1. How you mean shaunaaaaaaa mek dem know ,you rule ,you one, you come first ,mek a next reverse lol…. Morning metty darlin

  2. Di way how Jigga lie him ago seh a Photoshop she photoshop him image ina di background. lmao
    Jigga all man like unuh fi satisfy wid evey disease unuh get. Di warning ppl gi you bout Shauna and har health conditions you really still a sleep inna dat Cave. Yes me seh cave cause in deh muss darker dan death.

  3. I’m starting to believe is Shauna sending her own self to Met.If not I think u have a lesbian bitter lover lurking

    1. A dat me a wonder smaddy say it was Florida I think I can’t keep up wid dancehall mop and broomstick to really don’t understand the obsession wid one likke micro vacation

      1. Pretty, true ting but ah guess since mi nuh like travel I would rather she put up pics of Hawaii or Florida instead ah pics of she and di man…tured fe si dem face now, so show me the island and the people lol…

  4. Kimone will always have pics. memba Jigga and har bredda Donte Par. Kimone have “chill team pics” hanging out in the club pics, hanging out pon di ends pic. Kimone can always call his home chu har bredda. wifey ago think a him brethen and him a chat. matta a fact jigga meck him daily stop at har place of bizz har beauty parlor that she owns. Shauna weh you own? not even ur mouth, cause you lend it out too much… Top dat Shauna.
    Shauna you did a sleep wid Top man wid Money(Gregg from Hot Pot, Young fudge, di man weh did own di Felton club, Rankin, J BLacks, This list is only Philly man dem ) and you come a play second fi brukk pocket Jigga…..lmao

    1. And what does Jigga own. LOL and yet Jigga knows this and him still love shauna same way! Just low di people. Jigga like Kimone Im sure, she is a nice girl but he nah leff shauna! Everything from party him throw up a big up the girl. Kimone to mawga and cheap looking. I dont know her like that but for real no matter all the things she do and nah hide look like she and him have chemistry lol! No matter what peple wanna say abut whoring only Jigga can tell you why he like her so. Stop stress yourself and if you dont like sharing him with shauna just move on cause he doesnt seem to be. She a trying girl, they will make a nice couple. Plus jigga whoring too!

  5. Shit breathe yuppp get out of people dem Tory if you not f**king jigga ,and Lowe shauna uno love watch gal kitty too much.. Jigga doe want kimone she is just a f**k like the rest of the Tekkers, please give kimone some lamp oil because she fava when young puppy have worms

  6. OMG it’s just Hawaii wtf it’s still in the USA it’s not international etc its a regular vacation and sender is basic to keep sending this in. Sanjay will always be Sanjay, point, blank, PERIOD. That decor is dreadful in that hotel.

  7. I don’t believe she was with all them people- jblacks, munchies and her were friends. -wat happen wit dat. Kimone is not messing with him, that’s her homie. you people are all over the place.

    1. Jblacks is the reson why she and Munchie are no longer frens. Please to remebr they were thick as theives and Shauna get red yeye chu Muchuie get fi drive di ole Range weh J did have. Shauna run go gi up di pumps and all hell brukk loose a philly. Thank God Muchie move on cause see she happy deh.
      Kimone coulda deny till she blue we all know she a Jigga concubine. No same way she seh she and Shawn Sharpe was juss fren and now dem have a son togetherer. lmao. Kimone love hype man and she willing to sell har soul fi hype. Shawn Sharp and har first babyfada run in the same crew “the not so Mafia crew. How does that look ? har pumpum sad bad.

  8. this girl must really be on some proving thing, putting this up means what, you get a trip fi go freak out di man? the man nah own up you or nobody else! when you came back from trip back to reality sweetheart, you get put down like old slippas

  9. any man that knowingly lay down with shauna a expose themselves to the big A, so please don’t make the pretty looks fool you, the smile a that she a use a con dem, she just a walk and spread it all ova

    1. Mi seh dat “rumor” has been around fo so long and dem gal yah know and still a run go be har mate. dwl. Dem woman yah really hate demself.
      2 months ago Shauna put up on FB seh she admit ina hospital all now she cah ansa di comment of What’s wrong wid har. Get ready fi every baddie up above a seh dem sick or cancer or Kidney. di famous lines Kimone and Melissa mawga from mornig so dem look like dem been sick.

    2. Mi seh dat “rumor” has been around fo so long and dem gal yah know and still a run go be har mate. dwl. Dem woman yah really hate demself.
      2 months ago Shauna put up on FB seh she admit ina hospital all now she cah ansa di comment of What’s wrong wid har. Get ready fi every baddie up above a seh dem sick or cancer or Kidney. di famous lines Kimone and Melissa mawga from mornig so dem look like dem been sick.

