Met this is Tina mate Philly edition, Tina husband took Tina money out her account while she was on vacation in ja and use it to buy Neicy red bottoms. The people in Philly is saying he should of bough her a television instead. This girl is bragging all over Philly that she won the man and all Tina can do is cry. I feel bad for Tina she has low self esteem, she believes she can not find another man so she sit in the house all day asking god why. As for this matey neicy she claims her pu**y so good that the man is going to divorce Tina so he can marry her and give her p***



  1. Am I the only that read the man went into the his then woman’s bank account to buy the now woman red bottoms? So my girl, wear them til the heels fall off cause he ain’t got no money dummy.

    Morning all!

  2. Gm i look forward to reading Jmg every morning but not stories like this, sender you seem to have a lot of insider information on both sides, fake & lies you just made that up about taking money out account to buy red bottoms kmt . Say what you have to but just come with facts , I hate these fake stories just to draw somebody out or dash in other peoples name.

  3. Unuh can stay deh think Tina insecure. . I saw Tina and she loss the weight in her stomach and her chin. i don’t know if she did surgery or what but she looks great… her stomach looks as if she had no children and her face look youghtfull and stressfree. I hope is not neicey drop this story as a sham so Tina can get fedup. All of philly no seh is Corey support tina. So that bank account claim is so phoney. Neicey is willing to do whatever so i’m sur e corey will stick it until he gets bored. Neicey please stop being a sperm collecta and go do something positive with ur life. your are not even 25 yet and your pumpum history is not in a positive light..

    1. maaaaaan when tina was 10 she neva look “youthful” stop it u killing me :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak #imaginethat

      neicy is not the first and wont be the last young girl wah cory tek up. shit he been taking up young gyal pon tina since tina big daughta inna elementary school. :cool

  4. a which a di ooman dat up a top caw har weave ooo har weave if a tina draw out yuh money an fix yuh hair if a niecy she need fi trade in di red battams an guh luk hair fi dah hed deh tan badddd :travel

  5. Linx she a f**k too. Terry baby fadda. My my Matey ah muss be har career just like har fren bigbird Tia. Dem love otha people man

    1. terry baby daddy could not be fukin this termite. no sah i don’t believe. Corey into polygamy this is stale news.

    2. Who Terrry bby daaddy Andrew?? hoimk a sleep wid Tina or Neicy cause me really loss and confuse ya now..
      If a Andrew busy wid him lickel thumb again him need fi stop it. But then again Terry gi him bunn lefft right and center she no pashall.

    1. Sannie is you send it een?? mi did know when John land a road Neicey was going to run you foot hoteer than before.
      From John come back Neicey no stop seh a a fi har man again. But Neicey you know u violate by sleeping wid Corey John biggest enemy how dat ago work out mama?
      FretDem Tina a blame you fi hook up Neicey pan har husband. Like a you tell Corey buddy fi stray every six months. i hate when women blame other ppl for their man’s nasty ways.

  6. Mate must have sent this BS in she looks 12 its 2013 Red Bottoms = Reeboks get ya weight up young gal send in the stories when you can play with the big girls. Tina is fine don’t worry about her.

  7. Damn neicey u still ain’t get p***rs yet kmt yah.. Yuh deh bout for how many years now.. Instead u go find a nice likkle boy if settle down wit yuh just ah f**k off d wutless Jamaican dancehall man dem weh nuh have shit…

  8. Sorry but mi nuh think har red bottoms real. Look how she look. Mi wa them from fallen star to fake barbie fi show them receipt. Nuff fake shit them wear. You canr have on 2000 $ shoes and 10 snd 20 dress

  9. Fake Barbie an falling star a run dung hype, true nobody nuh like dem. di two a dem inna competition wid one another. Fake Barbie a keep party fi are daughter, then yuh look falling star a keep party tuh. An bout invites only so stop posting that shit on Facebook an Instagram assholes aka fighter Fridays.

  10. It look like a Cory batty hole Neicy affi lick out fi that red bottom that’s if it real but neicy body suite look too bloodcalt cheap fi in a res bottom all are hair did need fi do she cant hype on no body she dont stay I can’t take it why it look like fret dem an Neicy not talking mi gwan a mi bed

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