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Sorry it took me soo long, But I was still doing my trial and error with the products suggested.
But , I must say THANK YOU, THANK YOU ,THANK YOU to everyone that offered their suggestion.
I used majority of the item listed and must say I am very very pleased with the Sweat Blocker.
I do not sweat under my arm anymore and I must give this a 1000 % approval. I am still amazed how this works . I’ve used other antiperspirant like Certain Dri, Drysol and all they did was burn up my arm.. I can now wear my tops without the worry of sweat showing or my armpits smelling due to the excessive sweat. I now shower using the Dial bath soap while using the sponge instead of the washrag.

I tried the Parlsey drink and Met I couldn’t stomach it at all.. I did buy some Parsely pills and take them faithfully . My whole entire body now smell and feels like it belongs to me again. I feel a sense of relief from all odors now. To all the naysayers that feel JMG does not help anyone, Here is yall proof. I was a depressed individual that was stressed due to the fact that I tried everything to control my sweat and body odor and nothing worked. The Dermatologist/Doctors only cared so much , as they have me coming every 3 months to milk my insurance Co. and my copays.
Just like the Jamaican Moto, I feel like JMG is our own little country, “All ah we ah one”. Everyone chimed in and took my question seriously and suggested all remedies possible. Thanks a million.

An Extra extremely confident , faithfull JMG Fambily.


    1. Met mi lub you more than cook food… :kiss
      It juss grieve me when dem a chat bout di pink wall, dem fail to include the advice weh you give out fi better dem dutty life.
      Dem juss mad cause you is dem wake up call and ur alarm tunn up loud unda dem so dem affi wake up..
      Dem need fi stop watch basketball wife and go live a real life.
      Every body want to act rich and still stuck wid dem ghetto mentality.. Looking like a million bucks and waking up wid only a quarter .. :travel

      1. most a who a talk a dem read and send in and some a dem wish dem did have a pink wall so u haffi understand dem frustation ..from me realize dat mi stop pay dem mind :ngakak

  1. Thanks coming back and paying respect to JGM crew as I say before at the end of the day we take care a wi own, big up u self, I am so happy for, buy an extra tank top fi deh Lol :shakehand2 :peluk

  2. this is really great news!!! a tru man, jmg reali serve a purpose. its informative, entertaining, enlightning, uplifting, everything man. mi happy fi u senda

  3. congrats sender, i must say when i read ur first post, i was extremely sympathtic to u because i could feel ur desperation. big up jmg everytime.

    now can jmg be just as kind and recommend the ansa fi yakini body so she can stop dress like an old lady.

    jadion three colour so him can have one, cuz mi know it a stress him, poor soul.

    apple headside, so she can part har hair pon di side an di whole a wi no pop up wid laugh.

    di lady wid di white tongue weh feature here yessideh, so di tongue can luk it juss a cum off a di tongue assembly line.

    pony hype twin dem tight face weh luk like it a go tear if dem eva sneeze.

    tarik cement batty, so it can atleast luk softer.

    kizzy so di obeah jayx gal dem put pon har will be lifted cuz dem obeah di girl fi mek all a di good clothes dem fi har client, an save only di stay bad style dem fi harself.

    munchie so she will have the same man pon har shirt atleast two times in a row when har dance keep.

    we is r all fambily so wi OF to help wi one a nadder to walk pon street wid wi head held high

    1. Lundun, there is no cure or hope for half these victims above. They are their own enemy, and still enslaved to Fad and living for today only. Look how white ppl sidung in a sun fi get tan and dem fool ya a scrape weh dem pigment like it can buyback a shop ..Fyah bunn dem,,

      1. scrape di pigment and dem skin a go blackie blackie when dem get old because di bleaching cause early hyperpigmentation

    1. sketel bam don’t say that, thats not nice :mewek

      mi naah try help nobody again, i juss gonna see dem needing help an hole mi head straight. :mewek2

      but i really really want unno help angela strika, cuz dem foot deh anoo K any more.

      things have gotten so bad, that they r now forming a X, please please jmg, help her to keep her foot dem so she will be able to walk and say ” sho sho”.

      cuz she’s gonna luk weird saying it while in a wheel chair. thats all i ask :angel

  4. I’m happy for you sender..that’s great news you finally found a product to help you did you try Sagepills to help with the overall body sweating.

