met so this “career” undercover professional prostitute tameka nunez a walk and tell people again how JMG a grudge har cause of har pretty face and you are a bitch for posting shit on your site. yea sure with all them battle scars in your face tameka yes you’re right we do “grudge”you. And we also grudge you for them watermelons you call breasts them lol. we grudge you because you suffer back pains from them watermelons and we don’t. we grudge you because one size does fit all and not you lol. we grudge you because the only thing you have to offer a man is sex and nothing else. we grudge you because you have no shame tree and we do. we grudge you for your body builder shape. tameka truth is you are delusional to think anyone would “grudge” a slut like you. You are so quick to call people cunt when the shoe fits you and you wear it well. you are to blame for your stained reputation by sleeping around carelessly so don’t grudge us because our men own us up and no one wants to own you up. don’t grudge us because we don’t have to sleep around like you do to get attention. you might think we grudge and scorn you but it’s the many men you sleep with that scorn you and always have to wear condoms with you and not their women. you are the one who always grudge people and always try to break up relationships and sleep with people man because of your jealous and grudgeful ways. tameka I heard cum is good for your skin. maybe that’s why we grudge you for your cute face LOL. please keep JMG out of your very “busy” mouth and don’t let people start name drop the countless amount of men you sleep with.


  1. Kaka fawt! Yow Tameka, from wey de sender a sey, you have failed to stand out in the public domain as a nice and decent person.In other words, the sender seems to be saying that you sound like a perfect candidate to a) go wash off at Portland Mineral, or b) go climb that ZipFM tower like suicidal “artiste” Ikon and jump, or c) You are not black, you are Chinese, and that your real name is Fahking Kunt.

  2. Sound like Tameka tek di senda man.I know this girl personally and shes a sweetheart. Where is the proof that she does all these thing you are accusing her of? Give the girl a break! U sounbd like a true hater and you r using JMG name so people can start attacking her. This girl never have anything bad to say about anyone.

    1. I know tameka very well also and that is a lie and u know it. tameka love walk and fuk with people and sleep with them man. her 2 favorite songs are nobody haffe know seh we a fuk and i don’t need you but i want you cause she love walk and fuk people man and then laugh and sing bout it in a song. she is a freak in the streets and a slut bag in the bed. i hear men talk about her and her whorring ways even how she suk and fun them in a club bathroom and out back. tameka can only tek people man fe a one nite stand and then the man deny having anything to do with her cause she is an embarrassment. some of her friends try to talk to her and tell her to stop her dirty ways and she refuse to listen. tameka come tell JMG how one of u man woman dem chop up u face when she find out u was sleeping around with her man for those who didn’t know why she have them cut scars in her face. she even talk it sey her sista man a look har. i feel sorry for her real talk.

      1. sorry i mean her sista husband. the sista have more class than she does and try to keep a distance from her because she fraid tameka ago fuk har husband too. i don’t blame her one bit.

  3. Tameka and Tamara mop up the dance with everybody man! They say tameka got her job at Bank of America by screwing the manager. Dwrcl!!!! And Tamara screwing her boss at her job and go to church with him and his wife… Wat a Gyal so brite…

    1. seet deh!! the people know bout har and har harlot ways and nobody not meking shit up. remember when tamara and dainty simone had that fallout and tamara and dainty a cuss cuss. tamara said it from her own mouth how she dash weh nuff belly and she can whore har body as she like. dem gal deh nasty baaaaaaad and love gwaan like them stay good thats why them get along so well lol.

  4. met is me. tameka know this is the gospel truth. met tameka was f**king a married man for some time til the wife find out and divorce the man. tameka thought she finally had the man but little did she know the man was dating other women and she did not like that til she and her friends them start torment one of the man girl and the girl decide to stop dating the guy. she falla falla this guy everywhere him go and the guy don’t even want her. he tell me she is just good for sexing him and him friends them and anytime he fuccks her he mek sure he wears condoms with her NEVER raw with her #FACTS with proof!!! the man said she naaaaaaaaasttyyyyyyyyyy…..tameka you will never get a ring on your finger because you are one whhore that will never become a wife but you sure will get a ring around your eye. met she know this is the truth.

  5. But anonymous if she’s so Nasty then why is he sleeping with her? I don’t understand men who do this. You sleep with this “nasty” women and then try to diss them. Guess what “When you lay down with a woman you make her YOUR equal.” So that says more about the dutty man then the woman.
    Edda way, if your man is willing to f**k a woman like this then you need to leave YOUR dutty MAN!!! A “whore” doesn’t care where her body parts are flung. :cool

  6. all I can say is where is these men women? and even if for one night why sleep out with a whore you know is sleeping with everyone else and risk not just your life but your family life from your kids to your woman. women keep trying to justify the fact men are going to sleep around and chat it. but really how you know it’s not your man that’s sleeping with this thing to? all co-dependent people need to check themselves. until we as women come together and stop making it possible for these men to carry on this way. I will pour acid in my own crotches before I put claim on any man or let them live between my legs like a dormant disease.(which most of them appear to be) you feel proud as a woman to walk around and just say you have a man but while you watching and talking other women no good man where and what is yours doing? I’m not bashing a sex nor am I saying a man can’t be committed or devoted to one woman but until you train your dog to stop pissing on your new carpet he’s going to continue. Stop making it look okay for men to go out and sleep with a number of women but you really believe the one you have at home in your bed isn’t doing it to you…lol… Mattie is a new style they even making songs about it and skits. every time you point your finger at someone else there always four pointing at you. please take these things under consideration in your all so perfect life thank you.

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