20 thoughts on “JESUS SHE TOO YOUNG MAN

  1. Whoa….look like she just come outta Pampers last week…this is nuh right but wah ediot smaddy inna ar life a endorse it.

  2. You don’t endorse it , but you promote it by SOLIDIFYING IT AND POSTING IT TO YOUR SITE… Right ?
    It is like sharing of child pornography. Very very irresponsible blogging and journalism. Poor taste . No warning. It was a still shot and twenty seconds into the video , I realize HOW inappropriate it was, and logged out.

    Wears adults must know to practice what e preach. If you felt that she was too young to dance on that manner and you believed it, you should NOT have posted SUCH an AWFUL VIDEO of a toddler child being exploited !

    The mere fact that she was encouraged and ” coerced ” into the making of this video, is a suggestion that she is in an UNHEALTHY, HARMFUL environment and she should be removed from the home.
    Who knows if she is being further sexually abused? Because this form of dancing is definitely SEXUAL EXPLOITATION OF A CHILD!

    1. Yes because its my site Ms Trinidadian. I hope your ass is on your Trini sites dem like how u over here 24/7 and all when me cuss u and di bloggers dem do di same u come back same way.

    2. Gwey dutty trini Mi wah see di video… An of course put it up mek di mamma an father get the backlash sometimes dem nuh know wah dem a do so yuh affi mek dem see… An even if met nuh put it up bitch it ago out deh how Yuh tink she get it… But Mi see say ano di video badda Yuh germs A met… Back di f**k up gal nuh figet weh Yuh deh bitch… A weh Yuh feel like.. Latty say dat Gwey crassses!!!#

    3. Why dis head drancrow nuh guh sort out di road kill dem pon di highway and byway and left out di Wall?? Why some germs feel seh dem presence needed oba yah. Gyal gweh..

  3. no sah, dis too much, it nuh cute. the sexualization of young girls and the badmanification of liitle boys need to stop. de live weh dem learn

  4. Wtf f**k did i just watched??? Smh u see why the word “ghetto” will not be eradicated? Only in the ghetto smhrh!! Some people abuse dancehall music and shed a bad light on it! Seeing this mek mi nuh waa listen dancehall agen foolish but true
    This child is not even 4 good!

  5. I hope she all ready for school come Monday and know her ABC and can count from 1 to 100 and spell all the numbers too. This is what I hate about Jamaican mothers because I know very well no father is going to allow this time of behavior from such a young child. Them worthless mother yah fi understand them bloodclaath self and leave the kids and let them grow kmt

  6. met you undercover link bad no rass ah how you know anonymous 9:14 a trini a pre pon you site 24/7,you nuh easy,lol

    1. You can tell what country a person is in from they’re IP information. So I’m sure Aunty Met as an admin can find out any location or how many times one particular person logs in. It’s not that hard. Even people with multiple devices but being connected to the same wifi can be traced…

  7. That person does not log on from Trinidad however she is Trini and always goes off when a post is made about Trinidad. I know her from her I.P but people who have confronted her know her because of the way she types. She thinks Trini women are better looking than Jamaican women and that Jamaican women prefer Trini women. While the dance is inappropriate it is not child porn but because she and I always get into it whatever chance she gets she tries a passive/aggressive attack

  8. Notice u did not try to insult any of the other persons who ALSO stated the video was inappropriate ? Did they not basically say the same thing I said ? You are biased and a sorry excuse for a person . I am not pro – ANY country , but stand up for the rights of ALL WOMEN and ALL children of all nations and the people that do not have a voice .

    Your vendetta is OBVIOUSLY PERSONAL and I do not have time for HATE and insults , as I continuously say and LIVE ” one love . ”

    Cleanse yuh heart . Be FAIR when u have a site you should not get over hyped if someone makes a comment u don’t agree with.

    EVERY OTHER COMMENT Agreed with what I said in the same tones of inappropriate , except two… But u jump on me !


    1. So u can face me???? Nuh anonymous u come pan yah a batta up yuh stinkin finger dem from time to time with your shameless self. Any Trini whey a go talk bout Jamaican man only want them will always have a personal vendetta wid me so you learn and know that and stop address mi when yuh come yah a dat yuh really need fi do. Stop lying bout all woman because the bloggers have called you on your Trini bullshit more than once. Anytime yuh come yah come address ME and talk bullshit mi a go jump pan YOU..and not even in death yuh cudda face me so you know that

    2. Question for you Ms Trini….memba da story dey with Ian and Sheron auto owner….the fat bwoy wid the whole heap a gold shackles round him two hand dem….the one who buss up and stab him wife Inna are face?????? Go concern yuh self wid why Rachel go back to him Afta she reach out to social media bout how the police unfair and such…..memba dem?????? Go find out why this Trini Oman go back fi more rassings fi mi nuh please??????????? Mi know she married from 15 in all which is the accepted norm inna yuh prestigious country….but help mi out wid this….hurry and email yuh findings.

    3. MET mi did mean fi email yuh…after it was all said and done…she went straight back to fat bwoy and a flaunt it pon social media. She then turn pon the same ppl dem who showed her love and support. The majority of women congratulating her was Trini because mi know how dem type…..sickening Oman dat. Fat bwoy send ar go beauty school so now she a do makeup fi occupy arself and fi ar makeup session dem always look carnival ready no matter the occasion….

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