    1. Thanks a lot, no I have not tried the Sage pills as of yet.. I am gradually trying other stuff to fully detox my body.

  5. Me say girl me glad fe u – a me suggest d DIAL SOAP n since it’s anti bacterial a d best ting since slice bread….Sender more time some a we have d luxury of having a family member or confidante to provide hygiene guidance but is not all a we so fortunate. My girl me did feel ur pain n now we a rejoice wid u cos a u say FRESH N SO CLEAN D DIAL SOAP TUN UP RAYYYYY!!!!!!! N for d man dem don’t lef out unu IRISH SPRING frowsy arm me no waan no frowsy arm!!!

    1. lol. Thanks all, You have no idea what I would go through when in a public setting. Now dem cah chat to meh!!! Mi all a smile bigger now, cause mi no affi worry if mi start sweat and di deodorant ago “kick up rumpus”.dwl A;ll me know the sale of the sweat Blocker ago jump chu di roof now. Met, dem fi gi you a check fi even have di name mention on here.

      :thumbup :beer:

      1. raaaaaaaaaaaay!!!

        mi seh tan up wid u two han dem up inna di air an sing out “can’t nobody cum touch me, cuz i smell so fresh an clean, so fresh an so clean clean” :ngakak

        senda i also remember u stating that ur little son had the sweating problem as well. r u letting him use these products too? or r they too strong for him?

        1. DWL. I don’t think i’m willing to try this on my son yet as he is still very young . Eventually when the Apple cider stop working on him I will have to tho..

  6. Oh my, Senda, me feel so good that u got relief…Smell good sweet nuh chue??? Me glad fi u me dear, sincerly from me haat.. As fi Londi, TAMBRIN SWITCH UNDA U SKIN AND TAN-UP IN SUN FI HOURS FOR MISBEHAVING..

    1. Thanks Highly.
      .Mi use to wonder “why me” all I wanted to do is go out and not worry about sweat..Mi she it consume mi whole life from mi start buss breast until mi 30 plus yrs yah now. Mi granny use to srcub mi arm dem till dem white more time, roast potato, lime, you name it. Mi scent juss trong like a man. i’m still wondering why those teefing Dr could not suggest this product?

      1. Sender mi happy fi you mi girl, raise your arms ova yuh head wid confidence my girl, but am curious, is this the sweat blocker I suggested that was on Rachel Ray”s show

        1. It same one. I am just wondering why they are not suggesting more when you go to the Dr. I read up on the side effect, but I overlooked it ,compared to the relief I am enjoying now the good outweight the bad.

          1. you know what everything has side effects as long as the products don’t cause you to have an adverse reaction to it then you’re good, read the reviews on the product and they were about 80-90 percent positive, now that I know it works for someone I know, I will go get some. I heard they were sold at walmart not sure though

  7. Good for you sender,i was talking about the diet thing in the top of your post and also I was the same one talking about my friend that buys expensive perfume fi cut down har odour…..mi happy fi you.By the way where you get the sweatblocker fi buy? who makes it…………Met I want you duh a post on how to remove bunion/corn I have it pon both little toes,u haffi faas fi see it good cause mi cover it wid mi mac makeup

    1. Believe it or not, I own some of th most expensive perfume. Body splash galore. they only mask and emits a different smell when the sweat kicks in. I googled the item and it listed several places I could buy it.

  8. Senda, i am very happy, that JMG could have helped you………Shani you always a laugh when me say a nuff ppl we help round here!!!

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