What is your name and how old are you?
My name is Lolita Beckford and I am 30 yrs. old.

Where are you originally from?
I’m originally from Southside, Jamaica

Where are you living now?
I currently live in Chicago, IL
How long have you been living in the U.S
I have been living in the U.S. for 26 yrs.

How would you describe your music?
I would have to describe my music as Hip Hop. My writing started off as poetry and evolved into Rap.

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Why Hip Hop and who influenced your music?
Hip Hop was a natural way for me to express myself artistically. Also, I am not a singer so it allows me to deliver my music rhythmically being critiqued on my lyrics oppose to my voice. My music was 1st influenced by the late Tupac Shakur, I’ve had other inspirations along the way but he is the biggest. He had a way of creating imagery throughout his music. He told real life stories that were extremely heartfelt.

How do you feel about being Jamaican born and doing Hip Hop do you feel that it helps to show the versatility of Jamaicans on a whole?
I think Jamaicans have been very successful proving we as a people are competent of achieving our goals. It is society that purposely overlooks our nationality! The late Notorious B.I.G. was of Jamaican descend. He grew in a Jamaican woman’s womb and was raised by her teachings. However, when he is remembered he is said to be from Brooklyn. This is why it’s very important to me for my nationality to be known.

Which Jamaican artist is your favorite and why?
First and foremost, BOB MARLEY, is undisputed the best and will always be the best! As for male artists I listen to a lot of Mavado and Beenie Man. I think they’re creative with their wordplay and each has their own unique melody. Lady Saw would have to be my favorite female artist. I think she’s talented and has proven herself over the years.

How does your original culture influence your everyday life?
Being outside of my country for so long one would assume I have grown accustomed to other cultures which I have, but I LOVE my culture nonetheless! I love the food, dances, music, language, etc. I still have my accent after so many years and rice and peas is a must pon Sundays along wid many other traditions.

Do you have children, if so how do they feel about their mom being a Rap artiste?
My children love my music. They are my biggest motivation. Honestly, they very proud that their mommy is a Rapper, they love music as well.

Who writes your music and what are your songs based on?
I write all my music…every word! I also choose all my beats. I write depending how the beat makes me feel. Whether it’s, sexy, confident, happy, sad, or competitive. My songs are based on love, sex, struggle, heartache -things people deal with every-day in life. I try to stay away from talking about cars, money, clothes, and vanity overall. I’ve noticed many artistes start off on that track only to derail to the materialistic perceptions. I want ALL my audience to be able to relate with me.

Recently there was a comment made on Kevin Hart’s girlfriend’s Instagram about Jamaicans and that we are manipulative users, being in the United States for as many years as you have been here, what would you say about that?
I definitely disagree, Jamaicans carry the most stereotyped among all foreigners. We come across manipulative to some because our presence is strong and extremely influential. We also have the ability to adapt which intimidates others. I honestly, think their battle is with themselves, not accepting who they are.

What makes you proud to be called Jamaican, what is that singular thing that makes you beam every time about being a Jamaican?
I love the way we speak! Just hearing people attempting our accent makes me proud. Some of us talk slow, some fast, some twang, some draw. For instance my mother “draw” her words. If she were to call me it would sound something like “Lolitaaaaa cum heeeeere”. Lol

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Are there any Jamaican artistes you would hope to do colabs with?
Yes, I would love to do a colab with Movado. I actually have already written the song. It’s something very different like a crossover…Rapping in Patois

How long have you been Rapping?
I’ve been writing for 7 years now and been recording for a little over a year. I was focused on getting my material first along with mentally and physically preparing myself to my satisfaction so I would be a confident artiste.

You recently did a colab with Benzino from Love & Hip Hop, how was it working with him?
Actually I didn’t do a song with Benzino. He did an appearance at the club I performed at and he made a video of my performance which he uploaded on his Instagram and we exchanged contacts. I really appreciate the exposure he has given me. He’s a very humble man.

If Jay- Z were to sign you but a part of the deal would include you not representing or admitting that you are Jamaican, would you accept such a deal?
Absolutely not! I would never disown my culture for love nor money. God Willing I would like be a positive representation for Jamaica.

When was your last visit to Jamaica?
My last visit to Ja. was 11 years ago. Unfortunately, I went to attend a funeral. Hopefully, my next visit will be to perform.

How do you keep up with the news from back home?
I read the Star as most of us do and JMG it is also very informative. I watch DVDs form the area where I’m from (Southside) regularly to the point where I actually feel like I know them personally…it keeps me grounded.

