Can someone whey have di real story please send it in o. Jill seh di lash lady mek page bout har and she cyah guh Jamaica cause she mek girl dead…people full a tricks and rumors suh please come talk di tings

16 thoughts on “JILL VS THE LASH LADY

  1. Jill you come off as provoking. Whatever you were last year, you the same this year and worst. Bout “fb i’m scared”…bitch please! A court case you a build.

    Eyelash, that revelation she made about murder lends you leverage against her in court. It was a oral rumor, but niw she wrote it for all to read on the internet and gave out your location. Hence, putting you in harms way if indeed you were in danger.

  2. Don’t believe nothing Jill is saying, all she do is walk and give trouble in Canada. She is the devil himself, she is a evil evil woman, she try to do the same thing to my mother, but she didn’t know the family was so big and don’t take shit, she almost get her ass stomp the f**k out, all she do is stay on fb and make problem with people and when she done she talk about take to court, a gal like me would a beat you up as soon as we walk out the court house, and give us a next reason to have a different court case. Evil old rat bat.

  3. Jill you are no paralegal…for once talk truth… family have issues so what. You tell too much lies cause you know you can not step to Yvette, I just gonna stop here with you broke ass self, and you move out your daughter apartment yet? A mussi house $__or down payment you looking bout sue…

    1. You can go to the law society page and do a verification. If she isn’t listed, file a complaint that she masquerading as one 😀

  4. This old bitch Jill is a loose canon she is a walking real life devil. Look how her mouth always have white froth JILL WALKS AND STEAL AND HAVE NO JOB AND THE BIGGEST MOUTH. Jill didn’t earn her house Jill first house wah she put 5% down Pon was going power of sale and wan nice older lady put the mortgage in her name to save Jill ass Jill bought mortgage Life INsurance and the poor woman drop dead and the ole dawggg collect the insurance money. Nuh men the ole bat pretend like tings a gwaan fi har she is a mean spirited devil. Nuh worry victim compensation is now aware she provoke people and try collect money after.


  6. She did a course and she claim she sis finish, but finish or not ask her how much job she ever get?. This is why she hated Nana the African girl, Nana is a legit law clerk with years if experience, and Jill wanted Nana to help her get a job but her credentials were not good enough to get her a job cause the resume up to standard neither the school she went to…so Jill just kept on whoring, frauding, thiefing etc. I have no problem with any of that cause I was doing the same thing too, doing Road a d fraud… and Nana is not my friend, we were all friends but I am telling like it is. Jill create too much problems even Jamaica she do the same,and people want to beat her, cause she use her mouth too much. We all not perfect but she act as if she is, and she is better than people.

  7. She is no Paralegal. searched her the LSUC directory for Paralegals and Lawyers. There were no records of her. Taking a Paralegal course doesn’t make you a Paralegal you have to take the licensing exam and pass it. She should be reported to the Law society make them charge her.

  8. Note to the owner of this website. Your disclaimer clearly states no posting of people’s work place. Yet the very first part of Jill’s post says the lash lady work place. Bwoy met it’s really shameful how you don’t follow your own rules.

    Also this post by Jill is 100% personal vendetta. You would have to be blind not to see that. The gal a grow her business from one room in a salon bout 15 yrs ago and Jill jealous and want some a U money because bruk so she fren up di gal and borrow her money fi help pay her mortgage last year. She get whole heap a discount eyelash job. Because Yvette too kind and luv sorry fi maga dawg. Dis time di dawg bite out her B-CLAAT, me sorry fi U yvette but A suh it go sometimes

  9. Jill me know you and Yvette. I’m more close to you though because we used to go road go thief clothes together. Me just know about Yvette cause people always a talk bout her. She seem like a master hustler from a different category real $$$$ maker. Me never actually talk to her yet cause when she come out she always deh by herself. Anyways Jill a long time you BITTA BADD you badmind and grudgeful everybody dats why you and all a u fren dem mash up. A guess you post dis fi put di gal life in a danger but you see how di people dem a sort U out. Mi BOMBO CLAAT Yvette post one message say you and her do threesome and you nuh stop run all ova di place a slaughter di gal. U sound like a woman scorned. Hush jill U an Yvette had a one night stand threesome and she nuh want u again it look like u hurt bad. A what kind a GUD GUD PUMS Yvette have so dat all Woman a madd over her. WOOIIEE if a laugh a buss up

  10. Wicked Jill always a try and ruin peoples life when you dig grave you fi dig two Jesus the gal wicked baddddd.

  11. Jill it look like the people dem hate you bad! Maybe you shouldn’t talk about anyone’s character cause yours passsssssss dutty not only is your outside dutty but your inside . You need some bleach the whole bottle to purge you. You need to sort out your life before pointing the fingers at others you don’t seem or sound like a nice person . So much people can’t say the same thing and it’s not true. I know Yvette I’m much younger than get her but growing up she was always nice always on the grind for her kids she always roll on her own. I’m now an adult and Yvette never changed she’s beautiful inside and out . You jill can’t buy character not even if it was in a store on clearance. Disgusting !! Big up yourself Yvette!!!!

  12. Wow this is CRAZY!!! Weren’t u two taking flights together going to China n ting…thought u both were headed to Paris! How bout this both of u have issues both of u…but it’s strange how the friendship jus turn sour!
    Good luck to both of u

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