The ppl dem wAan fi know who claim mr British is it Italian browning or angel sweetness or earthangel a how much more a dem deh bout




30 thoughts on “JMG MAN COURT- 3 FI ONE EDITION

  1. Mi did tink seh it was di ugly twin… But what is not dis!!!… Den kuh Pon di man tuh him look mildly challenged!!

  2. Dat deh buoy belongs to no one.Browning a nyam him out,because she f**k like a bitch,any man can give her something can have some.All LA she a run the pussy. :bola :bikini: Angel Sweetness now she get pregnant the other day have baby give the baby to wrong daddy .Now come back on the scene big n fat as ever a try scrap again .She have the little fool a Queens under her.she a tek off something off of Ediot English too. :2thumbup :hoax :hn

    1. suh yuh mean to tell mi she the dainty clash missis inna the miggle ah undacova whore weh go man jacket? please say it ain’t so :cd

      1. suh yuh mean to tell mi seh the dainty classy missis inna the miggle ah undacova whore weh guh gi man jacket? please say it ain’t so :cd

  3. if i were him i’d claim the missis in the miggle…very pretty dainty body /refined looking/as close to classy as dancehall can get…versus pigeon toe inna the first pic and maampala in the last pic..great morning and Happy Friday to Metty and the dysfunctional family :peluk :peluk

  4. Who ever slept with him lastnight is her man, even this morning a ur man. Last week no count that’s in the past

    P.s the last pic older than the other two gal, get up to the time. She no tek no more pics since then?

  5. British fu**king the fat girl name legendary kim who keeping the party. But British tell her keep it under cover but she no stop walk and tell her fake instagram friends bout she get the sleep over on friday nite time and he have to drop her to work on Sunday morning time, she all give the man name nobody as to know and she fly her mouth like when fly follow shit

  6. Keisha stop walk and f**k so much yuh pu**y nah tired, yuh mouth nah tired, yuh batty hole nah tired? Fi a girl weh live a doctor and fix up all over,yuh should a mek di doc fix yuh pu**y so yuh can keep a man.

  7. But a wah dat Ina the last pic wat a gyal shape bad waiiiieee sum ppl nuh look Ina fi mirror befor dem come a road

  8. Good evening Ms.Met and fam I don’t think Italian browning should be in this catigory to claim him cause she still a f**k Rohan even though she and him a hide with it

      1. The same rohan one that she use to f**k….. Nasty kiesha wid your body looking like zebra bout browning you full a stripe nuh rass…. U not a ugly girl , but always look like u haffi take a shit … I guess a yuh a gim rohan the bleaching tip lol…. Browning my ass

  9. British f**k anything.he was f**king this gal that call herself ms.california.and he was f**king browning.but wait him live a house in New Jersey with wife and kids.

  10. So the whole a dem a share the man Cyah dem a big up each other on their Instagram page a waan a gwaan to baxide woiee mi Cyah tek it

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