Where are your parents and what were the values they instilled in you that you will most definitely instill in your children?
Both of my parents live in Chicago, IL. My father was a local DJ and promoter and my mom was a full-time mom and a part-time hustler. They were together for 30 years and separated 6 years ago. My mother shared 6 children with my father. I also share 4 children with one man, in fact he is my 1st and only. I try to teach my children to always put family 1st and to never be ashamed of you they are or where they’re from. I want my daughters to know that their character defines them and not their beauty. I want my sons to grow to be honorable men that takes responsibilities for their actions. I want to teach my children by example, that it’s never too late to follow your dreams.


  1. Wish her the best of luck in her career….she needs to hire a pr person as she advances in her career…not every question asked should be answered and not every opinion should be voiced when your career depends on a largely American audience buying your music. In any event, women are largely under-represented in Hip Hop so I hope she gets the exposure and management she needs to succeed.

      1. Yeah I’ve to give her…she look good har face is easy on the eyes. Wish her all the best. But I think it’s easy for men to break in to the business at a certain age than women. Good to you Lolitaaaaaaaaaa!

        1. She can pass fi 25 Honeybee so maybe we can do like beenie and drap di age?:hammer I like it..Beautiful Jamaican representing it nice

  2. Big Up LolitaHottaThan!!!! I know Junie & Jessie are very proud of you along with the rest of fam…….Southside Represent

  3. I love the fact that she repped her husband in the video and she’s singing about the delicious sex life that they have…and she is an attractive young lady….however.. :nerd …that cow bell beat nuh mek it none atall. :nerd. I mean, how so you dance to a beat like that? Very sexy couple though…you can tell they get shyt poppin in the bedroom, the swimming pool, the jacuzzi, pon toppa the washing machine, in the bed, unda the bed, etc. etc. etc…

  4. nice interview metty we are everywhere doing it big that’s why dem no like we. Congrats girl you are beautiful.

  5. I agree cutie pie….nice lookin girl an everything but shi need fi bring sumn different to di table tomuch a dis type shit out deh already

  6. She is pretty and attractive. I just wish her music was a bit more profound and filled with substance. She admires a bob .. So what’s withe suckin and fuking lyrics? Don’t like the son but good luck to her

  7. I liked the interview, liked the song ( I thing she shooud also make a clean up version, as personally I wouldn’t play this in my car) I didn’t like the video though but that’s minor as the video could be redone. Her voice and flow is great, she has talent. I wish her all the best.

  8. She’s a pretty girl…..Funny how alot of the comments speak of her physical appearance….Cause that’s the first thing we notice. I would have loved to see less skin and more talent but I wish her all the best in her endeavors . I pray she has a good head on her shoulders because most men with money and power in the industry may look at this video and assume she will bare it all in the name of fame…..and assume they can take advantage of her . All the best hun…..good luck. :thumbup :kr

  9. @ Kmdt and honeybee after a no disney channel she a sing pon.
    a ever thing you do your children know are see.them kids a now a day know more than what she a sing bout .

      1. Jamaicans carry the most stereotyped among all foreigners. We come across manipulative to some because our presence is strong and extremely influential. We also have the ability to adapt which intimidates others. I honestly, think their battle is with themselves, not accepting who they are.


  10. Bwoy o bwoy why mek unnu tan suh unnu need fi loh di girl unnu fi happy fi har as a jamaican trying if she did a sell har pussy unnu woulda sey summn and di girl young and progressive and there unnu go my girl your interview were superb yuh can tell sey yuh guh a school unlike the johncrow dem weh have negative remarks keep up di good work

  11. She’s very articulate …which is rare! Most entertainers can barely talk correctly. Big ups & good luck with your rap career!! Your future is SO bright it burns my eyes

  12. I like the words a bit of fun side and pleasure for the ladies instead men all the time singing getting dick suck and shit .gwaan chue mi fella jamakan a whole heap a rubbish bus fi sing nonsense.have a pleased day met

  13. with what in the misic biz now do yuh thing girl we all have to start from somewhere wish u all the best.

  14. She killed it. If u read the interview u would have seen where she said she writes about all kinds real life stuff, but is trying to stay away from singing abt material things. Therefore, am sure we will see her singing abt topics other than sex, she’s an adult and that’s adult stuff ( suh how unnu Di mention her pickney dem inna dis) I loved the video and song n I SURELY want to see more of her. Big up Lolita.

  15. Gwan sis yuh ting shot ,and yuh nuh sensitive to negative comments ah god we pray to not mankind stay bless

    1. I agree I think she can dance good but she should leave a little to the imagination and not let it all hang out so much,but she is very pretty & her body is real you can tell & amazing to have 4 kids.IDK but my man would never be ok with me doing all that for the world to see.

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