Mr. Jiggy Huncks and Mrs. Rain Huncks where have you guy’s been??? I know everyone is wondering where’s Baltimore’s power couple have been up to these days? Well Jiggy & Rain rised like a hawk, then here comes there disaster & downfall. Rain had to flee from Baltimore because she lost her home & her job chasing behind ever move Mr. Jiggy Huncks and he drained her poor pockets to the ground. They both resides in NY currently at her father’s home, while her kids are all over the place in NY somewhere. I’m like life has no cut cards on people life and it can be changed in a blink of an eye. Last weekend Mr. Jiggy got stabbed up at a Bronx event really bad for having s*x with a guy he knew woman and the guy went in his woman’s phone and saw several text message conversations with his woman and Jiggy engaged in to meet up and have s*x over and over again. The guy was hurt that Jiggy comes to his house to house and had dinner and drinks with him and even played music with a mutual friend of they’re supposed​. The guy said he couldn’t take it any more saw Jiggy at an event and did what he had to do, because Jiggy is very disrespectful. Mr. Jiggy was blessed to survived multiple stab wounds in his chest in critical condition. I hope he learn a life lesson by stop s*xing other peoples women and his friends women’s. I hope this is a life lesson for Mr. Jiggy, but apparently he hasn’t because Rain is a married woman too.

12 thoughts on “JIGGY HUNCKS GET STAB UP?

  1. Well jiggy is in the hospital and that guy is going to prison and another man is going to have sex with his woman so that guy is the big loser in all of this.

  2. Sender u story wrong up jiggs got stabb bye ratty purple Baby father check u facts before u run ur mouth second raina have a baby for jiggs hugs smfh ratty fi get lock up it wasn’t no gal thing it was over a ishswna song .ratty was mad and jiggs call ratty a batty man and him and color dem hold him down that nigga stabb of jiggs 6time and him only end up with 3 stabb wound

  3. BOY oh boy yall so wack and boring unu reallyy ah talk bout jiggy again how much time him fi get fling up ya.. shame lame and retired get better boy and use ur talent weh ppl used to luv u fa.. rain tek care of ur kids n family.. SKIP OVA JIGGY head and reach adi 1st lady wid di banana ina her throat ole weh she neva waah met put up or met nuh get di video.. dmv unu see how di bby mada bad.. cause she is no wife of mr buffy or belvidere.. sophia me waah u teach me how fi duggy di banana dwn mi throat so.. gyal u talented how come u wasnt using ur professional talent pon buffy. Hhhhmmm u hear seh side chicks dida win and wanted to join di winning league teamm lol mi weak. tell me when u will be shooting ah next video for the monkey scene so i can audition pon di group text wid u.. bout uah 1st lady… coo pon u too nuh.. weh di video deh mi waah see it again … mi waah ask u before u tex send.. honestly dat video id look sexy to u.. caah di way ur wig cotch pon ur head.. if u did ever lean t bk any further it drop pon di banana n stifle u di way it stiff..

  4. Why did Juggy call that man gay? I think that was very rude of him. He don’t know that us New York People don’t take no dis from foolish DC people or MD country people. Jiggy need to go back there with that and not here. He lucky he ain’t died. Let Jiggy keep messing around and one of those color gang members get that azz. He needs to watch his mouth

  5. Anonymous listen a nuff dj style ppl in a dance all so basically u a seh jiggs fi dead bc him call ratty batty man for ur info ratty a batty man him meck purple f**k him iina him batty so him fi gweh and color caan come fi him nor ratty bc we tell the police everything already ratty and him friend dem need to get a life and go get dem papers inn a farin

  6. Anon @5:50 go suck your father short cock and then slide down your mother long clit. You bright about dc/md people country.

  7. After him all right fi call ratty ah batty man..unnu neva see how di man di skin out lik ah big gyal when purple was licking out his ass n pushing her in his ass all at one …

  8. Big up Mi A Defen It . Anon bright nuh bc. Country n fool like you man wey nuh stop walk n suck ppl clit!!!

  9. Evaready a wukless gyal long time di gyal leave a har Pitney Dem inna di house de feed Dem self when she a hunt dung cocky like it outa style she clean Shawn ice omar bran di slecta bwoy fr baltimore whistle in har back seat of har old beat up benz granny need fe bade har dun out hole cah jiggy se it big nuh bloodclaat Suh she afi use har mouth and cut up man hood inna de process

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