliged to say anything in his defence but he chose to speak.

Yesterday, the lead prosecutor described Shawn Storm as the “postman” who delivered ‘Lizard’ to be killed.

Today, Taylor led the 11 jurors through the testimony of the main witness, reiterating that the witness had seen ‘Lizard’ at Shawn Storm’s gate on August 16, 2011.

The witness had said he heard ‘Shawn Storm’ telling ‘Lizard’ that Kartel wanted to see them about the missing guns.

The State prosecutor also repeated evidence that the witness had said ‘Shawn Storm’ told he (the witness) and ‘Lizard’ that nothing would happen to them.

Taylor has also referred to text messages that ‘Lizard’ sent to his girlfriend urging her and his sister to call the police while he was being taken to see Kartel.

The jury has also been asked to consider whether the police would make up text messages outlining the events on August 16, 2011 leading to ‘Lizard’s’ death.

The defense has argued that the police conspired to bring the case against Kartel and his four co-accused.

Kartel and Shawn Storm are charged jointly with Kahira Jones, Shane Williams, and André St John.


    1. Me too.

      Mr. Taylor stood him ground firmly, with conviction and absolute integrity. Win or Lose him deserve a thumbs up for giving it his best.

      Blessings to ALL who attempted to right this wrong. Blessings to you all.

  1. Him neva sey why he was going there and wey him duh when him get there…the only thing him sey is him guh by himself and left….mi neva know him sell or rent property mek him just guh look pon di property and lef

  2. Met, explain something for me… is it that the prosecution gave their closing statements and then the defense for Shawn presents their closing statement? Isn’t the prosecution suppose to end last? Is the prosecutor gonna present another closing statement after each defense attorney?
    This trial is extraordinary in so many ways

    1. YOU are right anon…it is extradordinary because it is really the first time many of our people have actually focused on the process/functions of our courts.

      This is a good thing…dem need fi learn more about the country then they’ll learn to cast votes correctly and know sey dem can “no confidence” vote out people. All get rid of certain senators….lololollllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  3. yes darling, Shawn seal and deliver poor Lizzy as package marked for death, the package lost and the post man can not give a clear account about the mishandling of the package, posie u a guh a prison heh haaayyyyy :travel :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  4. Sketel and Met onu love de mailman analogy…Prosecutor Taylor is brilliant and don’t mince words eida…lol


  5. Shawn storm for sure is going to jail he is a fool!!!
    He should’ve never mentioned going there as it was apart of the evidence against him
    & then proceeded to say he just want his life back ,. Yea he will get it back
    After he serve his time .. Some reason I think the friends gonna take the rap & not the mastermind

  6. Kartell ah wicked, but Shawn rival Kartel fi de #1 spot in ah wickedness, di stain of delivering someone to his death, even Pontius Pilate cudde manij de guilt so till him did haffi wash him han in front ah people from it!!…

    We give it to Kartell all de time and him deserve it, but Shawn Storm is a super demon!!!..but ah de end ah de day CONSCIENCE, is always dere, to haunt dem ah night time till while dem wake or while dem sleep….oonuh mark my words, it will not be long before oonuh har sey one or two ah dem mad rite out!!!….mad an cannot come back…..It only sad that their children and childrens children will feel it, is a must!!!..dem suck de sour grape…….

  7. All how dem did a cry lol … Whooooo say that big man don’t cry

    Low badness bout unu a bawl mi woulda love fi
    Deh inna di court

  8. @fashion p… wasn’t a sworn statement dem giv suh a doubt di jurors will consider dat….but if dem did take di stand dis ting wud b a rap longtime lol

  9. Jeremy Taylor a go haawwdddd!!! Run wey wid it my yute !!!!! Shawn Storm a get beating wid a big leather belt ya now – de one wid a big buckle. Phucka !!!!

  10. Mi talk already seh if nubaddi nuh get the judgement Shawn storm fi get it! At least dem know he was the last one to see the youth alive. The case yah a real joke enuh because any good lawyer wudda put the blame Pon th co accuse, but because the devil a pay every baddi few fi dem shut up nthg caan talk. Dem brain wash nuh hell because unuh ago lay dung Pon life sentance fi man. Smh! Hope every last one rot in a hell.

  11. Why uno think everyone of them seal them lips as to what really happened, it’s because all of them was in on it, yes Kartel gave them charge to do it, but I was solely up to them to carry it through, and that they did. Talking the truth now is too late for them, because Fartel give the order, and they committed the murder, such fools they were, blinded by this man’s fame and wealth, they would do anything just to be apart of it, even if it meant killing their own mother

  12. last ppl to see da dead man is skirtle n his croonies n they admit it themself n even go as far to set da girl make police report bout she get rob so y da defense never put her on stand to talk bout da robbery lol can it be after he rob her fraid catch him jus tek weh himself never to be seen or heard again if i lawwf me pop up tonite!!!!!!!!

  13. They are all murderers including the one that died .Their names have been called quite regularly on a number of murders .These are the type of people who murder and rape little girls who don’t want to sleep with them..

  14. Kartel will never be free him a go si lizard a night time …any weh him de afta dis it a go nyam out him head…if a mi shawty mi would prefer dem lock him up because him not going to be pretty fi even live wid part time…di bwoy mad head gone

    1. The thing about sociopaths is, they lack a conscience. They have no remorse. He won’t think twice about Lizard. An acquittal would only make him feel invincible.

        1. Memba say a addijah Inna the court room and not vybez kartel so addijah no know Lizzie but vybez kartel does a hope a the right personality a go prison

          1. ”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’

  15. People keep saying it aguh haunt Kartel
    He probly doesn’t even care about Lizard at all
    He doesn’t give 2 shit. I’m sure he isn’t inexperienced with killing
    He planned it he did it but he got caught can they prove it up until
    Now NOPE. Idc about vn bbm & ESP the video that made nonsense at all
    They have no body no DNA match no blood no nothing! The police testified to
    Checking over 7 funeral homes on the island & still nothing .. I’m sure they could’ve went
    Deeper & see if a madden dispose the body !!! Incompetence at it’s best
    I think he will walk!

    Shawn storm is a jack ass.

  16. Right now dutty Sketel only ah tink and care bout himself. Him wouldn’t mind walk free and the others take the wrap and him just mine dem fi keep dem mouth shut !!!!!!!

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