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  1. The female battam is the gateway hole to male battam.. I had a man who liked to finga mi battam.during backas, mi did like it, but mi did nervous seh him wuda soon waan put supm bigga round deh, mi glad we lef before him cuda try.

    1. Thank you needle for being honest !
      Some women on here lying out their drawzzz
      Mi know them a dweet !
      I don’t find it gay for all men .. The A-hole is tighter
      I just think it’s the power honestly

        1. Ok girl anything you seh lol!

          If a man has anal sex with you it doesn’t mean that your vagina is not tight ! Lol

          Your preference no big deal!

    2. Nah lie, ratings @needleye mi try already as well, was horny, tipsy and high as f**k and my I always see it in porn and persuaded my guy to to it, nah lie, it hurt, but also felt good I almost squirt the 1st time. Tried it again while sober but it wasn’t happening done it again…..just Nuh suh grass again

  2. Lol, needle look out for Latty, it seem like you have a new personality, this cyaah be the same needle from dem long time deh, you’ve been putting it out there a lot lately. No judgement here, a guy once told me, he enjoys everything about a woman, so he’ll do anything, and he is in no way gay. My ex likes licking my a$$, and I like him doing it, but that’s the closest I’ve been to any rectum activities

  3. If we going to say dat, den wi haffi seh all men that like wood woof style have bestial desires since they mimicking the way animals mate.

    I never believe in policing what ppl choose to do in the privacy of dem bedroom. There must be a space where ppl can be free to do as dem please. As long as no children or animals are involved, full consent is given and nobody is being forced to do anything against their will, mi could care less.

  4. I really love the maturity on this post
    I don’t understand why some people have to be immature
    It’s all about personal choice!!! You don’t do it fine .. You do it ? That’s ok too ! I’ve had exes who were into ANAL I didn’t want to do it at all & I thought they were gay because they were fiends like badda badda mi for that shit all the time .. My current man fingers my asshole while him a gimme a nice backaz and I fckin love that shit mek mi cum all crazy

  5. mi did have a white co-worker who used to tell mi am boring cuz mi nuh do nuff tings, him tell him wen him wife finger him bum and massage him prostate him cum like crazy, he keep telling me to do it to my man. Mi was like my JA man? him wuda use mi like a line stick and hang up wire, lol. mi know mi immature but wen mi meet him wife mi cudnt stop look pon har fingas

    1. That’s just fowl hahahah I ain’t doing nothing to my nigga ass
      I ain’t licking it or stickin it and he don’t want it either he just does it to me hahah .. To each it’s own tho haha

  6. I don’t think so, I believe men that sleep with men actually love men, it’s not necessarily the azz they like, because lots of women are willing to do Anal sex and these men are still not interested in women…Anonymous up top say men azz and women azz is the same, I don’t agree because if you should look at it like that, then, you would have to assume that if a man kiss a woman he will kiss a man, because as u said, it’s the same mouth

  7. Wow so much stupidity in one place lol…. Technically anything sexual done between a man and a woman (only) CANNOT be deemed as gay, because homosexuality pertains to having sexual relations with the same sex.

    If having anal sex with a woman is deemed as gay because it’s the essence of what gay men do; then by using that same logic you can say any woman who likes oral sex performed on her has lesbian tendencies, because oral sex is the essence of what lesbians do while having sex, which I’m sure you guys wouldn’t label any woman who enjoys oral sex as a lesbian.

    There are a myriad amount of factors that determine arousal, penetrating something automatically makes it weaker and the thing penetrating it more dominant, so that can simply be the appeal for some men who are into anal sex, it can be domination of a part of the body that’s coveted in someway.

    Overall as adults, do whatever interest you, and once it’s consenting and safe between adults, it should be no ones business but your own.

  8. To each his own, but what happens when he wants it to? I for one have never been interested in anal sex and anyone that asked me to do causes a strong response. I automatically feel in my gut (No pun intended) that they are at least bi. To each his own like I said but I want no parts of it.

  9. Needle must be really inlove with that married man or him a let off some good money cause u really cyaan love f**k (please nuh dun mi just tell me which)

    Im glad both me n my man old school and the sex is just too bomb sameway without any assplay.
    People say im boring bc ive never slept with a girl or av a 3sum. Certain things r just off limits for me husband or not if u cant respect that fine…(next thing the ass soon start l*ak)

    So MET what are your thoughts please….??????

  10. I dint think it makes him gay. Freaky yes, gay no. I’ve never got f**d in the ass but I’m not against it. A di pain if anything I couldn’t deal with

  11. My ex loves to lick my ass and I am a guy, I dont indulge because it feels wrong the positions I have to be in for her to do it, that said I lick and screw her ass she likes it I I like it am certainly not gay

  12. My hubby likes anal sex but mi haffi limit him. It’s not my favorite! I only do it on special occasions like wedding anniversary and birthday! As a Jamaican growing eating pum pum was taboo not to mention anal, that meant you are gay. When I met my hubby I told him that but he has introduce a few things into my sex life that I like.

  13. Different strokes for different folks.Every human is stimulated by different things and feelings so you and what floats your boat.What one person look at as being the heights of pleasure a next person might look at as disgusting or even forbidden.
    Why judge a person for what brings them pleasure.
    I hate hear people with this suck pums man and suckC@@ky gal as if it’s a crime..while said person is doing it.
    I love it when I make man’s toes curl and he returns the pleasure to the point where my cup runneth over and body tingles.Thats what grown folks do please each other.

  14. Bloodclaat how mi miss dis lol…. A batty man yes! But Mi dweet b4 an neva like it b4 Mi know di tings…..

    Freaky/Needle/dodge…. Yuh dweet again???? :ngakak dat damn married man bruk Yuh right out. Dis yah sore naw betta a suga.

  15. orientation has nothing to do with sexual perversion…….an extreme is the bdsm male who will let a woman tie him up in handcuffs and f**k him in the ass with a strap on…yet…this same bdsm male would not let a man do it to him or go near him sexually…..that is clearly sexual perversion…so believe it or not..while he is engaged in act of sexual perversion he is not gay…..because he is still heterosexual….however anal sex in and of itself is deemed as a gay activity and will always be labeled as such…….but again…perversion and orientation are 2 different things…

    1. You make no fckin sense !
      A man gets fcked with a dildo by his woman and he’s not gay

      But if a man sex him woman in the ass he’s gay get the entire fck out of here your logic makes no sense whatsoever !

      BDSM my ass nigga that’s gay if u want to get fcked as a man

      1. That’s bit entirely true. I’ve been to hedonism 2 and see them have freaky shows, and no lie, I watch what the white ppl do and there’s a man on a cross getting f*** up his ass with a dildoand there was a gay guy there and he was pissed that the guy wanted to f**k his ass

  16. Anything done between and man and a woman only cannot be seen as gay, no matter how much you hate it. Gay in relation to sexuality refers to sexual contact or or attraction between persons of the same sex. So Anal sex on the heterosexual platform is not gay but rather KINKY..

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