16 thoughts on “JODI DI ROOM

  1. The nipples dem out Met!!!!!! Hahaha . Good Morning !is that a bed, floor or what I am confuse , bed on chair.

  2. mi see a MCM bag, in her case MCM stands for Miss Clean, Miss. ihope she heed the message. the things dem post fi likes,smh

  3. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak Jody u room dutty and look nasty ewwww .thats where the baby sleeps ??? Poor Pickney smh

  4. She’s a pretty girl and this time I like her make up, she must of been searching for something to wear and tore her room up looking for it and didn’t care to take a picture with all the mess, ijs… I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt her.. lol

  5. Met!!!!!! the foolishness have to stop now man lol. A wah wid d heap a block dem chhhoo! A which law/agency/conscience a gi u truble mi av links eno :hammer

  6. Jodi finally get a room of her own. Big up yourself. And her baby a share room with her roommates little boy. THey come a long way.

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