1. ” puzzy like US Embassy any man go deh get tun dung” …
    ” Puzzy like maths book when it open up mi see problem”

    Tambareeeeeeeeeeeene (raga voice) :hammer

    But big and serious him and she fit each oda . 2 big careless reckless mouth people

    2 a dem a suck, swipe, lick and do up di things dem to each other … Why take it to the www

    Dem 2 idiot yah a try blow up each other spot but instead making each other look like damn bozo

  2. Gm Ms Met n Metters…a coulda wah duh fi har crotches suh??? shi think its so insulting to say dude nyam har…as for him….I can never picture a “STRAIGHT” man going on all fours, or a skin out fi mek a female lick out him ass..betta him neva answer har…

  3. Morning MET a whe u get dem 2 dunce bat ya d 2 a dem stats a beat me bad fi understand whe dem a try say…My yute if u suk d kitty fi get d stay a no nutten jus gwaan buil but y u eat d shit??LMAo d 2 a unu a 2 disgrace look how u as a man de pon d ppl dem social media a trase n a gwaan n me feel u eat d shit fi true

  4. Good Friday Morning Ms Met my Angel :angel and the Metters!!
    I feel sey the 2 of them suck and lick out each other because none of them denied it. What’s up with the eating shit part??! Come on sons??!! Really??!! Batty wash…unuh disgusting.

  5. good morningggggggggggg (bounty voice) Metty and Mettyers :peluk mi sehhhhh wen she dun she chat…a 15 hrs a guh di man ansa yuh suh a yuh fuss stawt wid di man caw ooman like unnuh luv mek di fake pages n fuxx roun ppl a dat yuh fi get….which gyal inna dem ritid mine hav real man a style dem suh…yuh luuuuu

    di man sehhh bare prablemmm inna yuh ole :ngakak

    1. em did very comfortable wid it she suxx an em suxx juss like both a dem a suxx odda ppl now until…on to di nexx puhleezeeee

      anyway, metty ask dem if dem hav any video or pic caw sen wi nuh please :maho

      1. dwlll….unno badddddddddddddddddddddd.,,what’s up with the licking off asssssssssssssssss..not a good look! shit can’t taste good man cha

  6. Roxy n splinta deh long time b4 she come a farrin she nuh stop mine him an him family up roxy from Portland him from Spanish town but she’s a gal everything she put on FB the barrel the boxes when she shop n ship 2 splinta I don’t think her family did like it more time she Lego her speech say a she work fi r money years she a mine him n tek di bun as ole as u see it look a lykle gal

  7. WHYYYYY the hell WOMAN are taking care of MEN? must of this men i read about on this site are WORTHLESS nah rassssssssssssss, every single one a them. so the women work hard to give they man the money and in turn the man go take care of his MAN!…

    Why do women put themselves in such low company of words,,slut ,,bi*ch,,prostitute,,etc

    both parties are NASTYYYYYYYYY…PERIOD!

  8. which straight man ago sit a write dis no sah disgraceful and Mr. Green Card tongue wen it comes on to eating d punny you are guilty suh tap it

  9. dwbl woieeeb has wey sum one seh dutty licky licky splinta and mi granny old fridge di deh long time she mind him run go ja every min with dis batty fish so mi a wonda how him a seh har front stink wat a f**king germs a muss him tongue stink up har pampas pu**y shitty billy roxy a good fi u u na no sense u pu**y cum in like di dead sea a bare big salt grain a drop outta it old albatros like u na learn fi top pick up danca dutty boy so serve u nasty rass right di 2 off oo nuh fi roun go riverton

  10. Mi nuh trust nuh man weh like get batty wash, cause that is certainly sexually deviant behavior!!!

    Dat actually worse than sucking pu**y in my opinion.

  11. ok :ngakak @11;16 u know the right tings dem :malu I think both of dem was doing the sucking, :dp lickings and washing splinta u is a real pussy stop cuss like gal ,man cho bout the gal stink but yet still u nyam har stinking front :hoax2 unno crawny dancer bwoy do anyting fi money and brand :cystg me believe har both a unno do the tings dem :ngakak

  12. lawd god i :ngakak I cannot cross it :malu @riverton dump :dp only fisher man towel tongue splinta can cross :malu and roxy swiper :alay

  13. All a who a worry bout roxy she a live betta than all who a tek it up the gal have r big law sue money suh worry bout yo. Self and splinta wi suck pus**y cause him foreign
    . Minded

  14. Splinta ungrateful cause the girl use too help him and him hungry belly family dem weh a suffer like dog a she mek u know food cause pond
    a chicken. Back a share fi ten a dem. Fix up the old house weh red . Ants a draw u outa a nuh the first woman a seh. Splinta nyam pu**y every gal. Weh fly dung him toungue out

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