SENDER:-When your AliExpress Order came in Asian Size instead of U.S size. This man stays in so much fake clothing and shoes it’s crazy. Still trying to get a bus and the bus nah stop at all.

8 thoughts on “JOHN JOHN DEM DO YUH BAD O

  1. Shudda grab a fake belt too to hold up the pants…
    Batty all outta door. Some man a real skettel

  2. Neva see a nigga that try so hard for relevancy and still nobody looking. Always on the gram flossing and nobody nah look.

  3. He is so ugly. All that money he posing with he need to go fix his mucky teeth dem wey look like a shoesmaker mek dem.

  4. The sweater shrink tpc. See him ediat gal open fake shoes store a Jamaican wid she aline in dey a tek pics everyday!!! Witless pos him be.. go look a job!!! Brûk pocket

  5. That sweater is definitely from China he should have told the chiney lady to send him a L ..

    John john if you’re reading this China size is different from US you cannot wear a M in China size

    Love to much hype

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