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1. Post of the year
2. Groupie sex saga of the year
3. Man clown of he year
4. Best dressed female
5.Best dressed male
6. Most motivating story of the year
7. Hottest bun of the year
8.Funniest post of the year
9. Worst dressed of the year
10. Sketel of the year
11. Hoe who won the most this year
12. Cruff a di year
13. Most deserving jailbird
14. Hoe who was the biggest loser this year
15. Dancehall retire already candidate
16. Dancehall photographer of the year
17. Best danceall region
18. Buckessss entertainer
19. Cox man a di year
20. Mate a di year


  1. question 9: worst dressed of the year – the entire philly dancehall fraternity.

    question 20: mate of di year – di coolie looking gal weh always a falla back a sir fowl esquire.

    question 12: cruff of the year – romping shop and her puss weh get evicted too.

    1. question 11: hoe who won di most this year- tashabracesneedficumoffnowmay

      question 3: man clown of the year: kizzy/scamini

      question 9: worst dressed of the year: opal tie wid philly and kizzy

      question 4 and 5: best dressed female and male: brenton two time

  2. Met wassup wid best “libatty up” talk a di year…A nuff a dem said on here but i just kaint and won’t forget the one weh seh di gyal weave look like escallion pon bike back.Mi a write and mi eye full up a wata from laughing so hard again

  3. #1= Scammi and Dog man
    #3= Scammi
    #12= Romping village
    #15= Fay Balls (66 years old)
    #16= Beast of dancehall
    #17= NYC-Bklyn
    #19= Wayne Lots

  4. I beg to nominate Flippa and Him crew for Jailbud/birds fo the century. By the way? what happen to dem case? it drop off a the earth?

  5. #3 Man Clown = Kizzy Kizzy Kizzy Kizzy
    #4 Best Dressed = Shawna ‘fallen’ Star (even though she drop off)
    #10 Sketel of the year = Rampin Shop
    #12 Cruff of the year = JohnJohn
    #15 Dance Retire already = Iron Back aka Angela Striker
    #17 Best dancehall region = Jamaica/NY (dis is a draw for me)
    #19 Cox man of the year = Breed Easy :ngakak :maho

  6. Oh nominate ya kind aka scamming for man mascot of the year also she gets the reward for minding man and cussing over man on fb

  7. #1 – The Trayvon Martin Trial, and the asshole George Zimmerman who got away scotch free
    #6 – Tie between the young man in Jamaica who is taking care of his daughter by himself (wash, clean, cook, etc for her) and Wenuhpetpeople for having a bad year with many deaths in the family, and still hanging in there.
    #7 – Johnjohn going back and forth between Lady Saw and a next woman
    #14 – Macka Diamond 1) Her brother died in January this year. (2) Her porno – like pictures got more criticisms than forwards (3) She was involved in not one, but 2 car accidents this year and survived both.
    #20 – Gaza Slim who mek Shawty know set dat a she (Shawty) a de realest gal fe Kartel, and Gaza Slim also got a good ass – whooping fe tek way anadda gal man (Lexi) a couple weeks ago.

  8. di year really go by fast fi tru, can barely remember everything that happened. mi a mix up last year story dem wid dis year, but

    Post of the year- mi nominate di “flippa an di restless” soap opera, dat was more dan a saga
    gaza slim fi both sketel an mate a di year
    Funniest post of the year- kartel’s lawyer defense tactics
    Hoe who was the biggest loser this year- tommy lee
    Cruff a di year- di radio man weh set up people fi kill him pregnant baby madda
    Worst dressed of the year- anyone in florida

    can’t memba much else bout dis year, but dwbrcl @ “i just kaint and won’t forget the one weh seh di gyal weave look like escallion pon bike back” __________________________________________________________

  9. Mi nominate pop dun simone from england fi #15 !!! u dun like wah tired body gal!!!! all yah bleach yah nah make it. Surgery and surgert ah yah still look.rank!!! dry ol bi@$%

  10. Shawna could never be the best dress she don’t even have clothes APPLE was clearly the BEST dress even though a lot of ppl jealous of har!

  11. Da worst dress is bootystink shevonne in har CONWAY put together all fits and har BOBBY’S 2 sandals one HOT MesS LOL!!!!!

