8 thoughts on “JOHN KELLY SHAME

  1. He must be thinking what the f am I doing and listening to? Even me who watched today just feel empty and worried for the country

  2. OH please, they are gonna impeach Trump, and Kelly he’s gonna take over, and that’s when people will know what evil is. ITS ALL PART OF THE GAME – if you think Trump OR ANYONE WHOS OCCUPIED THE OFFICE OF PREDENCY, is in control or has power THEN YOU’LL BELIVE THAT HE’S REALLY MAD ABOUT THE SPEECH.

    He’s not mad – doing the one eye and sworn to secrecy symbolism.

  3. don’t blame dump the dunce that he is, blame the other baffoon, that same one that might be
    out of the “white-house” by years end steven miller, he’s the one that’s been writing all the bad speeches for dump who doesn’t know how to proof read, melanoma seems perplexed, and is it me or that looks like LE-PEN to the far right, geographically and ideologically.

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