Meet this Shemale a Jamaica weh think she a get sum thing tru man send her a Likkle pound hear and there. Nasty Samantha weh live in a one zinc up room with her mumma, sister, and the (Edited) pickney. Every dance she deh like she hot and a pure pup innah she wear from her family dem. this gyal can’t even spell her name, she look like a man, yet she think she hot… Come people talk the thing




  1. Sender go wash yuh face & brush yuh teeth it too early a better family poop ina than your own yuh couldn’t start the day with a word a prayer.a worry bout ppl poop ina weh yuh cwaa get fi borrow smh

  2. SENDAAAAA what is the point of your submission??? In odda wrerds….weh yuh want wi fi know???? Cah it seem like eeda di likkle pound weh shi a get “here an dere”, di one room zinc room dat shi occupy wid har fambily, di gently used clothes, or har CONFIDENCE ah gi yuh heart burn an palpitations! Yuh hab sleepness nights cah yuh bex oba sumting. Ah YOU fi talk up di tings cah yuh ah hold back pon wi……

  3. Bitterness a eat out de sender heart yah….. badmind trang inna unuh.. Gwan beat dem bad samantha… whip lash dem me gal

  4. yes peeps this is samantha,
    Debbie Evans-Duffus you need a life you meet me cousin wid him baby mother out here and want him neglect him first born and a run him head, gweh dutty sudy ole debbie. Debbie yuh have a big problem wid me an my pound and my zinc house but yuh wa see me house now bitch. a grudge yuh grudge me tru me na call none a uno a farin an beg uno ntn an me ago mash yuh dung wen yuh come ja jus fi call me baby name. no gyal na cross da line deh wid my son, my baby!!! debbie yuh just badmind me cause me cousin stil want him baby mada an still have gyal out ere. just wait til yuh cum a jamaica!

  5. senda, low the gal, what if she live inn zink house and wear har family clothes? move yuh dutty raas. leave the girl meck she strive. gwea wid yuh crab inna barrel mentality; yuh sund like crosses.

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