  12. #3 Scamini and Lady Saw
    #4 Apple n Scamini
    #7 Mr Vegas…ah poor loser too, ah holla over pum pum.
    #12 Scamini
    #19 John John…ah fe him cocky say “no manners”
    #20 Lady Saw….caws after de story buss ring go drop pon finger

  13. #3. Terriann get man clown of the year since she claim to give Kevin back Melissa yet she paying Melissa soo much attention.. nd terriann swear she n her ole wigs r cute lol. 2nd place goes to Melissa

    #10 &12. Romping plaza (city). Caz I seen her n her whore friend on Labor Day mornin in a see through dress no bra walking aroun selling pussy so I know the things ppl saying about her must be true!

    #6. Romping plaza (city). Her real life stories inspire me to never ever be like her. Lol

  14. #3 Dansa the governor
    #19 Lucky British
    #20 Shawna Star
    #9 opal/philly dwl
    #2 Pecos saga
    #13 Tracey Champion/bobbie tie
    #15 Striker
    #17 JA/NY

  15. 4 is dolly/apple :2thumbup 5 is Gary sherlock :mewek 6 is HAPLLE AH RERK! :hn 7 is vegas and big batty dancer weh di man love love love an AH CHETN FI KILl LL vegas! 8 is Lavish and terriann “YAHH GET MI PINK CAZ YUH URT MI NERVES!” :marah :marah 9 is Donkey AKA Chaka Macka Diamond :nohope 10 pussy cum fi f***k it neva come as bubbles an clip :cool 11 is Flippa real wife Tashamay who married di jockey :kimpoi

  16. Met mi nominate REAL fi the funniest comment of the year in her response to Sizzla groupie story … still lawf everytime mi memba “dry cry” lol

  17. 1. Post of the year – The spiraling tragedy in We nuh pet ppl’s family (I still pray for them every morning).
    8.Funniest post of the year – Juju Sweetness an har toddler husband.
    9. Worst dressed of the year – Di ole tan bad people dem a Atlanta.
    10. Sketel of the year – Dansa World Governor.
    12. Cruff a di year – Daffy weh a floss inna dance and mama deh a yard a dead fi hungry an need medication.
    13. Most deserving jailbird – Bobby Robbas fi tief di people dem tings a Sephora.
    15. Dancehall retire already candidate – Bunion foot Angela Striker.
    16. Dancehall photographer of the year – Ricky 24/7
    17. Best danceall region – Brooklyn, NY
    19. Cox man a di year – John John
    20. Mate a di year – Prinny Bimmer

  18. Me no know whey unnu a tawk bout but Pecos n Melissa post fi get post of the year mi say Pevos trechtttt out the Koki n cock up sumting wicked with the mike a him mouth lmaooooooooo

  19. All a Flippa ooman dem fi get manclown of the year, because they thought they were f*&kin a boss when a Marsha was the real big man roun ere :malu2

  20. Ok so my 3 pence
    Melissa and pecos saga was deserving of something
    Bobette, flippa, and mi fren ms champion tied up for jail birds
    Scammini and dog leash are well deserving of an award of some sort
    Definitely twinny on the worst dresses list followed by shawty spender and Candice
    Tashemay was the winning hoe
    Jerome the cat and rompinshop definitely up there on my list
    Tessanne story was quite inspiring
    The two Angela’s fi retire jetset and iron back striker
    Is there an award for bleaching and thiefing? Well I’m adding Appel and gaydion
    Also me love Brenton dressing
    I also think nAthali 106 need retire as if cancer no teach her nothing
    Also p-battyeffer money and crew need an award for dumbest criminal

  21. How could I forget breed easy and the lilly buddy as cox man….
    Also super at comeback is well Well inspiring
    Best dancehall region is definitely Hengland 😉 fi dem surgery tun hup loud

  22. Metty add one more to di list for me please

    The worst dancehall photographer of the year

    is the dread from dancehall celebrities, every pic that man take bad, i hear nuff nuff people complain about him.

  23. The psycho from Philly with the drama @ the barbershop and the dna saga dem and the baby on the doorstep need a prize too

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