Hi good morning how are you?
I am good
Introduce yourself for us
Nigel Grandison
How old were you when you started your career?
I loved music from a young child
How many songs did you do before you had your hit song?
I had one other song it was Shining Star
What was your first big song , was it Gun In A Baggy?
What influenced your writing of that song?
A friend of mine caught gonorrhea and told me about it, I found it funny and that is how the song came about
Were you still in high school when your career took off?

Who helped to make your career?
Dave Kelly and Tony Kelly
What are the names of the songs in your catalog?
Shining star* Gun In a Baggy* healthy body* Seven Inch Long* Fragile Buddy* Hunk A Meat* All Fruits Ripe* Bumflick* Punnany Tegereg* Champion Bubbler* Yush* Good Times ft. Beenie man* Halla Yeah* Still Coming*
Your songs are clear and you pronounced your words eloquently which was rare back then, what High School did you attend?
I attended Kingston College
What did the principal say to you then?
He said Kingston college is an Anglican school and he was coming under pressure because the song was disrespecting women and he got a lot a calls to remove me and I should not come back to school until further notice.I still went until he removed me from class

How do you feel about that now?
I wanted to finish school but I guess my sons did it for me because four of them went there and said they graduated for me
Do you think the school should have separated your career from you being a student there?
Yeah because I never sang at school
Do you think the music has changed and how?
Yes quality wise
How do you find the quality of the music now compared to then?

I think the Music quality has fallen greatly it were not for artist coming from the old school such as Moses Davis, Kartel and a few others I wouldn’t even bother to listen to Dancehall
What does the future of the music look like from your perspective?

The future for Reggae will always be bright but it’s the future for Dancehall that is in trouble

What makes you say that?

Because the quality of these Dancehall artist and their music is poor only yute like Chronixx and u know the foundations like Moses etc pushing the quality the know from the old school
How could fans encourage artistes to be better?
Well as for the fans they basically just accept what they get from the disc jockeys

Do you think Jamaicans really support Dancehall as much as they should or could?
Not as much as they use to I guess people really don’t have nuh money
Leave some words with the young artistes who hope to make it in the business.
Dem just need to Make better music with better quality and keep the business flowing and respect those before them


  1. Met thank u fi di interview,obviously he is from my time.Mi neva know a him sing bumflick pon mi d**k,I thought it was Risto Benji….a long time mi nu hear seven inch long.Big up yourself little Lenny

  2. Good day all, Met wha gwan?
    I was so excited for this interview, I was in first form when him buss pon di scene. I would like to know why he stopped doing music, what is he doing now? Is there a part 2 Met? Thanks Met!!

  3. DI yute dem tink dem know everyting an NUH have nuh respect fi dem elders and dat is why most a dem get Fukk.Dem fool yah weh seh dem a artiste not even fi sweep up di studio yard.Every yute weh study and listen to dem elders inna di business become successful eventually.

  4. Thank you for this Met, I love Likkle Lenny a mi artist. He is right about the state of dancehall music. I don’t follow I lissen to it no more. I more like my culture music and love songs..
    Big up likkle lenny :peluk

  5. I love Little Lenny. Nice interview. I know time is of the essence but I would have loved to know what he’s been up to lately.

  6. Big up to little Lenny, great interview Met, bum flick pan mi dick little gal skin out, I remember my former years and how we had crazy fun in the dance, bubbling to these songs, no bottle in our mouth sucking, or any man jumping on our backs to bruck it, strickly cool and deadly. We had some real fantastic memories. I will be tuning in for more, shot out to ghosts and culture, Met please to do an interview with them too, Something inside so strong, I know that I can make it,though you doing me wrong, so wrong. Memory mek mi gwan chill out.

  7. Met yuh nuh want to si the piece of bum flick and slide and wine weh mi just put dung, woooiiiii, mi still versatile, no sah ! Keep it up Met good job on the interviews, keep them coming, I am enjoying it.

  8. Bwaay this a one ah di song dem mi did get a piece a buss ass fah. Preacher dawtah, nuffi deh sing dem songs here mi hear wen mi a get di clap dem lol


  10. I always wondered what happened to this artiste. I know that Risto Benji got killed a few years ago, but I didn’t hear much about Little Lennie. Glad to know that he is alive and well. Gee whiz! Thanks for the interview Met.

  11. Big Up Little Lenny We Use To Go School Together Mi Teach Him Four Son Dem
    One A Dem Just Turn Marine Ina Di USA And Two Still Ina College The Other One Work Wid Him Ina Di Funeral Ting Look Like Him Doing Well Met U Waan Si Di Car Met Look Like Him Humble Naah Si No Flaasing A Gwaan Saw Over Hellshire Big Up Yute Yuh AMG 300 A Shot

  12. Its good to know that his kids are doing very well and ironically all graduated from the same high school that expelled him.Because of this interview the link someone paste above have me watching a whole lot of sting videos lastnight
    Morning Met by any chance u have a link to Shinehead suh u can give us a interview,would love to know weh him up to these days

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