How old are you?
Are you a gay male or female? male
Were you able to live in your country as an openly gay male?
GM: don’t know, moved to canada when i was 6
How long have you lived Canada and how is it there?
GM:since 1981
How close is your country’s gay community and how do they feel about some who make claims of not being able to ‘come out’?
GM: in vietnam i’m not sure as i do not live there. in canada the gay community is good. if people are not able to come out due to fear of rejection from family, friends, and employer, it’s their right not to come out. to each their own. no one should judge.
What is your opinion on why some feel more comfortable being on the low?
GM: fear of rejection from family, friends, employer, religion, safety, law, death, gay bashing etc.
Do you frequent non gay clubs? used to when go to some straight clubs but mostly gay clubs.
Do many of your openly gay friends are associates frequent them?
GM: mostly gay clubs.
How does the anti-gay atmosphere there make you feel?
GM: anit-gay atmosphere anywhere makes me feel like they do not deserve my business. i boycott these places.
What do your friends think of it?
GM:they feel the same as i do.
Do you see many popular entities in these parties that you know are living a double life?
GM: yes.
How do you feel about that?
GM: to each their own. hopefully they do not hurt anyone.
Why do you think these men are living a double life?
GM:not really sure but my guess is they fear reject from everything mentioned above.

Do you think some of the women involved with them know that they are living a double life?
GM: not sure.
For some of the women who are unaware , how is it possible for a woman to tell that her man likes men?
GM:check text messages, emails, cell phones.

Some of these males who are down low, seem to sleep with men for money or material things, do you feel that they are really gay or are they using their bodies for money?
GM: some are gay, some may be using their bodies for money, gay for pay.
Why is it that members of the gay community get offended by people saying they disagree with their lifestyle based on their choice of religion?
GM:who gives anyone the right to judge anyone else based on any religion? only our maker can judge us.
Is it possible to be normal and feel that you were born in the wrong body?
GM: If yes please explain? don’t see why not, why would anyone go through major sex change surgeries to attain the body their mind relates to?
How do you feel about gay men who are cross dressers?
GM:to each their own.
Do you feel like men who like cross dressers like women too?
GM:sure, why not? there are so many different people out there.
Explain why some men like men who dress like women but don’t like women who are fully female?
GM:not sure.
Do you have sisters and brothers, how do they feel about your life?
GM: yes, i have brothers and sisters, i’ve been fortunate to have the love and support.


  1. aye sahhhhh dis pawt a fiemm ansa rub mi di rong way

    “if people are not able to come out due to fear of rejection from family, friends, and employer, it’s their right not to come out. to each their own. no one should judge” HOW YUH MEAN IT’S THEIR RIGHT TO “NOT TO COME OUT” den kip yuh nastiniss to yuhself also DON’T SHARE YOUR FILTH. I’m angered with these so called men and their way of thinking. Sum a unnuh all marrid ooman a well noe unnuh nuh wah no pawt a ooman stop it mannn. If yuh lay wid ooman knowin yuh gay an nuh tel dem dat rong on many levels unnuh hav di ooman n god fi ansa to

  2. Observer I feel the same way as you when it comes to coming out,,,now I believe if you choose to live a double life without having sex with females and not pretending to want girls,,then i’m for you staying with yourself and don’t discuss what you prefer.

  3. this story is very disturbing because this guy said its they business to stay on the low. but they sleeping with women and having kids….wowwww. I understand that people could be cruel but you not any different. sorry but this is scrap this guy is saying

  4. @observer,,,you don’t think a man could be hired for sex and not be gay???? then did you confront him?

    @truth what you have to confessss?? all earrrrrsssss..:)

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