This nasty gal Sade a breed fi crybaby caution nd go f**k her ex alex wit her big belly. This morning when mi see crybaby put it up pon facebook mi seh what a rass dutty heart wicked gal. The gal text the ex everything she nd crybaby “the socall unborn father ” go through. Bwoy crybaby better you did stay with my girl deh. As the youth born make she go get a dna test. Cuz if she can grind her ex with belly there’s a possibility him a di father. Him instagram name a alexfresh1 dirty boy weh go a cry baby yard n then go grind the gal Ina mi Fren bed. God go with UNO. Gyal Sade make the buoy alex wash off the baby head.. Hope the baby hair Nuh bun of


  1. What is not this… Mi weak… But wait mi see crybaby put up say him hurt n put up weh somebody send him. Youth yuh cah trust non of them girls yeah. Pray to god

    1. Tell him fi change him name maybe him will have better luck wid di girls because if fi him baby madda a go f pan di big belly sumting wrong wid his choice of women..Name change means better luck :maho

  2. So wait…how does the sender know she f*ck her ex? She was deh deh in the bed with them while the f*ck did ah gwan?

  3. Boo hoo hoo….cry mi a river crybaby too damn fool fool u love hype u think seh any gal u get nah go f**k pon u idiot…money or no money hype or not idiot a so di ting set….u a who..pull up ur pants my yute and humble u rass self….u go a dance n dem lil gal ya a sweat u it get to ur damn head ……#wanksta

  4. florida a di only state mi ever live n see so much broke niggas a act like dem rich….plz god wake up dem idiot deh ya n to mek it worst di gal dem no hv no class or shame no know di difference anna run afta dem cause dem see bottle a buy a dance….crybaby u name fit u my yute…stop di bitching u a gal!!!!!!! Pull up ur pants shake off urself n move on…….

  5. If this really happen I feel bad for my friend Jermz he goes all out for this girl so wat if he hype at least he takes care of his yute dem and you can tell he loved tht girl. His mother to. Some girls just don’t know how to leave tht club shit alone. First off you inna clubs with big belly c’mon son. Man ah Man I’m pretty sure he ain’t perfect but damm and then with Alex oh please. LMFAO OH well keep ya head up Jermz don’t let one trife life bitch ruin your heart cause your a good man stay that way… SYMPHONY

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