    3. I pray she don’t really have it because that mean 90% of dancehall man and their groupies in Philly been exposed because each f the man sleep with atleast 5 different dancehall gal and each of the gal swaping with at least 5 other gal and man. So that epidemic would be worst than ebola in the junk yard!

  10. These women are all so stupid. Jigga will never change. All he does is lie to these women & I don’t know what makes them think he will ever settle with any of them. He’s a player & will never stop until he gets what he deserves. His father was killed by his lover because she thought he was sleeping around on her. But I guess that must be exactly how Mr Jigga plans to end up. They are all so nasty. Just 1 big cess-pool going around. Everbody sleeping with everbody unprotected. Sanjay when will you ever mature? Or are you waiting for another eye opener. You might not be so lucky the 2nd time around. And stop preaching about how lucky you are to still be alive bec you are doing no justice. YOU ARE STILL LIVING DANGEROUS & FOUL! When was the last time you’ve seen Justyn & Jace? Let me guess you’re gonna post a picture in a few with them. I’ll wait.

    1. I take it this his bby mom/wifey??? Go ahead girl preach.. I’m sure you know about all the above and then some. They really don’t want him , they just love the attention they get from being in his company. Make sure you use protection and plan to be a single mom. Family is never of importance to a player. Only when they are sick or dead the reality check comes about. I use to think he was family oriented andgoal oriented until i saw his fakeness shine through as of lately. This gallis image does not even fit him. Don’t worry about a lover get rid of him, worry about their men. these chicks lie just lie he does and have several partners. jealousy is rampart lately. Captain Barkey and i say no more..

  11. All of this start because jigga carry Shauna do Hawaii go celebrate her birthday. When him carry had go Puerto Rico and keep party bus for her in 2011 where where u? The man can’t get enough of her, him love her gone to bed.Sorry if unu really a make jigga and Shauna that nah lef made unu

  12. Jigga don’t love a soul but himself! And I don’t even think he loves himself that much because if he did, he would be sleeping around so wreckless like he is now. The sad part is that he’s not even that young. Women, please smarten up. This man is a user & he doesn’t love you. He’s simply telling ALL of you what he knows you all want to hear so he can continue to making you ladies available at his disposal. What man isn’t gonna take some free kitty-cat if every time he snaps his fingers you fools keep coming. Shauna fi such a hot gal u have the lowest self esteem of all. I have never seen such a public display of trying to convince the world how “happy” u are! You are so sad & I feel so bad for you. As many times as this man has disrespected you. You’ve seen him out with other women & what do you do? Ball your eyes out on the inside & wait patiently for him to call you for your services! You really have white liver cause mi convince seh u mad nuh bimbo claaaaaat! I doh wah laugh.

  13. @so ashamed, you must be one of the has beens that are now seeking a get back, how does his father and kids drop in? Just stick to the subject at hand.. Jigga left all of you, dropped you all like hot bread for the love of Shauna and it a mad you.Shauna deh a man yard every night, any food him nyam a she cook it. Sorry fi unu wey get lef

  14. Psa to Shauana. Jigga walk and tell everybaddie seh di reason him and you start sleep was because you teef him bredda shipment weh you did fi collect.Him seh him affi con and fu** it back out ah you, which he has been doing. Please stop come pan yah a boast an gwann like Jigga ah wife you up like dat. When you see ppl a laugh wid you they are actually laughing at you based on the stuff this fool says about you. Did you not teef Mark box?? You know seh something affi talk fi me can type dis. Stop paying for your own trips and pretend lifestyle. Cash your cousin get the cheap tickets and hotel for you to complete the illusion. So please spare us your embarassment. How much a Jigga party you get pay fi decorate? how much shopping you run go do a NY fi Jigga ? Now count how much $$ you are still waiting to get paid ? Now you see your purpose in Jigga’s life. DWFL. Happy red ants for you ok Rich girl.You fi go bill and try fix what is left of that sad life of yours, pretending won’t help either. :nohope
    :nohope :cd :cd Gwehhhhhhhhhh you no ready fi di video yet( is you ur babyfadda sing this song fah?? it hits a nerve.

    1. Uno sad!! So she rob his brother and his response was to start sleep with her back, carry her go hawaii, Big up her business for decorate his party which in turn got her more biz, even sell her girdle and waist trainer for her. Ok that makes sense!!! I see how he hates her. Shauna Big up yourself nuff girl wish dem man hate dem so!
      LOL lo shauna now it don’t look good.

  15. Unu don’t believe the lies. A she carry him go Hawaii, she love get up every day and portray that her life is all that and at anytime uncle Sam can send her back to her country. A she buy the ticket dem and is not them alone go dem carry a next one of har fren to freak him out cause him nah sleep with Shauna unless he give him threesome.Everything fake about her, we know you love buy China brand and a gwan like a authentic you wear, pls your not fooling anybody. We all know your aliexpress #1 customer boo

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