Hi Met,
How are you ,I read your blog quite often and I am asking any one of your fans out there if they can assist in helping me with a job .I am desperately in need of a job like looking after the elderly and so on .Please e-mail me at stacy.pow@Hotmail.com for more information . Thanks in advance.

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  1. Metty good morn! Stacy morn! Do u have excellent references, because is references a run di place.U r Some one who is punctual and willing to do anything. Like cleaning etc.if u r if will link u.

  2. Do yuh have a drivers license ? Where do yuh live bk, bklyn, ct.. Have some kinda education I can get yuh in my job.. Don’t know how to get in touch with yuh …

  3. Best post so far today. You can try Craigslist but be very careful with what ads you respond to. check the email adresses and contact info before replying. i got my job there and i now work in the corporate world. Good luck and God Bless

  4. Mi seh mi just love progressive and ambitious ppl, Mi proud a yuh sender, mi feel like a mama who just see har baby mek d fust step (yuh mek wata come a mi eye) a hope yuh get a good job in short order, mi have faith in Metty and mi JMG family somebody will see yuh plight and come thriugh for yuh soon and very soon. Yuh rarely see someone seeking a job these days, and always see some non progressive element begging money and poop inna. Best of Luck!

  5. Thank you guys very much for your wonderful response .I am here in Miami on a B2 visa looking work, so now you understand that I am here temporary looking something to do.

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