Morning people met & metters!

Dah story have to share! woman out there when unuh taking people husband take the likkle money, wine and what eva else unuh a get and keep calm. Nuh bright up wid di people them husband and put up picture with u and him pan nuh site, like a ur man, u bright! nasty Latty live inah the woman house a Jamaica and have some nerve a post picture pan Facebook….u nuh see seh u bright. see the man real wife and family yah people suh nuh mek she fool unuh. The man live with him wife and 3 kids. Latoya Campbell u a home wrecker u fi guh weh. bout u a post bout lucky man? Him a lucky man, but nuh your lucky Man U too bright…
And unuh dutty man unuh fi learn fi teach them woman yah fi know them place as a side chick….nothing more nothing less. Nuh mek them come a road cum tek up nuh status, and bright up them self. Thank god a nuh me cas me would whoop the 2 a unuh nasty rass.








  1. It look like di wife and dutty husband a come from far….How di side chick live inna di woman house? Can bet him seh a one him aunty pitney dem and she come from country and she nuh have nuh weh fi stay.Lmao!!!! I blame di husband, dem military man is the worse I tell u, dem have convincing story fi every situation dem get caught inna I’m sure him can explain himself outta this

    1. It’s a regular thing for Jamaican men. But a the women are fools, in America a work like dog to mine man back a yard. The relationship no stable from one travel. She’s here with the kids while he’s in Jamaica reaping the benefits with the new woman. She’s no mate if they living together a the wife a broad a the matey. Not because they married use UNNO common sense. How many matey living with the man if she’s just the F$&k??

      Sender you really think mi coulda buy house and other woman live in deh?? A you or you friend a the problem not the man woman. UNNO a fool

  2. Mi nah lie the wife look like a she one a get old esp that last pic that hair does nothing for her n she not caring har skin r a stress cause me know say she must know that di man deh a road a bad smh sad bad

      1. Maybe is a old fool but young buddy, the man look about 20 years younger than she or a the bad wig old har up so!?!? Either way she naw carry har self good, she look old and tired. Must be why the man seek greener pasture

      2. She put mi di mind a one a dem serious Church ooman wah refuse fi wear makeup and all a di fandangles cause it gense dem faith. I wish her and her children well. Dis is not a situation that any woman wants to find herself in, so may she come out on the other end of this treachery bigger and better.

    1. Morning Chicas. WHO IS PICTURE # 1? After that is the wife in the other pictures?

      If No is answer to the first, yes is the answer to the second…then Chuet yu have clear sight ma’.

      How come Latoya live in the house a yard? Sender where do you fit in why a nu wife a broadcast her issues?

      1. OK…anon find FB page and me go prips and see sey pic #1 is Lattibelle…lol

        Wife really need fi polish up har self. Not because you a wife means yu fi look like brug dung outhouse…FIX UP YU SELF.

  3. Sender mi understand yuh pint. Di sidedish ooman dem need fi stay inna dem lane, hold dem space an know seh putting up pitcho wid “odda people man” nah guh upgrade dem status. But mek mi back up likkle bit, ef di husband neva guh play inna har sandbox den shi couldn’t even be sidedish…much less sidedish weh ah get bright. Ah di man ah di prablem an ah him di spotlight fi deh pan. Nobady neva exchange vows wid sidedish, cah mi nuh si har inna bride & groom pitcho uppa tap. Di husband fi get a rassin an sidedish fi get six months probation.

  4. But the husband look 13 times betta dan the wife; that photo look like mother and son family photo…wifey, yuh fe duh betta ma’am ca yuh look kinda pop-ish dung.

      1. But ah real ting doe Phantom..and is it just me, or does her facial expression look like he has on a villian super hero mask? Ah couldn’t husband and wife dat, no sah! :hoax2

        1. But ah real ting doe Phantom..and is it just me, or does her facial expression look like she has on a villian super hero mask? Ah couldn’t husband and wife dat, no sah! She really gotta step her A game up :hoax2

          1. ___________________________________________________________________________ @Villian super hero mask___________________________________________________ send on the ‘moticon!

          2. But Phantom/ Quen Quen, look at the last picture and please to tek ah very good look…I know my eyes, my glasses nor my mind ain’t playin tricks on me (spits shines hi glasses once again before I carefully place them back onto my un-villian like face ) :nerd

        2. Yah truble..lolol. Me cannot understand the “sender” mission at all.

          Wife nu look right-that’s established, Mate nu look like nothing a bother her at all….honestly, senda mission was just a mischievous hand being played.

          ***Wife, if yu a tek set pon de gym pon base STOP! cause yu looked softer in yu wedding photo. Oh, yu may have jinks yu marriage wid dem black and red fake flowers…especially de black ones.

  5. Di wife needs to be updated she looks like a big turn off and the picture with her in green dress she looks like a man!!

    1. I went and fasted also- it look like the man have a thing for the….what we Jamaican call “tough” woman dem, cause Matey used to look like how wifey look yah now :travel :travel :travel

      1. Weave work wonders when selected and placed correctly…lol

        Look like military allowance a reach har well and proper.

        Anon, how you know whey fi find har pon FB?

          1. Wife and husband look like a church dem buk up inna.. :siul

            What say you sender?

          2. I hope it wasn’t one a dem marriage deh dat church people love to pop. You know, the ones where 6 or 7 months later the baby born premature :travel :travel :travel

          3. Tweet, the child to the back look around that age range de…lol. Dem married in ’07 a Spain town.

  6. Matey dutty yaad wid di mop inna di cawna. Nuh wonda shi love di ooman yaad so. Matey u come a far way

  7. Wife uno need to take better care of uno self, side chick is always going to eat up nuff of the corn, you need to talk to your husband. Side chick can’t into your house unless u husband take her there, big disrespect, remember ladies, woman don’t sorry for another woman, your husband have to love you enough not to hurt you, it’s his responsibility to not cause you the stress you are going through, not the side chick. Please lay the blame where it rightly belong, and it solely belongs to the man.

  8. Har page sey shi married to di man…him name Eric,she really tek ova di lady husband wholly n solely

    1. At this stage…lol I think wife lost de ‘battle and war’ and friend a spread de news…lol

      Again, not all relationships are caste in Stone, gold, bronze and steel. Me nu know dem, but ” a pictures si worth a 1000 words”… at times.

  9. Me go fass…the children are beautiful.

    De couple…ahh sah…de couple.

    Lady “S” “he send me his SWEAT while he was in training”…..Ewwwwwww!

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