1. Any willing ‘Candice – dates’?

    I don’t think so!

    From what I read on here about her & her flock, I agree with Observer on this one… The circles they in are too small, for there to be any new potentials within!…And although FB/IG is
    worldwide, I bet all her friends and people she interacts with on there are just the usual suspects.

    She should try to think, leave & live outside the (dancehall) box.

        1. Round about di same time cutty gi John John har daughter baby n Kizzy n Zulika breed ina di same period? if dat a marriage :hammer

      1. Good afternoon gentle people, Metty how yuh doing?????/ I cant with you at all. The lady married a couple times and have been known to have relations with many a celebrity, where have you been???????

        1. dwln chuet…you ever hear de phrase ‘shhh, let me do the talking’ some man pay extra fi silence. lol

          2cent, is full time she venture out cause dancehall unda recession wid pending lockdung and deportations.

  2. :Kizzy, calling Kizzy. Yuh better guh burn more black candle Kizzy, cause Candice is on the prowl again. Women tie up unuh dog dem, Candice is on the hunt :bingung:

  3. gm.metty&metters @phamtom :ngakak cho u too bad :ngakak but I don’t know who is gonna date miss posh ,much less take her serious :cystg they are in a circle where they mix mix mix so it look sticky pon har bad remember miss posh just try to steal simone man DWL come on now miss .posh good god man simone was the only person who like u in the shop and u do that to her ….hmmmm I have a new name for u MAN A MONTH,&WALKING WILL :cool Shawna stand a better chance than u

  4. Simone good gal. ah the dutty ppl dem like candice,see good and wan bring you down to har nasty/crosses level. Candice is a wicked nasty gal. Met mi say candice carry news pon di poor girl to hear man. just because shi see say the simone man a help her out with har fews bills them,”NASTY Candice” start get badmind. and start friction in a di girl house with har man. when the man notice say candice mix-up and liar, him start tell weh a gwan with miss piggy a call up har name. with bunch story and lie. Candice GOD DON’T LIKE UGLY!

  5. Is it the big man that Simone did have ? Him left her from him find out sah she love up and down you see sah all him picture dem come off IG

    1. a dat mi see but all em a mix up to fi big raaws man caw em shudnt lap tail wid candice to begin…em did tyad a paying simone bills an a luk a way out :tkp hayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy candice di man seh many thanks ooooooooooooo

  6. Candice stop fool the crowd because man done pon yuh. The time yuh tek deh pon social media yuh guh look a couple customer and help yuh child wid him homework. Yuh friend dem seh yuh cah keep no friend like how yuh cah keep no man. Yuh tek everybody man and when dem find yuh out dem splirt….KMT!!! Next!! JJ seh fi stop call him phone yuh a yesterday news….Wooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeee I cant with these dancehall celebs!!!

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